Why Unbox Social is the Best Alternative to Klout

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Klout changed the definition of social media influence by giving a score to the whole idea. The popularity of Klout also altered the concept of measuring an individual’s social media presence. 

With the birth of several new social platforms and their tricky algorithms, it is no longer possible to set a standard score for one’s overall social media presence and that’s where it ended for Klout!

Before we tell you about the Klout alternatives, let’s understand what is Klout?

What is Klout

Klout as a platform lets you know your influence on social networks. In short, it gives you a score on your social media reach. Klout was also used by brands to check influencers’ social media influence score aka Klout score

The Klout Score ranged from 1 to 100 wherein the higher numbers represent wider reach and influence. Klout simply used data from social media platforms to assign scores for social media influence. This relied heavily on an individual’s social media activity.

Brands and individuals used Klout heavily because its scoring mechanism was more reliable than that of social media platforms. There is a chance your Twitter or Instagram has fake followers, and hence, there can be a mismatch of statistics. But Klout solely scored on the basis of your social media activity. This worked for brand marketers. 

The dependency of people and businesses on social media platforms eventually increased the need to measure one’s social media presence.  However, the death of Klout forced brand marketers to look for Klout alternatives. 

Also, the market called for more sophisticated means to measure influence which was not just bound by a user’s social media activity. 

The rise of influencer marketing made it all the more clear that apart from measuring an influencer’s presence, it is also essential to study the audience they are catering to. Let’s dig deep into Klout alternatives by understanding why Unbox Social is the best platform to measure influence. 

Unbox Social: The Best Alternative to Klout

1. Influencer Marketing with Unbox Social

  • Find influencers with data-driven insights

Klout managed to tell you how influential you are on the social media front on the basis of your activities on the platform. However, it failed to give you insights on whom you are influencing.  Brands often relied on Klout scores for promoting their products and services only to later find out that even with high scores there was no real impact on the sales. 

Unbox Social is a comprehensive platform which takes into consideration multiple metrics to give you influencer insights. Brands can find influencers on the basis of social media platforms, categories, location, gender, and followers. Additionally, the platform also gives you in-depth details like the influencer’s engagement rate and average interaction score which will help you gauge the influencer’s reach. The glimpse of the tool below shows the Advanced Search feature to find influencers on Unbox Social.

find influencers with data-driven insights

  • Evaluate influencers with Unbox Social

There is no scope of evaluating the influencer on Klout in a detailed manner. However, with Unbox Social, this is very much possible. The platform will provide you with data on the influencer’s followers. This means you will know the location of the followers, their age, and gender. With these numbers, you know who the influencer is influencing and who is their audience. It becomes easier to select influencers on the basis of these insights. Choose an influencer that caters to your target audience and gain the most from your influencer marketing campaign. 

  • Get detailed campaign reports

The Klout Score is heavily focused on how active you are on various social media platforms. Unbox Social gives you detailed data on your influencer campaign. Not just that, it will also provide you with insights for your content performance and top influencers in your niche. These campaign details are essential not just for your ongoing campaigns but also for your future ones. 

  • Attain industry benchmarking reports

Industry benchmarking reports from Unbox Social will give you data and statistics on how other brands are faring in their influencer marketing campaigns. These reports give you data on the top influencers in your industry, the spends by your competitors, and the returns on your investment. The social media score given by Klout will not give you this analysis because it only takes into consideration the participation level of a user on different social media platforms. However, to come up with a comprehensive strategy these insights are inevitable.

  • Check brand safety on Unbox Social

Though Klout helped brands discover market trends and measure growth on social media, it did little for brand safety.

With Unbox Social, you can easily detect if an influencer is not meeting your brand guidelines and ethos. The tool gives you details on every influencers’ posts to help you understand what they are posting about. The brands can get to know if an influencer has posted something controversial which does not abide by the brand guidelines. This will keep your brand away from unwanted controversies and criticism. Be it a political stand or a religious post that may irk your brand image in some way, the tool gives you information on all.

  • Know which brands the influencers in your niche are working with

Klout’s social media score was pretty basic. It helped you choose individuals with a high reach but that was it. As a brand manager, you surely need to know what branded content influencers in your niche are posting. Unbox Social’s brand listening helps you find that out. 

This feature will also help you detect the frequency of influencer marketing campaigns by your competitors.

The screenshot below shows the Smart Search feature of the Unbox Social tool wherein you can know which brands the influencers are working with or posting about by typing in a particular query (Mentions, hashtags or captions).

influencer directory smart search

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2. Competition Tracking with Unbox Social

  • Conduct competition benchmarking

Klout is a basic measurement platform used for measuring influence across various social media platforms. However, with a few upgrades, apart from the social networking score, Klout managed to give you insights on trending and influential topics in your niche. In spite of all this, it was difficult to know what the competitors were up to. 

Unbox Social’s competition benchmarking enables you to compare your content with your competitors. With this feature, you will get to know the number of posts by your competitors, the audience reaction they got for those posts, the kind of content they are posting, and their top-performing posts.

