Instagram Metrics to Track and Optimize for Best Results

We all know that everyone loves visual content and Instagram is one of the most favourite platforms for sharing photo and video content. Numbers are proof that Instagram is a platform that users keep going back to, for connecting with people, discovering new things and much more.

Instagram has a huge user base and 80 percent of user accounts on Instagram follow a business page. These figures show that Instagram, if leveraged properly can help you gain engagement and make acquisitions. In order to make the most of this social media platform, you must understand what all factors determine your level of success.

As a business, you want to perform well on Instagram and gain followers, evoke interactions and gradually facilitate on boarding of new customers. To fulfill all these goals, you need to look at the various Instagram metrics that should be tracked and optimsied to make your social media game strong.

Instagram metrics are the parameters by which you can measure your performance on the platform. Instagram insights provides you with such information and insights on the various Instagram metrics.

Here is a list of Instagram metrics that you need to track and optimise along with a few secrets from Instagram influencers:

  • Likes & Comments – The Engagement metrics:

Instagram engagement metrics


The most important metrics for businesses are the engagement metrics. The main engagement metrics we will be looking at are the likes, comments, replies on your Instagram posts.


The no. of likes on your posts show whether your content is gaining traction and drawing users to take action. Monitor your Instagram posts to find out which posts received more likes and build your content strategies accordingly.


The comment activity on your content determines how well the audience receives your content. If the audience shares their views or ask questions or puts feedback on your content with comments, it means that the audience connects with your content and is compelled to interact.  

If users and followers are responding to your content with likes, good. But if the number of comments that you are getting is also increasing, then it’s an even better sign.

If a user is putting an effort to think and write a comment on your post (s), it is a good indicator of the fact that your content is gaining engagement among the audience.

Engagement metrics can be measured by the account or per post. Measuring the Instagram metric of engagement by the account would look into the total likes and comments on all your posts as against the number of your followers. The greater the percentage, the better your engagement.

Engagement per post is the number of likes and comments that you receive on a particular post. It is a good indicator of how well a particular post did for your audience. The more engaged your audience is, the better are the chances of on boarding new customers.

After tracking the engagement per post and engagement by your account, you can arrive at a conclusion about what kind of response you are eliciting among the users.

How to make the best use of the Instagram engagement metrics?

To optimise these Instagram metrics for business, keep a close watch on the kind of content that receives the most engagement in terms of comments and likes. Try to create content along the lines of such posts.

Adding interactive copies for your Instagram posts can ensure more comments. Ask questions, take opinions, feedbacks etc. so as to initiate conversations with users.

Find the right time to post your content. So that you ensure your posts are visible depending on the time when most of your followers are active.

Use geotagging to increase the chances of being discovered. The greater the chances of being discovered, the greater the scope for engagement.

A secret behind the game going strong for influencers on Instagram is their constant efforts at interacting with followers. This involves replying individually to all followers, whether it is in response to compliments, a query, or even acknowledgement of their feedback. This tip can make you go a long way in bringing customers on board.

Instagram influencer Amanda K. Waltman shares that polls, linking, tagging, location etc. can be helpful in driving engagement.

According to another tip by influencers, videos tend to draw more attention than pictures. So you may want to pivot your strategies according to what draws more engagement and attention.

  • Discovery Metrics-Your reach and impression:


Discovery metrics

Discovery metrics are Instagram metrics that estimate how many people are seeing your content, as also from where they are getting to see the content.

The main Instagram metrics included under the Discovery metrics are reach and impressions.


Reach is the number of times your posts were seen by individual accounts. Reach can be helpful in understanding the size of your audience and implementing it to your social media strategy.


Impressions on the other hand, account for the total number of times all users saw your posts on the platform. Impressions can direct you to the kind of content you should be investing in. Content from posts that receive more impressions can be used or can influence your overall content strategy.

Discovery metrics are important Instagram metrics for business to generate more followers as well as engagement. Getting more followers increases the chances of engagement.

Instagram Insights provides information about followers, including gender, location and age along these metrics to make your job even more convenient. With Instagram Insights, you can track the reach and impressions of your content along various demographics.

How to make the best use of the Instagram discovery metrics?

Use geotags for all your posts so that every time a user looks up a particular location, your content also appears and gets discovered.

Hashtag management and optimisation is essential to keep your game going strong. Hashtags can be another way of getting discovered. The more you use relevant hashtags on Instagram, the easier it is for you to be discovered and gain outreach.

Make your content so interesting and riveting, that people are compelled to share it with fellow Instagrammers through DMs and even through screenshots of your posts.

A famous instagram lifestyle influencer insists on using and updating hashtags to keep up with your insta game.

Many Instagram influencers and top bloggers create their own branded hashtags. For instance, famous baking blogger, @Sallysbakeblog uses her own branded hashtag- #sallysbakingaddiction, to prompt her followers to follow her recipes and share pictures of what they created.

By following this strategy, you can get more and more people to share posts with your hashtags, thereby increasing your outreach and impressions.

  • Stories’ Metrics:

Story metrics

A relatively new feature, Instagram story can be used to gain more tractions from followers and potential followers alike. There can be many creative ways to share content through Instagram Stories- videos, live videos, photos, slow motion type videos, boomerangs etc.

These stories lapse following the 24-hour period, unless you share them as ‘highlights’ on your profile. You can also add the swipe up feature as a call to action, leading followers to your website.

The Instagram stories’ metrics on Instagram Insights helps you track your reach and impressions for your stories. It also tracks forward taps which indicate that a user tapped to skip to the next story and the backward taps to check out the previous part of your story. Instagram also provides insights on the number of message son your story as well as the number of swipe aways and exits.

Instagram stories appear at the top of the feed and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of using this feature to gain more customer.

How to make the best use of the Instagram stories’ metrics?

One way by which you can optimise this Instagram metric is by tracking the instagram metrics of reach and impressions for every story. You should also look at content from stories which got backward taps.

Use the swipe up feature to lead Instagram users to your website and to your products or specific pages you want your users to head to.

You can optimise the Instagram stories’ feature by curating sets of your stories as ‘highlights’ on your Instagram profile and naming them creatively.

Add product reviews, collaborate with influencers, conduct live Q&As, other forms of livestreams, ask for feedback. Track the various stories metrics and use these to direct content strategy decisions.

Influencers like Amanda K. Waltman of The Brilliant Balance insists how important it is to use stories to continuously keep engaging your audience. She suggests sharing snippets of personal life through stories to connect with followers. You can learn from this tip and probably start sharing stories with inside peeks and behind the scenes of your organisation.

Many influencers collaborate with brands to takeover their Instagram stories for a day or a few hours. They can also conduct live streams on other brands’ stories. Again, this is a win-win situation for both the influencer and the brand. You can use this strategy to enhance your brand’s PR.

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