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The Supreme Guide on How to Use Instagram for Business

instagram business guide

More than 800 million active Instagram users! What an amazing opportunity, what do you think?

So let’s get this straight! No, Instagram is not just for sharing personal photos and updates. According to a survey published online, from travel packages to photography workshops, apparels to concerts, there are more than 200 million users visiting a minimum of one business profile everyday. See the scope for your business?

Are you still not sure if people will turn up?

Another interesting stat confirm that 80% of the users follow at least one brand. The audience is not shy anymore in following brands and this proves that Instagram is definitely a way of doing business.

The audience is right there, waiting for you!

Let’s take a quick look at How to use Instagram for Business:

1) Go get an account right now, a Business Account!

The web is flooded with how to set up an account on Instagram and how to switch from a personal profile to a business profile. Not a backbreaking effort, trust me!

  • You simply need to download the Instagram App from iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Click on “Sign up” and add in your Email ID or you can quickly log in through Facebook
  • Fill in your personal details and Tadaa! You personal Instagram account is ready.
  • The work is not over, login to your personal account on the app and click on your profile.
  • In the settings, click on ‘Switch to business profile’ and there you go!
  • You can also connect your Instagram profile with your Facebook profile to leverage the benefits.

2) Create your Instagram Strategy

Not a brain grinding game again. Now that you are all set with your account, spend some quality time and create an Instagram strategy based on what you have to offer and whom you have to offer.

 Instagram strategy

A) Find your Target Audience:

Depending upon what type your business is and what you sell, create a strategy catering to that audience. More than 71% of users on Instagram are below the age of 35. Are you here?

75% of the users actually take action after following a brand. If you have some good looking products or services to sell, your are at the right place!

  • Know the Instagram Demographics
  • Analyse what and how is working for your competitors on Instagram and other platforms as well?
  • Make an observation of who is already your buyer and how likely are they to re-purchase?

An idea of the ongoing Social Media Trends can help you trace your audience.

B) Define Goals & Objectives:

For any business, be it a B2B or a B2C, an effective strategy is to follow the SMART framework.

Smart Goals for Instagram, Instagram Goals

Defining your goals and objectives will lead us into the next important phase of performance metrics.

C) Design a Performance Metrics:

There is a journey through which every customer goes. If you miss one place, chances are less that you will be able to convert visitors into leads.

Instagram Performance Metrics

Design a performance metrics based on the type of product or service offering. Include metrics like followers, post reach, engagement, click through rate, bounce rate or even testimonials in some cases.

D) Monitor and Implement:

The first step in this process is to post regularly on your Instagram business account. When you have a regular posting schedule, it keeps your audience excited of what is coming up next. This also also help to grow the number of followers who are more engaging with your brand. There are several social media reporting tools which help you analyse insights on various platforms which helps your further to monitor your post performance.Do create your social media report timely to assist in this process. Remember, each post might not suit everybody, so it is a good idea to keep testing with the content on Instagram.

Another important factor to consider while monitoring your performance on Instagram is the time when your audience is most active online and the best time to publish your post.

3) Perfect your profile

Optimising your profile on Instagram is equally important as presenting your name/ brand to the audience. 150 words to say is a short number but your business success can heavily depend on this short number. We are going to help you with some quick tips to optimise your Instagram profile.

  • Profile pic of a brand or your logo is the best way to catch the audience attention across all platforms. 320 pixels square is an ideal fit.
  • Always make sure your profile is complete with the website’s name, contact number and other details.
  • Choose an appropriate handle
  • Emojis are great to try always
  • Include relevant hashtags  
  • Create an effective Instagram Bio with a backlink for your business.
  • Earn a blue check mark to increase credibility of your business
  • Make use of Call-to-Action buttons which helps users to connect with your business.

Instagram Profile ideas

The company Chumbak has optimised its profile covering all the above tips. So what are you waiting for? We’ve served the dessert, gulp in!

4) Content is the key

All types of content cannot perform well across all platforms. A post which is a hit on Facebook might not grab enough balls on Instagram.

You might have already read across web that Instagram IS ALL ABOUT VISUALS.

  • Create photos with visual appeal
  • Use natural lighting
  • Edit your Instagram photos with image editing apps
  • Instagram marketers, do use multi-grid images to make a statement
  • Use Instagram stories to keep your viewers updated
  • Great captions and the right hashtags are other important things to watch out for
  • Run ad campaigns and contests are a great click here too

The work doesn’t stop at creating amazing content and publishing it. Interaction with the audience through replies and comments makes your brand grow. The audience engages more when they get the needed attention.

5) Measure Success by investing in a Social Media Analytics tool

After designing a powerful Instagram strategy and implementing it, investigate the results. The information provided by these tools is a lot of wealth. The link in your profile bio, the best time to post, the results of your ad campaign, stories, such  vast data can be optimised with the help of a powerful social media analytics and reporting tool.

Did we miss Instagram Influencers?

Working with Instagram Influencers can do wonders to your business. They tend to engage greater audience along with creating loyalty towards a brand. Some influencers offer paid shoutouts, some are ambassadors and some do it organically. Check for relevant influencers and start working with them.

Instagram Influencers


A quick summary for you to take back on How to use Instagram for Business is:

  1. Get an Instagram account
  2. Create an Instagram strategy
  3. Optimise your profile
  4. Monitor your progress with the help of social media analytics tool.

What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!