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10 Tips on How to Grow Your Instagram Account

instagram growth

Instagram with a 500 million-strong user base, is a lucrative platform to market your skills. If you are an Influencer looking to capitalize on the formats and features of this platform, you need to have a fool-proof strategy in place. No matter what niche you specialize in, you need certain hacks and tips that can help you grow your Instagram account.

Instagram allows you access to a target audience as well as brands to collaborate with. In order to achieve your goal of growing your Instagram account, you need a full-fledged strategy in place.

Here are some tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you grow your Instagram account effectively:

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

If you want to expand your follower base and attract more brands to collaborate with, you need to optimize your Instagram profile. Not just your content, but also your Instagram bio should speak for your skills and your work.

The Instagram bio is what appears first on your Instagram profile. Use this space to clearly project your niche. Make sure you add the name that your target audience is more likely to be familiar with. This should be simple and short enough to be used for Instagram search queries for your audience and potential brands alike.

The next important thing to remember is to specify what skills you specialize in. Use catchy, yet simple terms to describe your skills. If you specialize in more than one niches, use this space to clearly project it to your target audience.

You can take inspiration from Alison Wu’s Instagram bio. The trick is to be detailed, yet concise with words. Use simple words that your followers, as well as brands collaborators, look for.

It would be a good idea to add relevant emojis to not only make your bio look appealing, but also for creating a universal appeal. Emojis can help deal with the language barrier. A food blogger can use a food emoji to reflect their niche. If you specialize in fashion and lifestyle, you can use relevant emojis to reflect your niche.

Add relevant contact details, so that brands can easily approach you. Use call to action buttons to make it more convenient and easier for brands to get in touch with you.

Don’t forget to add the link to your YouTube Channel/ Blog/ Website/ Portfolio or any other relevant landing page. Leverage this spot to let your audience know more about you.

Post Content That Adds Value To Your Target Audience

Your content should add value to your target audience. It should either be informative or probably bring emotional fulfillment. It may cause your audience to laugh or bring them to learn something new. The idea is to provoke your audience to react in a particular manner.

As content creators, you are well-versed with building content that your audience likes. Make sure to leverage all the Instagram formats and features to entertain or educate your audience. Post original, authentic content that compels your followers to engage, and pushes brands to approach you for collaborations.

Using compelling video, photo, and stories’ that demonstrate your niche expertise. This will help you grow your Instagram account, by attracting new followers as well as potential brand collaborators.

Fine-Tune Your Visual Content

As a part of marketing your personal brand on Instagram, you need to make sure to create top-notch visual content.

Click pictures and shoot videos in good lighting to get the best quality visual content. Shoot images and videos at an angle that brings the main object right into focus.

The Modern Proper is a great source of inspiration for visual content. Featuring a contrasting backdrop complete with well-placed elements, their Instagram content is a treat to the eyes.

Employ a reliable, easy-to-use photo editing tool such as Canva to fine-tune your content. Add text overlays, and edit images for brightness, contrast and color correction. Your content should help establish your skills as a content creator.

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you should focus on enhancing your visual content.

Create An Attractive Feed

Having good quality visual content that engages is important. But building an attractive feed can help you create ‘feed fans’. Creating an aesthetically well-tuned feed makes feed fans want to visit your profile again and again.

A trick you can use to make your feed appealing is to have a uniform palette. Take a look at Janea Brown’s Instagram Feed. Most of her Instagram posts feature a white background or major elements of white. To finish off, she adds elements of green by featuring plants in her photos.



Having a color scheme for your feed helps add to the aesthetic of your feed. At the same time, it is also important that your feed should demonstrate your niche expertise. Skimming through your Instagram feed should be enough to reflect your niche expertise.



You can look at Manon Lagreve’s Instagram feed for inspiration. With a pop of colors, Manon’s feed would make most people stop and scroll through the content. Besides being aesthetically fine-tuned, her feed also helps establish her niche expertise in baking. A glimpse of her feed takes you through pictures of different cakes, bakes, and sweets.

Use Live Videos To Generate Real-Time Engagement

If you want to grow your Instagram account, you need to go live with your audience. As an Influencer, you have to be constantly in touch with your followers and interact with them. Build a strong connection with your audience by going live on the platform.

You can host live sessions every once in a while to stay connected with your follower base. Use this format on Instagram to share important announcements with your followers, or give them a glimpse into your everyday routine. You can also use Instagram Live to take your audience to special events you may be invited to. Instagram live is great for sharing your travels and trips as well.

Leverage Instagram Stories

Tap into the potential of Instagram stories to share photo and video content. If you have more than 10k followers, you can add the ‘swipe up’ button in your stories to lead your audience to a desired landing page.

Instagram stories appear on the top of the home feed. As such, most users are likely to go through their stories every time they log into their account. Post Instagram stories on a daily basis. Use polls and leverage the questions sticker to encourage audience engagement.

Feature story highlights on your Instagram profile. Divide your stories into different categories. Don’t forget to label and add relevant covers to every highlight set. By adding relevant label covers, it will be easier for your audience to look at your stories. It also adds a degree of neatness to your Instagram profile. After your Instagram bio, it is your story highlights that will draw attention. Here’s an example of how you can arrange your stories into clusters or buckets.

Use A Reliable Social Media Management Tool

Finally, it is important to have a reliable social media management tool. You need a tool that can facilitate and streamline the marketing of your content as well as your personal brand.

Unbox Influence is one such tool you can rely on. Track all important metrics through this tool and stay updated about the latest Influencer marketing campaigns. Use this tool to get campaign briefs from brands, with clear objectives, guidelines and deliverables. You can also generate invoices with the help of this tool.

Unbox Influence is an all-in-one tool that can help you manage campaigns and enhance your content, while also letting you stay updated about the top campaigns in the industry.

Take Hashtags Seriously

Hashtags are important on Instagram and using them smartly can impact your reach. Influencers and content curators used to fill up their captions with numerous hashtags which appeared like spam. However, if you use relevant hashtags as per your niche and audience, your post can reach a wider audience. Make sure you don’t take hashtags lightly because they still are a crucial part of the platform. 

Make The Most Out of Instagram Reels

Whether you like it or not it is important to use content creating features on social media platforms. Instagram Reels is the newest content curation feature on Instagram that lets you create 15-second videos. Reels has not only upped the dominance of Instagram but has also added another feather of creativity to its platform. Influencers must use this video feature to the fullest because it attracts a lot of audience as compared to images. 

Collaborate with other content creators

Influencers must not see other content curators are merely competitors. To grow your reach and audience base, it is also important to collaborate with other influencers from your niche. This will help you create unique content. Moreover, when you team up with other influencers from your niche you get an opportunity to connect with a different audience set that is interested in your niche.


As an Influencer, you are likely to have a lot on your plate. From creating content to managing your account and tracking your performance, you have to be good at multitasking.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!