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20 Creative Ideas to Spice up Your Instagram Story Questions

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Your Instagram already has several hundred photos, but no one except your friends puts likes and new followers are in no hurry to appear? Ok, it can be normal for the personal diary where you just leave a photo for your memory. If you want something more, then you need to take Instagram seriously and adjust its development strategy. It won’t take much time but surely you need Instagram story ideas, good taste, and aspiration. Therefore, these 20 tips for you. 

1. Feel Free to Ask What Your Followers Are Interested In. Suggest Post Options and Vote

This is a great way to get in touch with your target audience. Instagram story question ideas should be always in your head. But remember that there is a part of inadequate people on the Internet, unfortunately. Therefore, before you start a blog (and even if you already have a large one), get used to the following affirmation: “This is the Internet, there are a lot of inadequacies, haters and those who want to assert themselves at the expense of others.”
So, this is the first idea for you – ask them what do they want to see. 

2. Always Read and Follow the Competitors

But do not copy them, write as you see from your side. Always write only your  Instagram questions ideas since nobody likes plagiarism. Also, you will always know what the competitors do not have and bring fresh ideas first. Use their questions to come up with your own, better ones. 

3. Call People to Action

Even a question make a sound like a call to action. For example, you may ask your subscribers what of the product they like to buy more, and offer a little discount to everyone who answers. 

4. Groups in Social Networks and Forums – the Gold Mine of New Topics for Posts

Always try to write not only about your interests, current trends, and hot topics. Keep in mind that followers are always interested in reading posts that solve their problems. The forums will help to understand what is bothering them. The method is difficult but useful. Search the forum for things related to your business, and ask your followers to evaluate the effectiveness of your content. 

5. Write the Word “Comment” to Supplement Your Question

This encourages your subscribers to share their opinions and be more willing to join the discussion. Some publications become popular not because of a photo or a written post, but because of comments. Many are interested in reading what other people write and getting into some sort of discussion.

6. Business Reception: Share Photos of Followers

Do this when they mention your brand or product. This nice step shows that you value every customer. In exchange, they will share your photos on their page. A lot of people like to be in the spotlight and be published on your page. So, ask them a direct question – “Do you want us to post your photo too?”. 

7. Use Success Stories as Instagram Post Themes

People who change their lives for a dream inspire more than quotes. Look for such examples among employees and clients of your company. For example, Borjomi shared the story of Bogdan, who quit his former profession and became an actor. So, you may ask your followers whether they want to become successful too, and schedule a series of publications on this topic.  

8. Remember That Headers Are Just as Important as Hashtags

This is exactly the moment when writing skills come in handy. Your goal is to write a funny and witty headline that is understandable to all subscribers, so ambiguous jokes or abstruse sentences will not work. The phrase in the Story title should be easy and strong at the same time.

9. Do Not Forget About Your Old Posts

The audience is updated, so you can use your old posts to create new Stories. Don’t copy, but make a repost and add how your opinion has changed with experience. Compare yourself then and now. Nostalgia is a very popular topic in Stories on which you can collect a lot of comments.

10. Remember, Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Monitor your profile and leave only beautiful and high-quality photos that can be reused for Stories. For example, you may offer your followers a quiz and ask them to guess when and where the photo was made.

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11. Do Not Be Afraid to Post Often

Don’t think that the more often you make posts, the less often you will be scribbled. It’s all about the quality of the product that you provide. And if you often post something useful, on the contrary, the number of subscribers will increase. 

12. Come Up with Creative Instagram Story Ideas

Take interesting moments from life and show subscribers how your current day has gone. You can mount a story from photos and short videos and mark it with a hashtag #dayin15seconds. Have a new hairstyle done? Lose 5 kg? Show how it was before and after the changes. There can be really a lot of creative ideas, and the same number of questions that you may ask. 

13. Do Not Forget About the Sense of Humor

Even the most serious people like the right joke at the right time. So don’t be shy to put some funny things on Instagram. Funny videos on Instagram Stories engage well. Complement your video with a funny question, or offer users to think about more serious issues  – depending on the topic of your video. Sometimes the initially funny things have deep philosophy inside.

14. Launch a Contest to Choose the Best Answer

And offer a little prize. Motivated by a desire to get it, your followers will turn on all their creativity to take part in your contest. 

15. Ask Users to Make a  Choice

For example, ask them what dress would they like to buy – red or green? Cat or dog? Tea or coffee? Come up with such choices alternative depending on your niche.  

16. Respond to a Trendy Topic

Trendy topics may skyrocket your Instagram profile. Share your opinion on a hot topic, and ask users to do the same. But don’t forget that doing this way, you may get a lot of attention but it shouldn’t be always positive. 

17. Ask Them About Them

All people love to tell about them. Ask your users to characterize them in two-tree words, and use their answers to find out what are their worldview and life problems. 

18. Ask Them to Share Their Contacts

Use Insta Stories as a lead generation book, and ask users to share their email in exchange for your free course or book chapter, for example. 

19. Ask Them to Ask Their Questions If Any

If you are an expert from a certain field, your users may need specific advice. Allow them to ask their questions to you, and be sure to answer them all, or at least, share the sources for further research. 

20. Make Users Wait for Your  Instagram Storytime

Stories allow you to quickly engage your audience and publish over the news feed, so the account automatically becomes more visible. What is more, if you are sharing interesting Stories regularly, your followers become addicted to it and start waiting for a new one from you. 


There can be a lot of creative Instagram story ideas but all of them should come from your heart. The main task that you face when promoting your page is the creation of high-quality and interesting content. Publications should arouse interest, be honest, and attract a new audience, otherwise, the audience will bypass you and deprive you of attention.


Author Bio: Based in Chicago, Ava T. Jones is best known for her contributions to translation and writing. She is currently working as a contributor at writing services review sites such as PickTheWriter and WritingJudge. She entered the writing world to explore her passion for contrastive linguistics, adaptation, and lexicography. Ava also enjoys skiing, social media management, and vegan parties.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!