How to Elevate Your Instagram Content Strategy: Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram Content Strategy

Without any doubt, Instagram is a promising social network for promoting business. Its popularity continues to grow steadily and users of this social network show their interest in interacting with other people and with different brands.

Also, Instagram has been a robust platform which allows photo and video content that is perceived much faster than text. It turns out to be an ideal social platform for today’s busy people. Unlike other popular social networks, this one is able to generate immediate conversions with publishing success.

Today we will discuss the basic content strategies of Instagram promotion and you will see how effective it could be even for new slot sites. In addition, you will learn how to sell your goods using Instagram and how to build a successful business.

Instagram Marketing for Business 

Today, social media marketing dictates the content strategy to the Internet marketers. The rapidly growing Instagram network has won an army of users and is one of the top social media platforms today. So, it is very important to learn the basic content strategy template on promoting etiquette on Instagram.

Here’s what you can do to build an effective Instagram content strategy-

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Optimize your Instagram profile to get maximum visibility amongst search results. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Create a company logo if you don’t already have one and put it as your profile picture. Some of your products may also serve as a photo if they look great and attractive. This helps in brand recall. 
  • Don’t forget to describe what you offer. This is almost the main social media content strategy. Add relevant information about your brand in your Instagram bio. 
  • Make sure to add your website link or other relevant links in your Instagram bio. 
  • Share your contact details on Instagram and make your Instagram profile public.

Post Photos of Your Products or Branded Photos

Your Instagram feed should grab audience attention. Create high-quality professional photos for your brand.
Your photos play an important role in depicting your brand image. Use your images to showcase your brand message effectively. 

Instagram Content strategy - Branded Photos

Build a Loyal Community of Followers

Compel users to follow your brand by creating high quality content. A loyal community of followers can actually turn out to be brand advocates. 

To get more people to follow you, you need to improve your Instagram content strategy, doing the following:

  • Optimize your Instagram Bio. 
  • Add popular hashtags to photos and videos.
  • Follow other people, comment on their posts, and like their content.  
  • Engage users with your Instagram posts, and stories.

Cross-posting content on Facebook is a very effective content strategy to attract more followers. You can drive fans and followers from other social media platforms to your Instagram handle, as well. 

Conduct Competitions and Giveaways

Competitions for winning gifts are effective in stimulating user activity. Through Instagram competitions and giveaways, you can generate reach and engagement for your brand.

Competitions and giveaways involve a reward aspect, pushing people to participate and engage with your brand. In the process, your brand gets more exposure on the platform.

Moreover, it helps generate product reviews for your brand, and a good product review can leave a very good impression for your brand, on your target audience. 

Showcase Your Product Features

Demonstrate your product as it is. Let the potential clients understand know that your product is worth investing in. Every business has its specific features, so reveal and show them to your audience!  

In fact, you can tap into videos and Instagram stories to highlight your product features and convert your audience into customers.

You can read more about Instagram Stories Insights and equipped with all the information required to track the right metrics.

Capture your Instagram Performance with Social Media Analytics

Test the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy with the help of a reliable social media analytics tool. 

Unbox Social is a multi-faceted social media analytics tool, where you can track and analyze your Instagram strategy, effectively. 

From capturing content performance and post wise-analytics to demographic insights, the social media analytics tool by Unbox Social helps you gather important intelligence about your brand.

Our Instagram Analytics tool will help you ascertain how well your content is faring. Keep track of your reach, engagement and other important metrics. Simply putting out content does not suffice. To get maximum value from your Instagram activity, you should know if your activity is reaping any results or not. 

Regular analysis of all the Instagram analytics data helps you decide your next steps. An Instagram strategy backed by relevant analytics’ data will make it more fruitful. 

Using Unbox Social, you can capture audience behaviours and activity, content performance, and in-depth post and story insights. 

Instagram Analytics - Unbox Social

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Build Brand Awareness and Engagement with Influencer Marketing 

Work with Instagram influencers to amp up awareness about your brand on the platform. Influencers come with a following, reach and niche expertise. By bringing influencers on board, you can help spread the word about your brand on Instagram. Using a reliable influencer marketing platform, you can find the right set of influencers to work with.

On Unbox Social’s Influencer Marketing Platform, you can discover Influencers and build campaigns with them. Here, you can discover influencers, evaluate them, and get regular campaign reports. Further, you can view industry benchmark reports to make sense of other brands’ influencer marketing in the industry, and conduct brand safety checks. Lastly, you can do brand and influencer listening, as well.

Instagram lets users see the information about likes, comments, sharing, visits to the company’s website, etc. Analytics helps greatly when you have to evaluate how effective your posts are. This is another important content strategy.

Don’t Use Bots 

This is an old promotion method, which is no longer a successful content strategy. The audience is accustomed to the fact that a large number of followers on Instagram is a cheat. 

Most people are attracted by activity: likes, reposts, comments, reviews. Bots bury your account, as artificially added subscribers do not help promote your business. Forget about bots, although they are cheap. They will not lead to anything good. 

Don’t Initiate a Massive Mutual Following

The bulk subscription tool has already burned out. It is no longer a perfect content strategy. Four years ago, the following was certainly a breakthrough tool. Now, unfortunately, this method of promotion does not work. The effectiveness of such an Instagram promotion has decreased by almost 10 times.

Today, the network does not like this method. Administrators can impose, for example, a shadowban filter on you. If you have a great desire to attract attention with the help of mass followings, then it is better to contact a narrow audience of interests. This content strategy will be much more effective.

Don’t Forget About Regular Content Updates

You can’t publish often and randomly. Only system actions on Instagram lead to success. Followers always want to see new posts in the feed that is interesting for them. Therefore, make a content strategy plan for a month. Try to publish posts at the same time. You need to post interesting information or entertaining posts, even on weekends. Update constantly. You should always be active, flicker with followers in the feed.

50% of the content is interesting and useful for the target audience, 50% of the content – promotional posts, photo reports, reviews, videos, promotions and company services, etc. It’s important to use a quality photo in every Instagram post. Do not upload raw photos. It is necessary to create a corporate identity for a business account.

If you follow all the recommendations above, develop a working content strategy, you will see your business growing faster. Try to develop an attractive business account on Instagram. Attract followers only with interesting, expert content and high-quality photos. Success will not keep you waiting long.

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