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Instagram Business Profile: Everything You Need To Know


Initially, the big deal for users was to decide between keeping their profile private or public. This was before influencers were a hit on Instagram and most users aspired to become influencers!

Well, the time has changed and so has the humble world of Instagram. Once upon a time, Instagram was just a photo-sharing platform wherein people shared a bit of their lives through beautiful pictures. 

Currently, Instagram is all about business and marketing with cutthroat competition. Who knew we would see an equal number of branded posts and posts from our family and friends? 

The shift to having an Instagram business profile was inevitable because of the benefits it offered. Instagram marketing is now a prerequisite for brands who want to reach their target audience. Needless to say, your brand’s presence on Instagram can dictate your brand identity. 

But what’s the fuss about having a business profile on Instagram? Let’s start with the basics. 

What is an Instagram business account?

Just like a Facebook page, your Instagram business profile is dedicated to your brand. This profile gives you access to the Instagram business profile features which are not available on personal accounts. This feature is specially created for brands and businesses who want to market their products and services on the platform and want to reach their audience base. 

How to create an Instagram business account?

Step 1- Make sure you have the Instagram app 

Step 2- Go to your profile and click on the right-hand corner

Step 3- Go to Settings

Step  4- Tap on Accounts and choose Switch to Professional Account

Step 5- Choose one of the two options that suits you the best (More on this later!)

Step 6- See if you want to connect your Instagram business profile to your Facebook page

VOILA! Your Instagram business account is ready. 

What to choose between Creator and Business?

There is a reason why Instagram gives you a choice between the two. Instagram as a platform, is now widely used for influencer marketing and in order to make it easier for brands to collaborate with influencers, these categories are created. 

The Creator account is mainly for influencers, artists, public figures, and content creators in general whereas the Business account is apt for brands, service providers, organizations, etc. This selection is crucial because it sets your identity on the platform which in turn, helps your followers recognize you. 

Why use Instagram for Business?

Initially, brands were unclear as to why they need to set up an Instagram business account. Some of you might be still wondering about the same. Here are the reasons why you need to create an Instagram business account

1. Users will recognise you as a professional 

Once you have an Instagram business page the users and your followers will start taking you more seriously. This can impact your identity on the platform. The business page allows you to have more than just a bio. It allows you to have a contact button for your business which makes it easier for the users to connect with you directly. This feature is not available on personal accounts. 

2. Enjoy the insights of your account

Both brands and businesses are coming up with engaging content to keep the audiences hooked. Getting insights into your account performance is one of the most important benefits of an Instagram business account

These insights are like a goldmine of information that tell you about your audience and content reach and engagement. These metrics can help you frame effective marketing strategies. 

3. Add links to your Instagram stories

Once you create an Instagram business account you can also add links to your Instagram stories. However, to add links you need to have more than 10K followers on your page. This feature is solely for business accounts on Instagram!

4. Helps you attract relevant audience

Another advantage of having a business account on Instagram is that it helps attract relevant audiences on the platform. Generally, people who want to know about your products and services will follow your account and this can help you analyse what kind of audience is interested. 

5. You can use the Shoppable feature

Instagram’s shoppable feature is a hit with users. This is only valid for Instagram business accounts. Having shoppable posts on your Instagram feed can boost your sales. Moreover, it is also easier for users to shop directly from the app. This can help you increase post engagement too. 

We’re sure the above-mentioned reasons will have convinced you to use Instagram for business with a professional account!

And worry not because Instagram allows you to switch back to a personal account if you feel the business account is not for you.

Want some inspiration for your Instagram business profile? Take a look at the creators and business accounts below that attract massive followers. 

1. Nike

Nike Instagram

2. Mishti.and.Meat

Mishti.and.meat Instagram

3. L’Oreal India

L’Oreal Instagram

4. The Chique Factor

content creator

5. Netflix India

Brand content

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competition tracking

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3. Social Media Analytics

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What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!