What are Micro-Influencers & How to Work With Them?


Social media is crowded with influencers. Right from a celebrity to an average individual with an interest in a particular niche is now termed as an influencer. 

Well, initially most of the brands rushed to influencers with a high number of followers. 


Yes! A high number of followers and several likes surely looks good on-screen but when it came to better results, data showed a different picture than expected. 

Mind you, we are not implying that influencers with more followers are becoming obsolete. They are very relevant today. They have a massive following for a reason. It is just that brands and marketers should stop just looking into vanity metrics and start designing campaigns which can provide quality results over some million views, reach and impressions.

It’s time brands look deeply into the objectives they want to achieve, their long term goals and work with influencers from different categories. As marketing keeps evolving,  micro-influencers are also getting more attention and opportunities in the space of branded promotions. Let’s explore how.

So, let’s first understand what is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is a social media influencer having followers between 1,000 to 10,0000. These influencers are known to be authentic and for their expertise in the niche and loyal base. 

Influencer marketing as a concept has been there for a long time but the recently added term in this umbrella is micro-influencer marketing

Through this blog, we’ll talk about why micro-influencers are so crucial for your brand campaigns on social media and what makes them inevitable in the world of influencer marketing. 

Deep Insight Into What Is a Micro-influencer

There is more to a micro-influencer than having followers that range from 1,000 to 10,0000. These influencers form the crux of influencer marketing campaigns. 

Brands rely on micro-influencers because they have a more loyal fan base than influencers from any other tier. This is because of their limited audience. 

Micro-influencers are known for being more approachable. This means that they share a better bond with their followers and can communicate the intended message effectively. This makes them crucial for every brand’s influencer marketing campaigns. 

Not to forget, when you rely on a micro-influencer you know your message is being conveyed to the relevant target audience. This means that your brand is visible in front of the right people who are interested in your niche. 

Why are Micro-Influencers Important for Influencer Campaigns?

This brings us to the significance of having micro-influencers in your influencer campaigns. While there are so many influencers in the digital market why is it that micro-influencers take the cake? LET’S FIND OUT

1. Micro-influencers are high on authenticity

Most micro-influencers you see have carved an audience for their niche from scratch and this makes them highly authentic. Additionally, the ability to retain followers is also commendable in this case! Even with a few thousand followers, these influencers manage to keep them hooked with their content which can work wonders for your brand visibility. 

Not to forget, their audience follows them because they can relate with their content which makes micro-influencers all the more beneficial for influencer campaigns

2. Micro-influencers have higher engagement rate on their content

Brands can make the most out of micro-influencers because they have a high engagement rate for their content. Almost every campaign objective boils down to having a higher engagement rate. And micro-influencers can help you achieve the same. Micro-influencers are more involved with their audience base which also guarantees a higher engagement rate.

Be it responding to comments or simply hosting a Q&A session, micro-influencers know how to keep their audience engaged and active.

3. Micro-influencers can positively impact conversion rates

When micro-influencers talk about a brand’s product or service they are being heard. Moreover, their opinion does matter to that particular audience. This simply translates into higher conversion rates. Along with the strong rapport that they share, they are also known for curating content that is credible. This results in higher conversion rates. (EXCITED MUCH! THERE’S MORE)

4. Micro-influencers help you connect with niche audiences

It is difficult to understand the audience on social media. But with the help of micro-influencers, you can easily identify who you are catering to. Micro-influencers are known for sticking to their niche and likewise, even their audience is very clear about what they are interested in. This helps brands decode their target audience and also tells them about buyer behaviour in their niche. 

5. Micro-influencers will not burn a hole in your pocket

Let’s face it, influencer marketing is not as low-cost as it seems. The budget here also depends on the influencers you choose for your influencer campaigns. Micro-influencers are less expensive than celebrity influencers and macro-influencers. Not only are they easy on the pocket but are also high on results. 

Your influencer strategy should have a bracket for micro-influencers

6. Audiences rely more on micro-influencers

We are all smitten by the shiny posts of celebrities but what makes us relate to a content piece are micro-influencers who do not have celebrity status but have an expertise in a particular niche. The audience on social media is smart and needs something credible. This is where micro-influencers can help you out. Their content is relatable and that is what helps in getting the audience’s attention.

Well, now that we’ve figured out what makes micro-influencers so dominant in an influencer strategy, let’s get an understanding of micro-influencer marketing. (We’ll tell you how to go about an influencer strategy with micro-influencers)

Micro-influencer and Influencer Campaigns

Similar to every other influencer strategy, micro-influencer marketing is all about collaborating with micro-influencers for influencer campaigns. But how do you plan a micro-influencer marketing strategy? FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW

1. Study your influencer campaign goals

Before coming up with content or even finding influencers, as a brand you have to know what is the purpose of your campaign. Every influencer campaign has an objective in place like increasing brand visibility, introducing a new product line, or simply increasing sales. 

