8 Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2021 (Highly Recommended!)

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram analytics tools are in high demand and they keep evolving as brands and agencies have custom requirements. The reason why Instagram analytics happened to be so vital for businesses is primarily due to high audience engagement on the platform. Instagram has an engagement rate of about 10x more than any other social media platform. 

Instagram is the most preferred social media platform because it has several features to showcase visual content which makes engaging the audience easier. The growing competition on the platform has made Instagram analytics crucial because brands need to know how their content is performing. The native Instagram analytics dashboard gives you post insights but there’s more to it than just that. This is where we need Instagram analytics tools. 

In this blog, we will introduce you to the 8 best Instagram analytics tools that will help you scale up your Instagram performance.

What is Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics are insights that tell you about how your posts are performing on the platform. These analytics give you data on post reach, engagement rate, and impressions. Additionally, they also give you information on Instagram stories.

Instagram as a platform is very crucial for marketing and hence, apart from the native Instagram analytics tool, there are many other tools that give in-depth data. Right from competition tracking to stories analytics, these analytics tools help you understand the overall performance of your content.

Key Metrics to Track in Instagram analytics

Instagram has the capacity of trending your content in a matter of days if done right. Hence, to measure certain attributes that really count, we have got to use the analytics tools. These key metrics are:

  • Follower growth 
  • Engagement 
  • Hashtag activity 
  • Competitor accounts 
  • Click-through rates

By tracking the above metrics, we also get a sense of how Instagram runs its algorithm and how as a marketer we can leverage it.

For instance, you might be posting on a regular basis, but might have gone shadowbanned. You won’t know unless you track your account with the right tools. Let’s check the list of Instagram analytics tools. 

Top 8 Instagram analytics tools 

1. Unbox SocialUnbox Social - Best Instagram Analytics Tool

Unbox Social gives you detailed Instagram analytics which allows you to analyze everything you publish on Instagram – your posts and stories. Learn important insights and intelligence relevant to your brand. Build a powerful Instagram strategy based on an in-depth analysis of the frequency and diversity of your content. Unbox Social also allows you to assess and benchmark your performance against competitors.
Instagram Analytics - Unbox Social

2. Instagram Insights

Instagram insights is the native Instagram analytics tool. As the key metrics, analytics tools revolve around the same metrics. Instagram insights give you the analytics of who liked your post, out of them who all were your followers and who all came with the hashtag. 

These activities are important from a business point of view. The tool is well-equipped to give you audience demographics too. All this data helps you curate the right strategy for your brand’s Instagram presence.  

3. Iconosquare
Iconosquare Instagram Analytics Tool

Iconosquare helps you with monitoring, analytics, and publishing. The tool has all the necessary features required for measuring one’s Instagram performance. Which post made up to the discovery page and which post does well because of its hashtags, every detailed analysis is shown on the app. You can know which of your posts did better and you can also track your competitors’ timelines. You will get to know the pattern that keeps the Instagram audience engaged.

4. Squarelovin
Squarelovin Instagram Analytics Tool

The Squarelovin platform is suited especially for business purposes. With this Instagram analytics tool, you are sure to spread awareness and promote your business. Squarelovin helps you with content strategy and Instagram analytics. 

The tool helps you promote your post based on the audience that engages on the post like yours. Showing your post to those who require it to see, is the first step of promoting smartly. And this tool helps you do the same. 

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire Instagram Analytics Tool

The Crowdfire Instagram analytics tool helps you with social media management and that includes solutions like content curation, social media analytics, publishing, and tracking mentions. The analytics tool reviews your and your competitors’ posts and derives the engagement with respect to the timing of the post. If your audience is available at a particular time and your post is going live at that time, people connect with you more. The tool gives you useful insights that can help you plan your content strategy better. 

6. Pixlee
Best Instagram Analytics Tool -Pixlee

Pixlee is an amazing and absolutely worth tool for Instagram analysis for agencies. The reason why this Instagram analytics tool is better for agencies is that it has content generation options as well. 

The tool understands your niche and checks the availability of similar content for you. There are image templates and textual templates for your social media posts. You can easily schedule the posts and remain consistent with them. And you will have the analyzed data for your posted content, which will let you know your post-discovery status.

7. Union Metrics
Best Instagram Analytics Tool - Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a smart tool for social media analytics. It understands your requirements and fetches out relevant audiences and pages. You now know your reach and the type of posts that your audience will love and engage with.

Union Metrics is a social media intelligence tool. It helps you keep track of posts and also maintain the schedule of your posts. You will know the best time to post your social media posts. The tool also helps with campaign reporting, keyword listening, and competitive analysis.

8. Socialbakers
Best Instagram Analytics Tool - Social Bakers

Socialbakers has multiple solutions that are essential for a brand’s social media presence. The solutions include social media management, content strategy, social listening and intelligence, measurement and reporting, and influencer marketing. All these features help you create content and strategies that resonate with the target audience.  

We hope the list of Instagram analytics tools will help you streamline your brand’s presence on the platform. Apart from the stated, it is also necessary to choose the right tool because only then can you utilise its features to the fullest. Check out a few more blogs from Unbox Social to improve your brand’s Instagram presence.

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