8 Instagram Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

instagram mistakes

The audience today, loves visual content, no matter what age, nationality or gender they are. Instagram is the ultimate video and photo sharing platform. Using it smartly and leveraging its features should be at the top of your agenda as a brand.

To help you make your Insta-game strong, we have compiled a list of Instagram mistakes to avoid, along with tips on how to fix these mistakes:

#1: Not Using good quality, optimised photos

Instagram is where you sell your brand through your photos, making photo content an integral part of your campaign. So, it makes sense to put in efforts and pay full attention to the minutest of details.

High Quality photos

Avoid using blurred pictures. Clicking pictures in dully lit rooms or spaces can result in dark and unclear images. Here are a few tips can follow to boost your photo content strategy:

  • The recommended size for square-shaped photos on Instagram is 1080px x 1080px but you should upload the image at the max resolution allowed, 2048px x 2048px. The recommended dimensions for landscape images are 1080pxx 566px. It is also possible to use a smaller size such as 600px x 400px.
  • Click photos in well lit conditions, preferably with your phone camera than with the instagram camera itself
  • Sharpen and finetune your image using photo editing softwares like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom or Adobe photoshop
  • Experiment with square, horizontal and vertical resolutions
  • Use Instagram’s editing features to give your picture the final touches

#2: Not making most of the ‘Bio’

An Instagram handle without any description is a missed opportunity at connecting with your followers and profile visitors. Since Instagram provides you with this space to describe your brand or share links to your website, it is a good place help viewers understand your brand better and direct them to your website. So make full use of it!

 instagram mistakes to avoid, instagram profile bio

Here’s what needs to be done with one of your biggest Instagram marketing mistakes:

  • Add a description about your brand
  • Do not go on writing half pie content about your company’s vision and mission
  • Craft catchy, casual descriptions that not only inform about your brand but also connect with Instagram users
  • Add call to action buttons that allow visitors to directly call or mail you and provide directions to your office
  • Simply go for the kill and add a link to your website. If you have launched a new product, add a link to it in your bio.

There are many other tips and tricks you can follow to create a good Instagram bio for your business.

#3: Posting too frequently or posting very less

Both of these scenarios could be red flags for your brand. When you don’t post for a long time, you tend to lose followers because you are no longer serving any purpose for them on Instagram. At the same time, posting too frequently can be a sore to the eye on your feed.

Posting only once in a while might not be enough to help build your presence and ultimately get conversion. Similarly posting too much may come off as spammy.

This is one of the Instagram mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your followers interested.

Instead, here’s what you can do :

  • Prepare an inventory of your posts
  • Plan out a calendar of dates on which you will post the content
  • Use Instagram analytics to determine when to post and how to post

#4: Crafting half-baked captions

Your Instagram caption is extremely important for your business. Your captions need to have a compelling effect on people. It should be able to kick off engagement among your audience. Putting well thought out caption for your photos helps in adding your brand’s touch. Doing this helps enhance your brand image.  

 Instagram mistakes to avoid, Instagram caption

Instead, here’s how you can act to undo such Instagram marketing mistakes :

  • Add captions relevant to your content.
  • Use catchy words and quotes.
  • Use hashtags and emojis.
  • Length of the caption should be content specific.
  • Insert call to action. Use creative ways to put a call to action in your copies.
  • Finally edit and proofread your content well. Polished content will always work for in your favour.

#5: Overestimating hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the significant features of Instagram. Hashtags do provide visibility to your brand, but going overboard and focusing only on the hashtags will not be beneficial for your brand. In fact, Instagram has pointed out the importance of focusing on your business goals or objectives over hashtags.

 Instagram mistakes to avoid, Instagram hashtags

However, you can use hashtags in ways that will work in favour of your brand and increase visibility and engagement on the platform. Here’s what you can do to up your Insta-game with hashtags:

  • Avoid using too many hashtags.
  • Create new hashtags for your campaigns and make them viral. These hashtags can work for creating visibility for your brand.

#6: Not making the most of Instagram Stories & live

Instagram Stories appear above your feed as soon as you open Instagram, making it the first feature your audience could potentially be interacting with. Instagram stories also offers the live stream feature through which you can conduct Q&A sessions and interactive sessions. You should go live once in a month – because that sends a notification to your followers.

Instagram mistakes to avoid, Instagram stories

Here’s what should be done to avoid making a huge Instagram mistake:

  • Leverage the stories feature to share about your company culture with your followers
  • Share behind-the-scenes, important moments, product-how tos and  quick tutorials etc.
  • Use Live streams where your followers can ask you questions, and you can answer their queries and give advice. You can also use this platform to take feedback.

#7: Not Converting To Instagram Business Account

 Instagram mistakes to avoid, Instagram Ads

80 percent of User accounts of Instagram follow a business on the platform. Instagram for business offers all the right tools and features to build presence on one of the most widely used social media platforms today. The business account provides you with special features that can help you gain traction and build a huge customer base.

Apart from that, the Instagram business account lets you monitor your performance by providing valuable insights and information about your content and audience demographics and other important metrics.

To make the most of your Instagram Business profile, use the Insights tool to measure your performance. Analyse your flaws and identify content that drives most engagement. Leverage this tool to build your brand presence and push conversions.

#8: Using Third-Party Apps To Get More Followers

Instagram recently rolled out a new rule, according to which Instagram accounts using third party automation apps to get more followers will face consequences. Instagram is deleting all fake followers and activity from the platform.

With a view to make Instagram a completely authentic social media platform, Instagram has taken this tep to remove all inauthentic activity. As such, Instagram will remove all followers, likes and comments that were gained using these automation apps.


Neglecting the Instagram Ads’ feature: We can add this point as a bonus, but an important point is to convert to a business account.

Instagram ads are a sure shot way of gaining visibility among instagram users and increasing chances of conversion.Since there is immeasurable competition for organic outreach and engagement among brands on Instagram, using the Instagram Ads feature will help you get the extra edge .

Instagram Ads feature allows you to create, run and track campaigns on Instagram, allowing you to meet all your business goals.

This one’s a no brainer. You just need to get the Instagram Ads feature and make your campaign go live. Use the stories ad, carousel ad, photo ad or videos ad, depending upon the products you are planning to feature on the campaign.


Instagram is a platform with immense potential to help you gain followers and convert followers into customers with its numerous features. To make it easier for you, we have summarised this list of what you should do to avoid/correct any Instagram mistakes you are making.

  • Use optimised visual content- click photos in appropriate well, lit settings, edit it and polish before sharing
  • Use Instagram profile bio efficiently- add a well-crafted, catchy description about your company; share link to your website, products, videos etc.
  • Post content consistently- do not go overboard with sharing content; this does not mean that you should post content only once in a blue moon; maintain a balance
  • Add well-crafted captions, relevant to your content; add calls to action wherever necessary
  • Do not go overboard with hashtags and focus on creating content that reflects your business goals and objectives
  • Make the most of the stories’ feature- share inside footage, behind-the-scenes; run live Q&A sessions etc.
  • Activate your Instagram business account to use helpful tools and features such as Instagram Insights
  • Use Instagram’s Ads feature- pick your own format and style, depending on your content style.

Hope these tips will help you avoid making mistakes in the future.

With this set of handy tips, you can fix all the big Instagram mistakes right now. All you have to do is follow these tips and go for the kill!


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