Instagram Story Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Brands

instagram stories tips

Instagram story is one of the most effective formats to market your brand. Given the fact that Instagram stories appear on top of your feed, as a brand, you should leverage this format to your advantage.

Instagram stories are not permanent and expire after 24 hours. However, this short-lived content has enormous potential to take your brand to the next level. When leveraged in the right manner, Instagram stories can help you get the much-needed reach and engagement.

Remember, content is king and it can play an important role in drawing your audience’s attention. Make sure to create content that makes your audience come back for more. You can add photos, videos, Ads, textual content, etc. Despite the short-lived nature of this format, there is a lot you can do with Instagram stories.

If you want to tap into the potential of Instagram stories, here are a few tips, tricks and hacks to fall back on:

Go Behind The Scenes With Instagram Stories

Take your audience behind the scenes. Show them who all are behind all the content and planning process. Showcase the human side of your brand to connect with your audience. Also, show them what goes into creating your products as well as your content.

You can use Instagram stories to cover all the action that goes into creating an event and all the backstage planning. You can also cover photo shoots and all that goes behind the scenes. Give them a glimpse into a typical day at your organization.

Here’s an example of a BTS post on Instagram stories-

Instagram Stories Behind The Scenes

Make Announcements On Instagram Stories

Use Instagram stories to update your followers about your latest Instagram posts. This is a great way to lead your audience to check out all your content on Instagram. You can do the same for your latest IGTV videos.

Similarly, you can use Instagram stories to share important announcements and updates. So, if you just launched a new product, or even uploaded a new blog post, you can notify your audience about it on Instagram stories. You can lead them to the link in your bio, which takes them to the corresponding landing pages.

Use Stickers In Your Instagram stories To Generate Engagement

Instagram stories allow you to add different types of stickers with your stories. These stories can play an important role in generating engagement.

With the poll sticker, you can conduct polls to take audience opinions on different topics. You can also use the poll sticker to conduct quizzes. These polls and quizzes can help you involve your audience and boost engagement.

Instagram Story Poll Sticker

Use the question sticker to take your audience’s opinion or pose a question to them. You can add this sticker to offer a platform to your audience where they can ask you questions.

Instagram Story Question Sticker

With the reaction slider sticker, you can get your audience to show their reaction on something. This a nice, interactive tool to get your audience engaged.

The Verge


The countdown sticker is great for promoting important events such as product launches, contests and giveaways, special discounts, live streaming sessions, IGTV video releases and so on. You can also use this feature to make important announcements.

Instagram Story Countdown Sticker


Add Hashtags For Better Discoverability

Hashtags are important discoverability tools. Adding a hashtag to your story will put your story into a pool of all the stories featuring your hashtag. By adding hashtags you improve the chances of getting your stories seen by those who may not be following you. Use hashtags to expand your reach.

Ideally, you should avoid using too many hashtags in your stories. Go with no more than 3-4 hashtags for your stories that will help you get discovered on the platform.

It can be a good idea to add a branded hashtag to your Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Hashtag Stickers


Conduct live streams

Go live on Instagram using the live format on Instagram stories. Instagram live allows you to generate real-time engagement and real-time interactions can be very powerful.

There are many things you can do in an Instagram Live sessions to compel audience interactions.

You can hold Q&A sessions with Instagram Live. Let your audience pose questions and you answer them on the spot. You can also cover important brand events with Instagram Live. Let your audience know that you care about them by allowing them to become a part of such experiences virtually.

Collaborate With Influencers

You can partner with Influencers to create content that converts. Working with influencers will not only give you access to a larger audience but also allow you to capitalize on their content creation skills.

One of the ways by which you can leverage influencer partnerships on Instagram stories is through Instagram story takeovers. You can inform your audience about the takeover and ask your partners to do the same. This will be helpful in generating a buzz around the Influencer takeover. You can also facilitate virtual meet and greet through your Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Takeover

If you want to find niche Influencers to collaborate with, check out the
Unbox Social Influencer Suite. Not only does it allow you to discover Influencers, it also lets you select them on the basis of their follower bases and engagement rates. You can send out detailed campaign briefs to your Influencer partners and monitor progress with the help of this tool.


Optimize Story Highlights

Use Instagram story highlights to showcase old stories that have expired. But make sure to organize them in proper, well-categorized clusters.
Once you have organized your story highlights into different sets, name each set of highlights accordingly. Add nice covers with icons representing each category. This will not only help your audience in easily navigating through the highlights but also add to your profile aesthetic.

Instagram Story Highlights


Capture Instagram Story Metrics

Capture important insights about your Instagram stories. You can use the Social Media Analytics Tool by Unbox Social to uncover in-depth Analytics about your Instagram stories. The tool allows you to not only know how many people and who saw your Instagram stories, it also helps you dig deeper with its insights. Know the completion rate as well as other important metrics by using this tool.

Learn from these insights and build effective Instagram stories’ strategy. Take inspiration from content that performed well and use it in your future content creation strategies.


Instagram stories offer a great amount of potential for you to market your brand. Let’s sum up quickly, the different tips, tricks and hacks for optimizing your Instagram stories’ strategy-

  • Use Instagram stories to take your audience behind the scenes
  • Announce product launches, upcoming contests and discounts, live sessions with Instagram stories
  • Use Instagram stories’ stickers to generate engagement
  • Add hashtags to stories to enhance your reach on Instagram
  • Conduct live streams to push for real-time engagement
  • Partner with niche Influencers to reach a larger audience base
  • Optimize your story highlights with attractive covers and icons
  • Analyze your story metrics to stay on top of your game



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