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How to Structure a Product Launch Campaign (9 Actionable Tips)

product launch campaign

Social media is a great channel to market your brand. With access to diverse audience segments, social media makes for just the perfect platform to launch your new products and/or product ranges.

As overwhelming as it may sound, running product launch campaigns on social media comes with its own perks. Behind a good product launch is a well-defined, step by step strategy. Whether you are a B2B brand or a B2C brand, when it comes to product launch campaigns, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our step by step strategy on how you can structure a product launch strategy effectively-

1) Identify Your Goal (s) Clearly

The key to every social media strategy is clarity about your goals. When you are planning to launch a new product as well, you need to be clear about your goal (s) ahead of creating a structure for it.

To get started with a plan for your product launch on social media, figure out what you want to achieve. Is it brand awareness that you are targeting? Or do you want to push for sales through your social media handles?

Get started with a clear cut idea about your social media goals and you will be able to plan better.

2) Pick Social Media Platforms to Focus On

Choosing which platforms you want to use for your product launches is as important as setting up your goals clearly. Depending upon your target audience, you may want to focus on a single platform or prioritize amongst multiple social media platforms. For instance, a B2B brand would prioritize LinkedIn over other platforms. On the other hand, Instagram would be one of the most relevant platforms for a B2C brand.

As such, depending upping your product, audience, and goals you can decide as to which platforms to focus on. Accordingly, you can create and curate content for your social media feeds.

3) Set Up Your Product Launch Calendar

Your marketing timeline is an integral element of your product launch campaign on social media. You have to set a clear time frame for every activity associated with the product launch.

Structure your product launch in such a manner that you are able to create hype around it. Ideally, you should start working on building buzz around your product launch at least a week ahead of it. You need to have a plan of action for the post-launch phase as well.

Create a clear social media timeline for your pre and post product launch phases. 

4) Plan Out Your Pre-Launch Content

Start planning out content for the pre-launch phase. This is the phase during which you must build awareness about the launch and add an element of thrill. As such, most of your content in the pre-launch phase will be targeted at achieving these goals.

First and foremost, inform your target audience about the upcoming launch through interactive social media content. Keep populating your social media feeds with content about your product launch to build a buzz.

You can run hashtag campaigns to generate anticipation about your launch, on social media. Create a branded hashtag relevant to your business. Encourage your audience to share content along with the hashtag, to popularize it.

You can add user-generated content featuring the hashtag to your feed. A good way to draw audience attention to your upcoming product launch is by using a color scheme that pushes them to dig deeper and take the desired action.

5) Integrate Offline Pre-Launch Activity With Online Content

Showcase offline pre-launch activities including events, experiences, activation etc. through social media. Create interesting offline experiential marketing events, activities etc. associated with the launch. Actively cover them on your social media handles to further draw the attention of your target audience.

6) Collaborate With Influencers

Approach niche Influencers to further build excitement about your product launch. Bringing Influencers on board will help you reach out to a large audience. At the same time, it will allow you to leverage their niche expertise to create great quality content.

There are many ways in which you can run Influencer marketing campaigns. One way of doing it is by sending out your products or invitation to product launches. Featuring these gifts and invitations in their social media feeds will help popularize your product launch.

If you want to discover Influencers to work with, you can get the Influencer Suite tool by Unbox Social. With the help of this tool, not only can you find Influencers, but also send them campaign briefs along with access to campaign progress. You can also use this tool to get detailed reports on Influencer marketing campaigns.

7) Cover Your Product Launch On Social Media

Conduct your product launch on social media through live feed and stories. By covering your product launch event through social media, you can reach a larger audience. Social media coverage will provide you with the much needed publicity for your product launch. You will get access to a large audience and that too without having to invest too much.

8) Populate Your Feed With Post-Launch Content

Once you have launched your product or product line, it is time to start marketing it. The idea is to inform your audience about the newly launched product. Populate your feed with features and highlights about your product.

You can run fresh hashtag campaigns, UGC campaigns and Influencer marketing campaigns. Post product reviews and demonstrations. Create educative and informative content that adds value to your audience. Add relevant calls to action wherever necessary.

9) Track Your Performance Using A Social Media Analytics Tool

In order to be able to fulfill your goals, you should constantly track all your social media activities geared towards marketing the product launch. This will help you stay on top of your performance and make adjustments where necessary.

What level of reach were you able to attain? How engaging were your social media activities? Which social media post (s) helped you get the best possible results?

A good social media analytics tool such as Unbox Social helps you uncover important insights about your social media content. It also provides you with important intelligence about your audience and helps you capture important social media KPIs.

With this tool, you can find out what is working for your brand and what is not.

Summing It Up

With access to a large and diverse audience, social media makes for the perfect platform to launch a product or product line. A well-structured product launch strategy is all you need to market it effectively. Here is a quick snapshot of how you can structure a product launch-


  • Identify what you want to achieve through your product launch activity on social media
  • Choose platforms that you want to focus on, based on your audience, goals, and products
  • Set up a clear timeline for the launch of your product/product line
  • Get started with planning your pre-launch content on social media
  • Integrate all your offline pre-launch activities with your online activities
  • Bring Influencers on board to popularize your product launch campaign
  • Cover product launch on social media through diverse formats
  • Populate your feed with content marketing your newly product
  • Track every social media activity associated with the product launch using a social media analytics tool

What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!