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A Complete Guide On How Brands Are Using Live Streaming For Marketing

live streaming

Brands of all scales are using videos to gain their audience’s attention. The concept of relying on video content has increased tremendously because people are more inclined towards videos than text and images. Videos are highly preferred because they are shareable and convey the messages in an effortless manner as compared to text and images. 

Video content is no longer just about putting out perfectly edited videos it is all about initiating a response from the viewers. Videos that help start a conversation about your brand will get you closer to your target audience and brand goals. This marketing concept has increased the significance of live streaming. Brands have shifted from traditional videos to livestreaming

Streaming live is not an unknown concept but the way these videos are framed and executed has changed a lot. This has a lot to do with the updated features on social media platforms. In simple terms, live streaming is just another way to interact with the audiences and convey the brand message. 

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a video content format that allows viewers to watch videos in real-time. Live video streaming gives viewers an opportunity to witness events as they are happening. These videos can also be shared and that helps brands gain more engagement. 

The main reason why livestreaming has gained such momentum is that it is free from any edits and this makes it more authentic. Live streams are more like crowd pullers and can help you reach a large audience base on social media platforms. These live videos give an opportunity to the users to experience the event in its original format which draws more attention.

Live stream works for all industries be it news or lifestyle because it gives the creator a lot of flexibility when it comes to framing the video content strategy. 

Live Video Streaming as a Part of Brand Marketing

live stream

The significance of live streaming depends on its timeliness and that makes it one of the most preferred social media marketing techniques. This video format has become an inevitable part of social media marketing for brands also because of the current lockdown phase. 

With limited outings, people are now attending live sessions from the comfort of their homes through live streaming. This has given an opportunity to brands to experiment with their content strategy too. 

Brands nowadays rope in experts and influencers for live video because it adds value to the content thereby attracting more viewers. From Q&A sessions to tutorials, live streaming is used for a variety of content.  

Let’s understand how live video streaming can help brands produce content that matters to their target audience and brand objectives.

How To Use Live Streaming For Marketing?

live stream

There are several benefits of live streaming but brand managers often do not frame the right content strategy for the same. To connect with the audiences through live streaming content, it is necessary to focus on what you wish to convey through these livestreams. Additionally, the videos you plan to broadcast must be in sync with your brand needs. 

Here a few ways to use online streaming for brand marketing on social media

1. Live interviews with industry professionals

The lockdown has given people time to consume more and more meaningful content and brands are doing a lot to come up with informative content. Live interviews with industry experts can surely enhance your brand’s social media game. Such interviews can help in enhancing the brand credibility too. 

Some brands also host live sessions with their staff to promote their work culture and values. Live videos like these can help you build a strong brand identity. 

In the pandemic, several brands took to streaming marketing because they wanted to showcase how they are bouncing back in business with all the safety precautions! 

2. Q&A sessions with experts

The most engaging live streaming marketing trend is hosting Q&A sessions on social media platforms. Live Q&A sessions can be both entertaining and informative depending on the subject of discussion. Lifestyle brands heavily rely on this live streaming marketing strategy because it gives them a chance to rope in celebrities and mega influencers. 

This kind of live streaming is apt for all niches because it allows the audience to connect with experts. Moreover, some Q&A sessions also help viewers clarify their doubts with expert advice. Right from skincare brands to food brands, every industry is banking on this method. This strategy can also tell you what kind of audience is following your content and whether they are able to connect with your brand. 

3. Live tutorials that highlight the brand

Consumers are no longer attracted to flashy advertisements. Users need a strong reason to invest in a product and livestream can help brands give them that reason. Live tutorials help depict the usage of the products. Live tutorials have proved to be extremely beneficial in increasing sales because they highlight the purpose of the product. 

Live tutorials have now become an important part of influencer marketing. Brands hire influencers in their niche and come up with interesting live tutorials that highlight their products. This works best for makeup and fitness brands. 

However, make sure your live tutorials are not blindly promoting your products. The tutorials have to be informative and must indirectly market the products. 

4. Live product unboxing 

Bloggers and influencers use YouTube live stream heavily for product unboxing videos. Live unboxing videos are always interesting for the audience because they give a first-hand look of the product. Such live videos are extremely popular on YouTube where people want to look at newly launched gadgets and products.

Initially, the demand for such videos was only with gadgets but now even lifestyle products are opting for this content style. Live streaming for unboxing videos helps generate curiosity for the product which can increase sales. Moreover, when influencers and bloggers unbox a particular brand’s products it also increases brand awareness.  

5. Give your audience a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes

BTS or behind the scenes live videos gain amazing views because it takes the viewers to the process of how your brand works and what all it takes to create something. Moreover, BTS live videos also highlight the force behind the brand which can help build an emotional connection with the audience. 

Behind the scenes videos can be about anything like the making of the product, the workforce behind the brand, funny bloopers, etc. Such videos are impromptu and can fetch amazing views and engagement. 

6. Host live challenges to increase audience participation

Brands have found new ways to keep the audience engaged on social media. Online live challenges have become a trend on social media in the lockdown phase. Brands are coming up with unique concepts in their live streams to keep the audience hooked to their page content. From fitness challenges to meditation challenges, live streaming has picked up a lot in the pandemic. 

Hosting live challenges on social media gives the brands a dedicated audience wherein they can also promote their products indirectly. Moreover, it also helps the brands gain access to a passive audience base. 

7. Live reviews

There is a massive online shift in the way consumers shop and look for products. This has given rise to online reviews. Live reviews by niche experts can be highly beneficial for a brand. 

Nowadays brands specially rope in bloggers and influencers to review their products because a review by a third entity always holds more value than simply advertising the product. 

Additionally, brands can also tell influencers and bloggers to answer questions about the product in their live videos. 

