Competitors Alert! Decoding Netflix’s Marketing Strategy


Brands are no longer competing with each other on social media but they are struggling to outdo themselves. With the phase of content saturation slowly coming in, brands are having a hard time creating something unique. While some brands are just going with the flow, some are setting super high benchmarks for others to beat. And one of the brands that is soaring high on most social media platforms is Netflix. 

The streaming platform that has become an essential part of our lives is also taking over social media with its mind-blowing content and marketing strategies. The social media activities of OTT platforms have been commendable in recent times. It can be rightly said that competitors and businesses on social media as a whole can learn a lot from them. 

When it comes to competitor analysis we usually look at what makes a brand/business successful on a particular social media platform. But Netflix’s marketing strategy has something for every brand and niche. 

Netflix marketing campaigns fetch a lot of audience engagement. Moreover, users look forward to their posts which is a brilliant way to keep them hooked. Instead of just following the trends blindly, let’s look at some takeaways from Netflix’s marketing strategies. 

Be it Instagram competitors or Facebook rivals, every popular brand on social media can give you a hint of what you can include in your social media strategies to attract the target audience. You may not belong to the OTT industry but observing Netflix’s social media strategy can help you with your marketing plans. 

The Rising Popularity of Netflix

Let’s face it, Netflix is one of the most followed brands on social media and that’s because people actually use this OTT platform to a large extent. Additionally, the lockdown phase increased the usage of Netflix in almost every household which led to an increased dependency on the platform for new content. The capability of Netflix to give the users what they wish to watch adds to its popularity. 

The advanced algorithm of the platform that recommends you shows as per your interests and previously viewed shows make it handier. The high usability is also one reason why it enjoys a great social media following. 

Netflix target audience

When it comes to creating a successful social media strategy brands need to look at who their target audience is. This is where most brands miss out on. Netflix knows the pulse of its target audience and builds content according to that. Netflix targets Millennials majorly but lately, Gen Z is also attracted to the platform and adds to its follower base. 

The platform is widely used by young working professionals who are tech-savvy and have a hunger for fresh content. Additionally, most of Netflix’s users are heavily active on social media too. This gives them a path to connect with them and increase engagement. 

Multi-channel marketing

Netflix practices a multi-channel marketing strategy. The brand focuses on multiple platforms and designs content based on audience behaviour and the nature of the platform. This gives them a wider reach and exposes them to a wider audience base too. Additionally, with multi-channel marketing, they are able to get a hold of passive users too which may have the potential to turn into active users. 

Now that we have broadly analysed Netflix. Let’s dig deeper and see what you can learn from this brand’s social media presence. 

Takeaways from Netflix’s Marketing Plan

1. Know what your audience wants

Netflix post

Netflix marketing plans are curated simply with one motive and that is to give the audience what they want. This is why their posts are always curated with an intention to make the audience participate. Netflix’s Instagram strategy is a perfect example of this. The brand makes sure to post content that either requires the audience to respond or tag someone who can relate to the content on the post. Additionally, Netflix knows how to engage the audience with humour which works amazingly well. From memes to relatable posts, the brand does it all to keep the audience entertained on social media.  

2. Posting more than just what’s streaming 

Netflix post

Brands often stick to their products and services when posting and this can lead to monotony. Netflix, on the other hand, posts randomly too which fetches them engagement. Though they post content related to the shows they stream, it is never about telling the users to watch the same. Such posts will give variety to your content and will indirectly also highlight your offerings. 

3. Keeping the platform features in mind

Netflix post

Netflix rules almost every social media platform it is present on and this is because the brand knows how to use the platform features to the fullest. Be it Instagram stories, Twitter polls, or Facebook videos, Netflix is active with all the features and makes sure to use them regularly. This also allows them to experiment with their content which keeps the audience engaged. 

4. Keeps up with the ongoing situations and trends


Netflix post

Be it a long weekend or a lockdown, Netflix is witty with its content and lets you know that it is updated with what is going on in the world. This makes their posts extremely relatable and people like to engage with the same. The posts help users initiate a conversation and that works for the brand positively. 

5. Always ready to create a buzz

Netflix post

Just like brands launch products and services, Netflix launches new shows on its platform. Be it an upcoming season or a new movie that is releasing on the platform, Netflix has learned the tactic to create buzz. From using fan lingos to countdowns, Netflix makes it a point to let its audience know something exciting is coming up. 

Netflix marketing strategy analysis clearly states that all you must care about is your target audience. Don’t struggle to get the word out there but make sure at least some of the audience is getting value out of what you are posting. This will increase your engagement and eventually will also impact your reach. 

Using competitor analysis tools like Unbox Social can also help you carve out an effective social media strategy. The tool helps you with Share of Voice, competitor’s audience segment, content data, and lots more. 

Make sure you try and apply these strategies to your marketing plans too. 

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