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6 Successful Social Media Campaigns to Inspire You

social media campaigns

What started off as a medium for personal interaction, is now a channel through which you can showcase your brand. The audience relies on social media to a great extent for gaining information about brands as well as products in an effort to make informed decisions.

This only means that your brand is always under the spotlight of your audience. Leverage this attention to fulfil your business goals by creating content that generates engagement. But good content alone will not suffice to achieve your goals. You need a full-fledged social media campaign to gain traction for your brand.

A good social media campaign requires foolproof planning and execution. With the different social media platforms at your disposal, a lot can be done to take your brand to the next level. You can make the most of all the features and tools that each social media platform offers. Ideate on social media campaigns, based on your social media goals. What can you do to drive traffic to your website? What should you do to drive engagement for your brand?

Every social media platform caters to a different audience segment. As such, your social media strategy for your Facebook page may be different from your Instagram business profile. What may work for you on Twitter, may not be a good strategy on your Instagram account. Keeping in mind these aspects, you can build social media campaigns that will leave an impact. Who knows, your next idea turns out to be a viral trend on social media.

2018 saw some really enticing and engaging social media campaigns driven by smart planning and strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the top social media campaigns 2018, from which you can draw inspiration.

Here are the 6 Social Media Campaigns

1. Kellogs’ Eggo Campaign Inspired By Stranger Things- Season Two

When Kellogs’ Eggo waffles featured on Stranger Things season 2, the brand took that as an advantage and built an entire campaign out of it. Eleven, one of the main characters, is shown to be very fond of this snack in this Netflix series.

Using the #StrangerThings hashtag, the brand started populating their social media feeds with snippets from the show. Their social media team posted photos of Eleven with Eggo, GIFs and created videos on YouTube with scenes from the series featuring waffles. They even created an entire menu with Eggo recipes that the audience could take with every episode of the series.  Check out these snippets from the campaign!

Social media campaign for Eggo

2. Spotify’s New Year Resolutions 2018

Spotify launched its ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ campaign at the beginning of 2018. Combining offline marketing with elements of digital, they used billboards on subways, buildings, along streets and other public areas, around the world. The billboards featured quirky goals, based on digital data, along with the faces of top music artists from around the world.

Fans took photos and selfies with these billboards and shared them on social media. This ended up creating a chain of digital (data) to physical Ad space and back to the digital space with the audience putting out photos of the billboards on social media.

With its ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ campaign, Spotify leveraged the physical Ad space to generate brand awareness, not just offline, but on social media too.

3. Burberry’s #ThomasBurberryMonogram

 Social media campaigns, hashtag campaign

A few days before their Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show, the British luxury brand launched the #ThomasBurberryMonogram to introduce a new version of the brand and the logo. This hashtag campaign allowed the brand to generate buzz and engagement around the new change.

They also launched an IGTV documentary covering all the behind-the-scenes action along with rolling out items from their limited edition collection for 24 hours. Not only that, on Twitter, the brand sent out tune-in reminders for the live streaming of the Burberry runway show. It also used the Instagram shopping feature to offer a streamlined shopping experience.

Burberry created much anticipation and buzz around its fashion show with its rebranding hashtag #ThomasBurberryMonogram.In an effort to embrace the new features of social media, they leveraged the Instagram shopping feature as well.

4. ASOS’s  # AsSeenOnMe campaign

The idea of using social proof to drive engagement and compel people to make purchases was what ASOS employed in their #AsSeenOnMe campaign. Featuring user-generated content, this campaign pushed the customers to showcase their ASOS purchases on Instagram with the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe.Many youngsters posted pictures on Instagram wearing clothes, shoes, accessories etc. that they purchased from ASOS. They added the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe with every such post and put it on Instagram.

Hashtag campaign

Using this branded hashtag campaign, ASOS tried to capitalise on the power of peer-to-peer recommendations. Reviews by fellow customers play a very influential role in purchasing decisions. The #AsSeenOnMe campaign was a smart way to leverage user-generated content.

H&M’s Influencer marketing

As a part of its Influencer marketing campaign, H&M features UGCs by micro and nano- Influencers. Here, H&M has re-posted nano-Influencer, Naomi A Langford’s (itsbnotafad) content post featuring their products. The post has managed to generate as many as 100k likes and a good number of interactions in the form of comments as well.

5. Olay’s #FaceAnything Initiative

Olay launched the #FaceAnything campaign featuring 9 top Influencers like Lilly Singh, Denise Bidot and Aly Raisman. The campaign revolved around the themes of female empowerment, diversity, and various feminist causes. Touching upon the feminist movement that had picked up recently, this was one social media campaign, most resonated with.

Olay Hashtag campaign

As a part of this campaign, Olay shared interviews with these 9 females across all their social media channels. Through this social media campaign, the brand was able to generate high levels of engagement. Social media proved to be a lucrative platform to start the conversation around female empowerment, that this brand provoked.

6. Levis’ #TimeToVote

Social media campaigns, celebrity Influencers

In the days running up to the US midterm elections, Levis’ launched its #TimeToVote campaign. Being a brand that supports public causes such as climate change and gun control, Levis launched the campaign to push for voter registrations and voter turn out in the US midterm elections.

This social media campaign featured top celebrity Influencers such as Elizabeth Moss, SnoopDogg, and Spike Lee. Levis posted photos of these celebrities sporting the Levis’ “Vote” T-shirts on their Twitter and Instagram feeds as well as stories.

Levis started off their campaign with TV Ads and later went on to social media with their #TimeToVote campaign. Blending UGC with celebrity Influencer marketing, this campaign was a very impactful one.

Now that you have looked at some of the top trend-setting social media campaigns from 2018, you can take inspiration to start ideating. But a good social media campaign is nothing without a time-to-time check on your performance. With the help of an analytics tool such as Unbox Social, you can uncover the most important insights on your social media activity. These insights and intelligence will give you an idea as to how your social media campaigns are faring across different platforms.


Brands are constantly leveraging the latest social media features, trends in the industry, social causes, Influencer marketing to create lucrative social media campaigns. 2018 saw some trendsetting social media campaigns. Here are some of the top social media campaigns from 2018 that you can take inspiration from:

  • Wayfair for their smart organic marketing campaigns with the Instagram Shopping feature that increased website traffic
  • Spotify’s billboard campaign that aimed brand awareness through physical Ads and social media posts featuring the physical Ads
  • Burberry’s Rebranding campaign around the hashtag, #ThomasBurberryMonogram, which generated much-needed buzz ahead of their  Spring/Summer 2019 runway show
  • H&M leveraging micro and nano-Influencers’ content marketing skills
  • Ola’s #FaceAnything campaign, touching on the cause of female empowerment featured the interviews of top celebrity Influencers
  • Levis’ #TimeToVote campaign that pushed for voter turnout and voter registration by bringing in celebrity Influencers

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!