These insights will help you frame effective content strategies to race ahead of your rivals!

  • Get share of voice for your competitor

Started as a platform for measuring one’s social media presence, Klout also provided data on relevant content for your niche. However, it fell short when it came to examining your competitor’s content performance. 

Share of Voice is one of the most crucial features of influencer marketing. Unbox Social’s share of voice feature will tell you everything about what your competitors are posting about and the reactions they are getting. This will help you understand whether your brand is making the right impact in the industry. Additionally, it also keeps you updated on what content is working for your niche. 

The glimpse of the Unbox Social tool below shows the Share of Voice of competing brands.

share of voice

  • Compare the audience’s reactions and sentiments

Social media presence is dependent on how your audience consumes your content. But analysing every reaction and then comparing it with your competitors’ post reactions is not possible! Unbox Social’s Audience Sentiment Analysis does this for you. 

Klout may tell you where your brand stands on different social media platforms but it fails to tell you about the sentiments your content is garnering. 

With Unbox Social’s audience sentiment analysis, you can decipher how the audience is reacting to your content as compared to your competitors. This can be done across platforms! 

The glimpse of the Unbox Social tool shows the audience reaction of competing brands.

audience's reactions and sentiments

  • Know your brand score with Unbox Social

Klout takes into consideration different metrics like retweets, likes, comments, shares, etc. to calculate your influence. However, this score is not enough in the present scenario with the drastic change in social media platforms. 

Unbox Social will give you a detailed brand score along with an analysis for the same. Know why a particular competitor has a higher score than you and frame your content strategy accordingly. 

The image below shows the Brand Score feature of the Unbox Social tool.

brand score

  • Detailed competition tracking reports

Unbox Social’s competition tracking reports are highly data-driven and detailed. These reports are very handy for they will give you insights on all the important metrics. The insights help you curate content that creates an impact. 

Klout’s social media score was limited to a user’s social media reach but hardly provided insights that could be used for creating future influencer marketing strategies. Unbox Social’s competition tracking reports also have a custom date picker which makes them available at any given time frame.

3. Social Media Analytics by Unbox Social

  • Analyse your content performance

Klout as a social media presence measurer had features that helped create relevant and trendy content. However, the platform lacked in giving you in-depth analysis when it came to content performance. Before knowing what you should curate next, it is essential to know where your content went wrong. Unbox Social’s social media analytics helps you analyse your content performance too. Know the best time to post your content, check the content reach and impressions, see which posts are worth promoting, and interactions received on your content. 

The Unbox Social tool image below shows the best time to post for a brand and its active followers.

content performance unbox social

  • Get audience insights

The Klout score helped analyse one’s social media presence but failed to get detailed audience insights which are crucial for framing a content strategy. Unbox Social’s audience insights will give you details on the audience’s age, gender, language and location. Once you know who you are catering to you are likely to curate relevant content. Additionally, audience analysis by Unbox Social also gives you data on audience sentiment, audience interest, and audience feedback on content. 

Here, take a glimpse of the audience insights offered by Unbox Social’s social analytics solution.

audience insights

  • Post and stories insights by Unbox Social

Individual post insights are very crucial to know your overall content performance. Klout tracks content trends but does not give insights on posts and stories.

Unbox Social gives you insights on every post like total reach, impressions, interaction, comments, reactions, shares, and paid reach and impressions. Along with the stated, it also provides you insights for Instagram stories like impressions, reach, tap back, tap forward, exits, and replies. 

The image below shows the post insights by Unbox Social tool for a brand post! 

post and stories insights4. Social listening with Unbox Social

  • Track mentions, hashtags, and more with Unbox Social

Just knowing how active you are on social media platforms is not enough. Social media platforms witness innumerable activities on a daily basis and hashtags and mentions form an integral part. Unbox Social lets you know about your brand mentions and tells you what content is being curated around the hashtags you choose. This will help you listen to the conversation around your brand and the themes you are creating content on. 

  • Get sentiment analysis

Getting Klout alternatives is not an easy task and to find one single platform with all the advanced features is definitely tricky. However, Unbox Social offers you everything in one tool. The sentiment analysis feature in Unbox Social’s social listening solution helps you analyse comments, mentions, and audience sentiment. This will tell you what your audience is talking about and their sentiment. 

  • Get to know your target audience

Checking the audience quality is not something Klout offers. With Unbox Social, you can gauge the quality of your audience with regards to their following and other profile metrics. Additionally, you can gain insights on their location, gender, and age too. 

The concept of assigning a social networking score by Klout was useful in many ways. However, with the changing audience dynamics and social media platforms, it is no longer relevant. Moreover, with the privacy policies in place, one cannot get all the data for a particular profile unless it’s public. 

Due to the stated, a platform like Unbox Social can help you gain valuable insights. The social media score by Klout might help you understand the scale of your influence but will fail to give you insights on your competitors, content, and audience. 

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