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Trending Now: Emergence Of Mom Bloggers And Kidfluencers


Influencers are ruling the world of social media marketing. Influencer marketing is inevitable for brands because it helps them connect with the audiences. Social media platforms are seeing a constant rise in the number of bloggers and influencers. Initially, people only knew of lifestyle influencers but a new set of influencers has now entered the industry. 

Mom influencers and kidfluencers have gained huge popularity on social media. For people who are still confused about what we’re talking about, here is everything you need to know.

What are mom influencers?

Mom influencers or parent influencers on social media are entities who talk about different aspects of parenthood in their posts on different platforms. Their niche basically revolves around kids and parenthood. Just like lifestyle influencers, mom bloggers or influencers come up with informational content around their niche. They create videos, images, stories, Reels, tweets, and all sorts of content for their niche along with collaborating with relevant brands. 

Mom influencers now also post about early learning, homeschooling, travel, food, and skincare along with other topics.  

What are kid influencers?

Influencers below the age of 16 are generally referred to as kid influencers. Like mom influencers, lifestyle influencers, and other set of influencers, kid influencers or kidfluencers, cater to content that is apt for kids. Their accounts are usually run by their parents. Right from toys to food, these kid influencers on social media cover several niches.  

Parenting blogs and bloggers were already popular on digital mediums. Blogging took an interesting turn when mompreneurs and kids started their social media accounts and shared informative content in an interesting manner. With the rise in influencer marketing, the demand for industry-centric influencers grew a lot more and with that rose the popularity of mom and kid influencers.

Kid influencers on YouTube and Instagram dominate a lot of influencer market. On the other hand, mom influencers on Instagram garner a lot of attention. As we all know celebrity kids are extremely popular on social media and users want to see more of them, in the same way, these kid influencers have generated a dedicated audience base on various platforms. 

Brands are happy to collaborate with these influencers because they give amazing returns in terms of engagement and sales. Additionally, the new content creating features like Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Fleets have further increased the demand for such influencers. 

To give you a better idea let’s look at some of the top mom influencers on social media and kidfluencers on Instagram and Youtube. 

List of Mom Influencers and Kid Influencers on Social Media

1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Mom influencer

The well-known celebrity is now a successful influencer on social media. The famous actress and mom blogger posts about food, travel, and fitness. Additionally, she posts about her kids when collaborating with relevant brands. The actress experiments with her content presentation styles. From videos to Reels, she does it all to keep her fans engaged! 

2. Afsha Galar- @beingmomtastic

mom influencer

With 66.1K followers on Instagram, this mom influencer is quite a favourite of the brands. The account deals with lifestyle and parenthood and is followed by several parents. Apart from posting informative content, this blogger mom also posts about her everyday life. From simple images with small captions to detailed posts on child development, this one does it all.  

3. Elina Wadia

mom influencer

Elina Wadia’s Instagram account Momfunda enjoys a follower count of 27.6K. The influencer majorly covers children’s diet and gives tips on the same. A paediatrician and author, Elina Wadia’s content is both informative and interesting. The casual tone of her content and easy to follow tips and suggestions are what keeps the audience engaged. 

4. Swati, Kyra, Inaya

mom influencer

Unlike other mom influencers on Instagram, this mom blogger posts about homeschooling, early learning, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. Her posts have a personal touch and they all follow a storytelling approach which makes the audience connect. She also keeps adding fun elements to her feed like preparing in-house activities for children, DIY craft ideas, etc. 

5. Exploring with mom

mom influencer

This nano influencer regularly posts about kids activities and homeschooling. The content on this page is appealing because of its presentation. From book reviews to toys suggestions for developing children’s problem-solving skills, the account covers it all. 

6. Kobe Eats

kid influencer

This tiny little chef created headlines with his cute kitchen tours. Chef Kobe was an instant hit on Instagram and currently enjoys 2.5M followers. The account is managed by his parents and is all about food and cuteness. Needless to say, he was one of the top kid influencers of 2020

7. KichaTube HD

kid influencer

This young chef has 42.8K subscribers on YouTube making him one of the top kid influencers of the year. With amazing culinary skills and an appealing presentation, he makes cooking look effortless! 

