Instagram Update: Reels Get Remix Feature

Instagram Reels stole the show with its entry leaving all the other platforms behind. Reels has become the most popular content curation feature for brands and businesses. Additionally, with the TikTok ban in India, Reels managed to fill the void. Video content is known to have the highest engagement rate and reach. Users are drawn towards videos more than any other content type and the popularity of Reels proves that fact. Instagram Reels gained immediate momentum since they released. 

The platform has now come up with another addition to Reels and that is Remix. The newly added feature will enhance how Reels are generally used. 

Instagram reels remix feature is set to launch new trends for social media marketing too. Brands and businesses that were heavily using Reels for video marketing can make the most out of the reels remix feature. Reels on Instagram has given several brands a push on the social media ladder. If you are a newbie who is still figuring out what are Reels on Instagram, read our blog here

Let’s understand more about Instagram reels remix. 

What are Remix Reels on Instagram?

The concept of Remix Reels is very much similar to duets on TikTok. With Remix Reels, you can create a reel alongside the reel that already exists. This means that both these reels will appear side by side. This is in a way interacting with a reel that’s already posted. 

The remix feature on reels can give brands a lot of content creating options. 

How to Remix Reel on Instagram?

Step 1- Choose the reel you want to use the Remix feature on

Step 2- Once your reel is chosen, click on the three dots on the right-hand side 

Instagram remix reels

Step 3- Choose the ‘Remix This Reel’ option

Instagram remix reels

Step 4- Use the video curation features (the part you want to use for your remix reel, effects, and timer) and start recording your reel! 

Instagram reels remix

Points to Remember for Remix Reels Feature

1. Remix Reels option will be available for all new reels videos by default for public accounts

2. To add the Remix Reels option for your old reels, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and choose the ‘Enable Remixing’ option. 

3. You can also turn off the remixing option for your reels by individually changing the settings for each reel or by going to the ‘Settings’ menu for disabling remixing for all the reels. 

Content Ideas for Instagram Remix Reels

  • Create reaction videos

With the remix feature, brands can create reaction videos. These videos are popular on Instagram and are known for generating a good engagement rate. Involve influencers to add more to your already existing reels and you’re good to go. 

  • Before-After videos

Brands and businesses that implement influencer marketing can use Remix reels to create before and after videos too. This will give your content the much-needed boost of creativity. 

  • Content collaborations

The idea behind using remix reels is to add to the already existing content. Brands can use these videos to collaborate with other content creators. Team up with influencers or create reels that encourage your followers to create remix reels with your reels. 

  • Now and then videos

Remix reels are perfect when it comes to showing the transition from one phase to another. Brands can make use of this content idea to show how their products and services have progressed. This way you can also reuse your older reels. 

The introduction of this feature has surely proved that there’s more to come in the world of video content. Hope this brief guide to using Instagram reels remix will help you come up with more engaging content. Check out the following blogs to know what more can get you the audiences’ attention on social media. 

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