Decide what you want to gain from your campaign. These objectives will help you frame the entire campaign efficiently. Without a set objective, your campaign planning has high chances of going haywire! (PLAN AND THEN ACT)

2. Decide the campaign platform for your influencer strategy

The social media platform you choose for your campaign will help you find influencers. Every social media platform has influencers but not all are fit for your brand and campaign. So make sure you first decide on which platform you will implement your influencer strategy.

This will also set the base for your content format. 

3. Decide your target audience

Every brand knows what kind of audience it is willing to target. However, this can change depending on your campaign goals and objectives. Make sure you know who your target audience is. Check the audience demographics for your previous campaigns. Get insights on where your audience is active and what kind of content appeals to them. 

4. Find micro-influencers

Finding the right micro-influencers for your brand campaign sets the base for your overall campaign. Also, most influencers fall in the category of micro-influencers which makes the selection process all the more tough. In order to collaborate with relevant micro-influencers, it is necessary to conduct some research. 

  • Check their audience demographics
  • Check their audience quality
  • Check the quality of the influencer’s posts
  • Check metrics like engagement rate, follower count, and reach
  • Check their content format and niche

Checking these parameters will help you choose the right micro-influencers for your campaign. Nowadays, you can also take the help of any micro-influencer platform to find influencers

Moreover, an influencer marketing platform like Unbox Social can be very useful for finding credible micro-influencers. (MORE ON THIS LATER!)

Find verified Micro-Influencers for your brand with Unbox Social.
Unbox Social is one of the leading Influencer Marketing platforms in India. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

5. Decide on a content plan for your influencer strategy

 Once you are clear with your social media platforms and influencers, you need to have a content plan ready. A brand can opt for different content types like images, videos, blogs, etc. This also involves deciding how you will roll out your campaign whether it will be an unboxing video, account takeover, Q&A session with the followers, giveaway contest, etc. Make sure the influencer is comfortable with your content plan. 

6. Measure the impact of your influencer campaigns

 After your influencer campaign is executed it needs to be analysed and measured. No matter how many likes or comments you garner on your campaign posts, there are several other metrics that need to be measured. Campaign reports from tools like Unbox Social can help you understand the impact of your influencer campaigns. See what you need to improve in your strategies with the help of analytics. Moreover, these insights also help you know what is not working well for your brand. 

The steps above will help you plan an effective influencer campaign for your brand. Nevertheless, an influencer marketing platform can ease out the overall process for you. 

Let’s see how Unbox Social can help you with micro-influencers and influencer campaigns

How Unbox Social Can Ease Out Your Influencer Marketing Woes

An easy to use influencer marketing platform, Unbox Social is your go-to tool for influencer marketing. Let’s see what the platform has to offer.

1. Find influencers

Unbox Social helps you find influencers from all tiers. Be it micro-influencers or celebrity influencers, the influencer database offered by this platform is reliable and highly useful. You can discover influencers from several niches through this tool. Moreover, the tool has an Advance Search feature that lets you discover influencers based on different classifications like platform, follower count, influencer location, influencer gender, follower quality and lots more. 

find influencers unbox social2. Influencer evaluation

Brands often cannot decide whether an influencer is fit for their campaign. This is where influencer evaluation helps. The tool lets you analyse and monitor the influencers which makes selection easier. Check the audience quality of your micro-influencer, know about the influencer’s follower base, analyse the influencer’s posts, and lots more. The glimpse of the tool below shows an influencer’s audience quality and followers location spread. 

influencer evaluation

3. Campaign reporting

Get in-depth campaign reports for your influencer campaigns. Know which posts performed the best, check the engagement rate on your campaigns, get insights on your audience, analyse the reach of your campaign and the interactions it received and lots more. This will help you frame influencer campaigns that give you maximum results. 

4. Industry Benchmarking Report

Knowing about your industry competitors should also be a part of your analysis. With the industry benchmarking report offered by Unbox Social, you can see how other brands in your niche are making use of influencer marketing. See what is their influencer strategy and scale up your influencer campaigns!

5. Brand Safety

Every brand has its values and guidelines which the influencers need to abide by. The brand safety feature helps you know whether an influencer is safe for your brand. Know if an influencer has posted something controversial which can impact your brand image, see if the influencer has any political inclination, etc. 

6. Brand Listening

Keep a check on which influencers are being activated by your competitors. Know which category of influencers are collaborating with your competitors. These insights will not only help you select relevant influencers but will also help you improve your overall influencer strategy

By now, you already know how effective micro-influencers are, but there’s more! 

Micro-influencers not only help in increasing your brand presence but also help you reach a new audience base. 

Many times, micro-influencers can also help you reach a passive audience. The power of micro-influences is humungous and brands need to tap on the same! Getting heard on social media is difficult but if you choose the right influencers it can increase your brand presence to no ends. 

Tap on to the world of micro-influencers and get the most out of influencer marketing!

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