Instagram Stories Analytics and Insights: Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Stories Insights

There is no better visual medium to give live updates than Instagram Stories. Whether you are an individual sipping a cup of coffee, a travel Influencer who lives more on Instagram than the actual place 🙂 or a business that is currently broadcasting event updates, Instagram Stories are the way to do it. 

But are you keeping a track on how your users are reacting to your Instagram Stories?
This is where Instagram Story Insights will help you! Let’s look into it.

A) What is Instagram Story Insights?

Instagram stories insights are metrics that help you understand how your content is faring among your target audience. From how many people have viewed your story to link clicks and taps, it gives you all the details. 

Being Instagram-worthy is the need of the hour for brands and businesses. The photo-sharing app is no longer just about sharing your food and travel pictures, it has now become highly commercial and marketing-oriented. Instagram Stories and influx of influencers on the platform has changed the platform tremendously.

While some are making optimum use of Instagram Story insights, there is a set of audience that is still clueless about Instagram stories stats. Understanding Instagram insights with regards to stories and posts is highly beneficial for marketing professionals and a must-use for individual brand owners who want to make a mark on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Insights - Dog Food

B) Instagram Stories Insights Explained

Connecting with your audience is harder than ever because the viewers have a lot to choose from. In this case, it is necessary to know where your content is going and whether it is generating the reaction and engagement you want. Instagram Story analytics is data that is there to give you insights into how your story has performed on the platform.

Knowing about Instagram stories insights will tell you how your story has performed.

So, let’s get to the basics and start with how to view Instagram insights!

Once you click on insights and land on stories, you will notice that every story of yours can be measured with metrics designed by Instagram. Right from tap analytics to reach, it will give you an account of all the metrics.
You are bound to have questions like-

  • What is Instagram Analytics?
  • What are Instagram impressions?
  • What does impressions mean on Instagram Story?
  • What does navigation mean on Instagram?
  • How to see old Instagram Stories?
  • What do the insights on Instagram Stories mean?
  • How to check Instagram analytics for Stories?
  • Can you see how many times someone views your Instagram Story?
  • How do you get Instagram Insights? And so on…

Just getting Instagram stories stats will not be of any use, you must also know what each of these metrics means and how it can help you decode your content strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, insights on Instagram need to be analyzed regularly to measure content performance accurately.  Here is everything you need to know about Instagram insights and analytics.

  • What is Instagram Analytics?

    Instagram analytics gives you insights into how people interact with your posts on Instagram. Get insights such as audience demographics, impressions, and reach. You’ll know these metrics for both organic and paid activity.

    Learning about your followers and non-followers using Instagram analytics will help create better content strategies and business-related decisions for your brand. There are many Instagram analytics tools that can help you get data-driven insights including engagement rate, follower growth, active followers, the best time to post content etc.

  • What are Instagram Impressions?

    Instagram Impressions is the total number of times users have seen your post or story on Instagram.

  • What do impressions mean on Instagram Story?

    Impressions on Instagram Story means the total number of times users have seen your Story on Instagram.

  • What does navigation mean on Instagram?

    Navigation on Instagram tracks the complete journey of user interaction on your Instagram Story. Under Navigation, you can see the different actions users have taken on your story. Following metrics is what you can track when users are navigating on Instagram Stories

  • Forward– The total number of taps your story received for the next photo or video
  • Back– The total number of taps your story received for the previous photo or video
  • Exited– The total number of taps to leave your story
  • Replies– Total count of replies given to your story
  • Next Story– The total number of the taps for the next account’s story
  • Link Clicks– The total number of times the link on your story was clicked

With over 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories on a daily basis, the businesses have no choice but to use Instagram Stories analytics tools. You may now ask what do Instagram Stories analytics mean?

Well, Instagram Stories analytics will tell you how many times users have engaged with your story. The analytics will also give you tap analysis for every forward and backward tap on your story. Additionally, Instagram Story analytics will give you a count of views for that particular story and the number of unique accounts that have viewed your story.

Instagram analytics for stories will help you evaluate whether your audience is connecting with your content or not! 

Trust us when we say, we are here to clear all your silly doubts too! If you are new to Instagram Stories you are bound to have the following questions and we are more than happy to help. 

  • How to see old Instagram Stories?