8. Live streaming of an ongoing event 

Not everyone will be a part of your ongoing event but live streaming the event can help you gain the needed attention and audience. Live video streaming is done by many brands these days because it gives their online audience a chance to see what they are missing out on. 

The above-mentioned live streaming ideas will help your brand on social media. Executing a live stream is a challenging task because unlike pre-recorded videos there is no scope for editing. Hence, it is very important to plan the live stream well. Any glitch in the ongoing live video can also be harmful to the brand. 

Additionally, there are several things one has to consider when planning live streaming

Things To Know Before Live Streaming On Social Media

live stream

Livestreams are highly beneficial for increasing brand awareness but they are difficult to execute and there are quite a few risks involved. Hence, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind when opting for a YouTube live or any other live stream strategy. 

1. The objective of your livestream

Live streaming cannot be completely random there has to be some objective behind the same. Make sure you are clear of what you want to convey to the audience through your live content. It can be a product launch or an announcement of a product update or simply a Q&A session. See to it that you know the reason behind hosting a live stream

2. Check the internet connection

Technical glitches can ruin the live streaming experience. Check the internet connection properly before you go live. Having a reliable internet connection is important because it impacts the quality of the live video. If your livestream is not smooth and lags often it can drive the viewers away thereby failing to meet the purpose. 

3. Choose the live streaming platforms carefully

Most social media platforms offer a feature for live streaming. However, not all brands go live on all platforms. Choosing the right platform is equally important because it is the place where your audience is present. Check where your target audience is the most active and accordingly select the platform. 

4. Go live with the right equipment

Select the equipment you will be using for the live stream beforehand. Be it a smartphone or a built-in webcam it is essential to select the right equipment for your live video. Get yourself acquainted with the equipment prior to the live session to avoid any technical mishaps. 

5. Make people aware of your live stream

It is necessary to generate curiosity for your upcoming live stream. Make sure you upload stories or create countdowns and posts about it. This is the only way you can gain viewers for your live streaming content

This brings us to the live streaming platforms you can choose for your brand marketing.

Live Streaming Platforms That Are Inevitable For Your Brand’s Live Sessions 

1. YouTube Live

YouTube icon
Woman holding a YouTube icon

YouTube live streaming is the most preferred platform for live streams. From workshops to live discussions, the platform is used by brands in several ways. The large user base of YouTube is the reason why it is the most chosen platform for live streaming. YouTube live streaming is simple which makes it one of the best streaming platforms. Additionally, the real-time participation that the platform offers through its live chat feature is another advantage for brands. 

2. Facebook Live


Just like YouTube, even Facebook lets you share live videos with your friends and followers. Your brand’s followers will be able to see the live stream on their timelines and page profile. Facebook Live can also help you increase brand engagement thanks to its large user base. 

3. Instagram Live


Instagram has witnessed a massive increase in its users because it is one platform that allows creators to post a wide variety of content. Instagram Live is heavily used by brands because it attracts a refined audience base. Brands on Instagram are able to generate a loyal audience base because their live videos are exposed to a limited audience that is genuinely interested in their content  (people who follow them). 

4. Twitter Live


Twitter is a busy platform and most users on it are looking for something informative. The guide to live streaming is incomplete without the mention of Twitter Live. Most users on Twitter are attracted to live content. The platform has a different user behaviour wherein content has to have some value for the viewer. So make sure you have a strong content strategy when it comes to going live on Twitter.

5. LinkedIn Live


LinkedIn is a network for professionals and going live on the same comes with a lot of responsibility. Here, your brand will be exposed to a number of other organisations and industry experts and that’s why your livestreams need to be to the point and informative. Users on LinkedIn explore the platform with a purpose in mind and that impacts the kind of content that works on the platform. Live streaming on LinkedIn can say a lot about your brand and its values. 

Well, now that we have examined the significance of live streaming it is time to look at a few brands that have mastered the art of live streams.

Live Streaming Marketing Examples

Live streams are a part of every brand marketing strategy but only a few brands manage to gain the most out of it. Here are a few brands that are doing everything right when it comes to live streaming

1. Nike

 Nike Instagram

Known for taking up social issues, Nike is also active with its live streaming sessions. The brand hardly promotes its products in its content but makes sure to inspire people by roping in influential personalities. The brand was recently live on Instagram with Michelle Obama and Chris Paul. 

2. OnePlus

OnePlus YouTube

OnePlus has a strong social media presence and enjoys a great user engagement too. The brand since its inception has always banked on the consumer’s curiosity. OnePlus comes up with live streaming events as and when it launches a new product and this has helped them create a lot of buzz. 

3. Nestle

Nestle LinkedIn

The food and beverage giant uses social media responsibly wherein it highlights  environmental issues too. The brand’s social media presence is a mix of product updates and informative content. Nestle is equally active on LinkedIn and often goes live on these platforms. 

4. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk Instagram

Tea Trunk has a highly engaging Instagram presence and is known for its wellness teas. The brand’s Instagram posts are carefully curated that appeal to their target audience. Tea Trunk hosts live sessions that are informative and insightful. 

5. Mac Cosmetics India

Mac Cosmetics India Instagram

Mac Cosmetics India has become highly active on social media in the lockdown phase. The brand has fetched a lot of followers and engagement through its live streaming sessions on Instagram. The live makeup tutorials by Mac Cosmetics managed to set a trend for other brands too. 

Live streaming on social media is gaining all the more importance in the lockdown phase. Additionally, this has also given brands a creative outlet to convey their messages effectively. Analytics tools like Unbox Social can help you frame the right content strategy for your brand on social media. The tool not only tells you about the audience you need to focus on but also gives you data on how your industry competitors are faring on social media! Brands can search for the right influencers, compare industry competitors, and analyse social media presence, all under one tool with Unbox Social. 

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