8. Aayu and Pihu Show

kid influencer

This channel posts everything about learning and activity for kids in a fun and comic manner. Their videos are not just entertaining but are also filled with moral lessons for kids. With 10.8M subscribers on YouTube, these children have surely mastered the art of content creation. 

9. KidToyTesters

kid influencer

This channel reviews the latest toys and games. Their content has helped them garner 308K subscribers on YouTube and their channel is growing steadily. Brands love to collaborate with these kids because of their honest opinions! 

10. Laerta

kid influencer

This young girl is setting some serious fashion goals on Instagram! Laerta is one of the most fashionable kids on Instagram and her Instagram account has a massive following of 1.2M. Dedicated to fashion, this Instagram account is worth following! 

We’re sure that by now you have understood how influential these mom influencers and kidfluencers are! Brands can make these influencers a part of their influencer marketing strategy. This will help them reach a wider audience on social media. 

(P.S. See to it that your brand is fit for the audience these influencers cater to)

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Importance of Mom Influencers And Kid Influencers for Brands

Brands have become very selective of their target audience lately and this has indirectly increased the demand for niche bloggers and influencers. Let’s see how important these set of influencers are for brand marketing on social media. 

1. Can help you reach a unique audience base

Connecting with mom influencers on Instagram or kid influencers on YouTube can help you reach a unique audience base. These influencers are followed by a dedicated audience and that can be a boon for your brand. 

2. Can help you increase sales 

The best thing about roping in mom influencers and kid influencers is that people take these entities seriously and that can be an advantage for your brand. When such influencers talk about your brand and are happy with the product it can surely give a boost to the sales. 

3. Can help you create a buzz for new products 

Brands coming up with new products every now and then must take into consideration these influencers. It will help you spread the word about your product in an effortless manner. 

4. Will help you reach the audience in a different style

Connecting with a variety of influencers means spreading the brand message in different ways. Mom influencers and kidfluencers are well-versed with social media trends and will implement your influence marketing strategy with a twist! This will give your strategy a new approach. 

5. Will help you reach the decision-makers 

Most people who follow mom influencers and kid influencers are parents who are usually the decision-makers in the house. On the other hand, kids who follow kidfluencers also influence the buying decisions of their parents. This can be beneficial for the sales of your products and services. 

Here are a few influencer marketing examples of brands who roped in mom and kid influencers to promote their products and services.

Influencer Marketing Examples

1. Mamaearth

Mamaearth’s organic skincare products are quite popular but the brand often ropes in celebrity influencers to promote its products. Recently, the brand launched plant-based diapers for babies and teamed up with Shilpa Shetty Kundra for the same. 

brand marketing on Instagram

2. Disney+ Hotstar 

The OTT platforms are heavily marketing on social media because that’s where most of their target audience is. Recently, Disney+Hotstar premium collaborated with influencers to promote their series The Mandalorian. 

brand marketing on Instagram

3. Walmart

Walmart is also not behind when it comes to promoting their products on social media. The brand recently collaborated with the Stauffer family (@kcstauffer) who enjoy 3.6M followers on Instagram for their kids collection. 

brand marketing on Instagram

4. Samsung

Samsung markets heavily on social media and also has an impressive fan base online. The brand also invests a lot on influencer marketing. Recently, Samsung collaborated with a mom influencer on Instagram for its new launch. 

brand marketing on Instagram

5. Johnson & Johnson 

Johnson’s baby products are well-known all over the world. The brand has a solid fan base in India. The brand often ropes in mom influencers on Instagram to spread the word about their products. 

brand marketing on Instagram

The lockdown increased the social media usage to a great extent and with that, there is a lot of demand for unique content as well. Influencers can help you implement effective social media strategies. Keep in mind the power of these mom influencers and kidfluencers to scale up your brand performance on social media. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!