    Only if the old stories of yours are archived you will be able to see them!
    Go to your account and click on the top-right corner. Select archive and find old Instagram Stories.
    Still unsure about how to look at Instagram Stories and how to find Instagram Stories?
    This is very easy!
    All the stories will appear on the top of your feeds page. Click on the circles and you will be able to view Instagram Stories.

    You can get access to Instagram Story Insights from your Instagram App. To view insights on your Instagram Story:

    1. Go to your story
    2. Swipe up on your image or video
    3. Tap 
    4. View insights on your story

Instagram Story Insights

  • What do the insights on Instagram Stories mean?

    Insights on Instagram stories allow you to check all the metrics required to track your Story performance. This includes Impressions, Follows, Navigation, Forward, Next Story, and Exited.
    Firstly, make sure you have a business account on Instagram because only then will you be able to see these insights. Once you land on your business account, click on the top-right corner of the page and select Insights.

  • How to Check Instagram Stories Analytics?

    To check Instagram Analytics for Stories go to Insights. It will have three categories namely, Content, Activity, and Audience.
    Select the Content section and you shall find a dedicated category for Stories. Click on the same and get your Instagram Stories stats effortlessly with an added feature to select the time frame too.

  • Can you see how many times someone views your Instagram Story?

    Well, for people who are wondering if seeing a particular story multiple times will get the story higher views, here’s some bad news!!! Instagram will not count the number of times the story is repeatedly seen by the same user.

  • How do I get Instagram Insights?

    Coming to the Instagram Stories insights, again make sure you have a business account! You will find the category of Insights once you click on the top-right corner of the profile. Get all data and statistics for your Instagram page in the categories mentioned. Now that you know how the Instagram Analytics feature functions, it’s time to know what these analytics mean.
    Instagram analytics for Stories can be easy to understand but difficult to implement in your story formation strategy. While Instagram impressions, link clicks, next story, and reach are the most common parameters people check, it is also essential to pay attention to the other Instagram Story insights. Here’s how these stated metrics can transform your social media marketing strategy!

  • Forward and back taps
    This Instagram Stories analytics navigation feature may seem irrelevant at first but these figures say a lot about the interest level of your audience. If there are more back taps then it can be rightly said that your story content was interesting enough for them to go back to it. Too many forward taps can mean that the viewer wants to get done ASAP! Tap analytics has a huge role to play in your content strategy.
  • Exits
    When a person leaves the story instead of tapping forward or back, it counts as an exit. The viewer may have come back to the feeds or may have simply closed the app too. This can heavily mean that the story was not enticing enough for the viewer. Too many of these is a red signal and calls for updates in your content!
  • Replies
    Replies from your users should not be taken lightly. If you are generating no replies with your stories that means you are not connecting enough with your target audience. Not all photos and videos on your Instagram Story feed need to be reply driven but it is good to have a few stories that make them give you a reply.

It is essential to know about Instagram stories analytics but nothing can help you more than Instagram Stories analytics tools.

We’re sure you are almost convinced by now that Instagram story analytics is crucial for your marketing strategies. However, if you are still in two minds the pointers below will tell you the significance of insights on Instagram.

  • Instagram stories analytics and post insights help you understand your audience

Insights on Instagram also tell you a lot about your audience. Instagram audience insights help you decode your audience better. With this data, brand marketers can analyse whether they are reaching the right people with their content. Additionally, the interactions on the content help you discover whether it is creating an impact on the audience’s mind. This will also help you curate content that matters to your audience.

  • Instagram post insights and Instagram story analytics help you identify what kind of content is not working for your brand

Instagram stories analytics and Instagram post insights can tell you what form of content is getting you more interactions. Measure the posts and stories regularly to get an idea! For instance, you will come to know if text-oriented posts are fetching you more response as compared to videos!

  • The insights help you with the hashtag strategy

Hashtags on Instagram can help you reach a passive audience too if used right. The Instagram insights show you how the user landed on your content i.e. through home, hashtags or profile. This will help you understand if you are using the right hashtags for your content. 

C) How to Get Advanced Instagram Stories Analytics?

Most of us are aware of the native Instagram analytics tool but there are several other tools that can help you with in-depth Instagram stories analytics and Instagram post insights. Unbox Social offers social media analytics as a solution for brands. The tool helps brands analyse their social media presence. Let’s take a look at what the tool has to offer!

