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12 Secret Tips to Use Instagram Stories Optimally

Instagram is the ultimate photo sharing app. This social media platform has evolved and undergone so many changes ever since its inception. From a simple photo sharing app, Instagram has evolved into a multifaceted social medium for marketing your brand. Instagram stories are a part of the package that you can leverage to promote your products or brand in general. If used optimally, this feature can help you achieve your business goals.

Instagram Stories

Why Instagram stories are great for marketing your brand?

Let’s quickly go through a few quick facts. Instagram stories appear on the top of the homepage of a user. The moment you add a story, it appears on the homepage of your audience. This helps enhance brand awareness.  

Here’s another fact. Stories appear for a period of only 24 hours, after which they expire. Drawing inspiration from Snapchat, Instagram stories thrive on the thrill associated with this short form-short term content.

Instagram stories add to the diversity in the types of content that you can generate on the platform. Videos and photos have long been on the platform and continue to be popular. But Instagram stories have added a new type of content. And what works even more for your brand is that the stories feature comes with so many tools and features of its own. Altogether Instagram stories pack a complete punch and you can create a wide variety of engaging content with this feature.

Use Instagram stories to market your brand effectively and generate engagement among your target audience. Here are a few secret tips you can take from professionals and learn how you too can leverage the feature.

Tips For Using Instagram Stories Like A Pro

1. Shoot in Natural Light

If you are using Instagram stories for business, make sure to always shoot your pictures or videos in natural light. The best quality pictures come out in natural light. You may not even require special lighting and equipment if you shoot using the normal sunlight.

Aim for the golden hour, that is the time before the sun sets. Also use the time before the sun rises to shoot your videos or photos for best quality content for your Instagram stories.


2. Use Smartphone Cameras to Shoot Footage and Photos

Instagram Stories

You do not need to rely on DSLRs to create photo or video content for your Instagram stories. Simply use your smartphone cameras to shoot your photos and videos and share them after a few touch ups here and there.

Whether you are trying to cover a video shoot or take pictures for your Instagram stories, make sure to use your smartphone camera. It has been proven time and again that the smartphone camera offers better picture and video quality than using the camera on Instagram stories. Moreover, with your smartphone camera you can easily edit your videos and photos to generate good quality content.


3. Offer A sneak peek inside your brand

One Instagram market strategy that is hardly bound to fail is to offer your audience a peek inside your brand. Show them what happens behind the scenes. Whether you are a B2B brand or a B2C brand, use Instagram stories to create content through which the audience can understand your brand better. To put it in another way, use Instagram stories to build a connection with your audience.

Show the team behind the brand and offer a glimpse into how things in your organization. Build a brand story, create content based on it and put it out on your Instagram stories.


4. Share breaking industry news and trends on the platform

If you want to win the trust of your target audience, you have to be on top of all the latest industry trends and news. Staying updated about your industry and sharing it with your audience displays your credibility and expertise. It shows that your brand is constantly evolving to live up to the industry trends and standards. You also become a credible source of important information and latest news for your audience.


5. Conduct Product Demonstrations

Launched a new product? Add a step by step product demonstration video or even pictures. With Instagram stories, you can create 15 second videos. Use the multiple features and tools that come with Instagram stories to take your audience through an interactive product demonstration.


6. Build Buzz Around Events and Launches

Use the multiple slides of Instagram stories to generate anticipation. Whether you want to launch a new product or promote an upcoming event, use Instagram stories to promote these. Share all the important details about the event or launch through your Instagram stories. Add the venue, time, date and other important information to Instagram stories.

Use a tool like Canva to create a nice invitation or flyer for the event or launch.


7. Conduct Live Streams

Go live with Instagram stories. With Instagram stories, you can go live on the platform. Instagram Live allows you to engage your audience in the real time.Build instant connections with your viewers. Quickly respond to your viewers’ comments and questions.

You can host simple Q&A sessions or bring some industry experts or subject matter experts for live streaming sessions. By doing so, you allow viewers to understand your brand better.


8. Deliver Branded Content

Stay consistent with your brand voice. What type of content do you usually post on your website as well as on social media? Is it more of videos or pictures? Does it involve more of human elements or do you cover your products mostly? How do you relay your message to your audience? Who is your target audience?

With these questions in mind, you can build and create content for your Instagram stories. It helps build on your brand image. This will help shape brand identity in the eyes of your audience. Certain elements in your content will automatically become associated with your brand. The idea is to offer an experience that no other brand can offer through their content.


9. Use Instagram Stories’ Native Features and Tools

Instagram stories come with tools and features that you can use to enhance your stories’ content. Go for the hands-free mode for adding product demo videos for instance. Use the normal mode to add simple picture stories.

Add textual content, in different fonts, colors and sizes. Put gifs, emoticons and other elements to make your Instagram stories more engaging and eye catching. Use the pinning feature to add text at appropriate points in all your videos.


10. Add hashtags and location tags

Add branded hashtags and location tags to enhance your reach. Adding hashtags and location tags will lead more users to your content, increasing your brand awareness. Every time a person conducts a location search, your content with the location tags will appear in the results.


11. Use Polls and Questions’ Stickers

Apart from the live streaming feature on Instagram stories, the polls and questions’ stickers on Instagram allow for you to enhance engagement. Not only that, with these 2 elements in your Instagram stories, you can also gauge the audience opinion to a great extent.

Ask for opinions about a recent product launch. Take feedback on content or your services, in general, using these stickers. Apart from building a stronger connection with your audience, these 2 tools will allow you to gain feedback to learn how you can improve.


12. Influencer Marketing

Instagram Stories, Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with niche Influencers to generate diversified, good quality, engaging content. First and foremost zero down on Influencers to bring on board. Use Unbox Social’s Industry feed tool to track social media Influencers. Find out which Influencer’s niche as well as content creation style aligns with that of your brand and bring them on board.

You can get them to take over your stories for a day or week, for instance. You can ask them to feature in a live stream with your brand. Since influencers are creators themselves, you can leverage their creativity to generate high quality content.



Use Instagram stories to enhance your social media game. Take it to a whole new level by following these tips:

  • Shoot in natural light or sunlight for best quality footage or photos
  • Use smartphone cameras and not the in-app camera for clicking pictures or shooting videos
  • Show behind the scenes and offer a glimpse into your brand
  • Stay on top of industry news and trends
  • Run your audience through a step by step demonstration of products
  • Create anticipation about products as well as events
  • Go live for real time engagement
  • Add branded content that reflects the voice of your brand
  • Leverage the on-platform tools to enhance Instagram stories
  • Put hashtags and location tags to lead more people to your content
  • Add Questions’ and Polls’ stickers to your Instagram stories for increased engagement as well as for gauging audience feedback
  • Influencer Marketing for leveraging the content creation capabilities as well as huge followings of Influencers





What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!