Trust us, we are not bragging! Unbox Social is the fastest-growing Analytics and Influencer marketing platform which will give you useful Instagram Story insights.

See what reactions your Instagram Stories are getting and what’s not working for your page. Get details on your audience demographics, timely reports and curate content that actually improves your online brand presence. Not just that, compare your competitors on social media and know where you are lacking with our Instagram performance tracking.

  • Get overall insights on your brand’s Instagram presence

The tool is hassle-free to use and gives you an overall glance at all the important metrics. Look at your brand’s total followers, the total number of posts, views, engagement rate, reach, and follower growth with a click. The platform also gives you data on the engagement rate as per the content form. Checking these Instagram insights on a regular basis will help you scale your brand performance on Instagram. 

To ease your content planning and posting, the tool also tells you the best time to post your content! (We see that smile!) 

instagram insights

  • Get detailed Instagram audience insights

The native Instagram analytics tool does give you audience insights but with Unbox Social you can dig deeper into your audience demographics. Check audience gender, audience interest, audience age, audience location, and audience quality. Additionally, the tool also gives you data on audience sentiment. Know the interactions received on your brand and the mode of interaction (Likes, comments, shares, views, saves).

instagram audience insights

  • Get Instagram post insights and improve your content strategy

With Unbox Social, you get Instagram post insights for every post you upload. Check the crucial metrics such as comments, likes, impressions, reach, saves, and interactions. For video posts on Instagram, you also get data on video views.

instagram post insights

  • Get detailed Instagram story analytics and stats 

Instagram story analytics by Unbox Social will help you scale up your story game. Check the analytics for every story you put up on your brand page. Analyse the impressions, reach, tap back, tap forward, exits, and replies.

instagram story analytics


Grow your brand on Instagram with data-driven decisions.
Understand how users are interacting and engaging on Instagram using Unbox Social’s Instagram Analytics Tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.


Now that we’ve enlightened you on everything related to Instagram stories and Instagram story analytics, it’s time to draw some inspiration from the best in the industry! Here are some brands that make the optimum use of Instagram stories.

D) Instagram Stories from Popular Brands

  • Vogue Magazine

    Vogue Magazine Instagram Story Insights
    Vogue Magazine Instagram Stories

    Vogue is synonymous with glamour and high fashion. However, the brand is never behind in keeping up with the latest trends and situations. Vogue is highly active on Instagram stories and relies on the same to drive traffic to its articles. Be it scenic photographs or the recent pandemic, Vogue has used Instagram stories effectively to convey its message.

  • Forever 21

    Forever 21 Instagram Story Insights
    Forever 21 Instagram Stories

    The clothing brand even after shutting its outlets in India is a favourite of many. Forever21 is extremely active on Instagram with regular story updates. Right from fashion tips to supporting causes, this brand uses Instagram stories for a lot of things. Their stories work well because they have a lot of viewer participation like the one below.

  • L’Oréal Paris

    Loreal Paris Instagram Story Insights
    L’Oréal Paris Instagram Stories

    The beauty brand is known for its makeup, skincare, and hair colour products. L’Oréal Paris is quite active on Instagram with its new product launches and useful tips. Coming to its Instagram stories, the brand has always made sure to post user-centric content. Check out how L’Oréal Paris made the most of this lockdown by starting a Q&A session on its story.

Bonus Read – Instagram Stories with GIFs!

On an average, one in five stories receives a direct message. This means a higher chance of establishing a relationship with a potential customer by posting an Instagram Story, which directly translates into a new lead.As we all know, Instagram has collaborated with GIPHY to build a whole library of fun, animated stickers that you can choose from. More and more brands have realised the power of GIFs and have begun incorporating them into their brand image on social media.

When using Instagram Stories GIFs, keep in mind that the content you end up with aligns with your social media marketing goals- this means using the right GIFs that suit your brand. This can have a huge impact on your IG analytics. 

Leverage Instagram Stories Analytics

Instagram Stories analytics has the potential to positively impact your Instagram presence and using Instagram analytics tools like Unbox Social can save you a lot of time and plan your future content strategies. Let your team use this time to curate effective content marketing strategies and see your brand graph go all the way up! Wouldn’t that be a ‘Story’ to tell? 🙂

What are you waiting for? Track your Instagram Stories now.

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