7 of the Best Influencer Marketing Tools for Your Brand in 2021

influencer marketing tools

Influencer marketing has changed the way brands look at promotional content. It has altered the way brands look at their audiences. Likewise, even audiences now have a drastically different approach to branded content. (They no longer believe easily!)

This transformation in content consumption has also affected the way influencer marketing is carried out by professionals. (It’s more than just unboxing the product and talking about it!)

You may have figured out all that you want from your influencer marketing plan but the first step to this process will always be to find influencers. Yes! It can be a painstaking process if you do it manually but influencer marketing tools can surely ease this task out for you. 

This blog is more than just about the list of influencer marketing tools. In this blog, we will also tell you why to go for influencer tools and how to choose a reliable tool. Stay with us!

Read our detailed influencer marketing guide, for the ones who need to brush up their influencer marketing knowledge. 

As we all know, influencer marketing is not as simple as it seems. With cut-throat competition on every social media platform, it is tough to get the attention of the users! Influencers can definitely help you do the needful with their pro content curation skills!

But how to find influencers for your brand?

How to measure the impact of the influencer marketing campaign?

How to gauge the audience sentiment for a brand? 

All these questions need to have clear answers if you want to succeed in your existing and future influencer campaigns. And this is why we have influencer marketing tools

Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing has evolved a lot since its inception. It is more than just a buzzword! Brands need to look at this strategy granularly to get the most out of it and influencer marketing tools help you do just that. Here are the reasons why you should rely on influencer tools

1. Influencer marketing tools help you measure brand presence

An influencer marketing tool is not just about finding influencers, it is also about measuring several metrics that help you gauge your brand presence on social media. The metrics will help you understand whether your marketing strategy is doing any good for your brand. 

2. Influencer marketing tools make you work on effective content strategies

Keeping the audience hooked to your brand pages on social media is not easy. You may have crafted your content well but that does not guarantee success. With the help of influencer tools, you can see what is going on in your niche and what content matters to your audiences. 

3. These tools will help you identify where your brand lacks

Apart from telling you where you are going right with your strategy, influencer marketing tools also help you identify loopholes in your overall strategy. With metrics on engagement and interactions, you can easily identify what is not working in your brand’s favour. 

4. Helps you keep an eye on your competitors

Several influencer marketing tools also have competitor analysis feature through which you keep a track of your industry rivals. The tools help you see your competitor’s post-performance on social media! Well, with tools like Unbox Social, you can also track how the audiences are reacting to your competitors’ content on social media as compared to yours. 

5. Influencer marketing tools help you choose reliable influencers

To find influencers manually is not just time-consuming but also unreliable. With the help of influencer marketing tools, you can search influencers that are actually fit for your brand’s marketing strategy.  

How to Choose Influencer Marketing Tools for Your Brand

The rise in the use of influencer marketing has also introduced a herd of influencer marketing tools in the market. Most of these tools have their peculiarities but brands often have a tough time choosing the right tool. 

While some tools only offer to find influencers for your campaigns some also give you analysis and in-depth reports. It all depends on what your brand requirements are! Well, here are a few questions to help you choose the right influencer tools

1. Does the tool have all the features I need?

Before you invest in an influencer tool, check whether it has all the features you need. Suppose you just need to find influencers then you should shortlist influencer search tools. However, if you need the tool to have analytics as well, then your search should be in that direction! Note down why you need a tool in the first place and you shall know which features you require. 

2. Is the tool easy to use?

As a brand manager, you do not have all day to crack a complicated tool! Hence, make sure whichever influencer marketing tool you go for is easy to use. You don’t want to struggle everyday to figure out how the tool actually works. 

3. Is the tool giving you more than just an influencer database?

Influencer marketing tools should contain more than just an influencer database. It should enable you to find influencers and evaluate them. Moreover, having additional features like analytics and customised reports is always beneficial. 

4. Does the tool fit your budget?

An expensive tool does not guarantee its usefulness. Think before you invest in an influencer tool! Make sure it fits your budget and requirements. Moreover, the tool should be worth it. Don’t simply opt for too many features; pay for the ones you are going to use for your brand. 

5. Is the tool comprehensive enough?

You shouldn’t have to invest in ten different influencer marketing tools for getting smaller tasks done. See to it that the tool you choose is comprehensive enough. By this we mean, that it should not just allow you to find influencers but should at least allow you to evaluate and connect with them! 

The above-mentioned questions will surely help you choose the right influencer tools for your brand. 

How to Find Influencers for your Brand?

This brings us to finding influencers for brands. Almost every social media platform has influencers but how do you decide which influencer is apt for your brand and the campaigns. The rising number of influencers can make this a very tough decision. Also, not all influencers are worth roping in! Here are some brief tips on finding influencers. Take a look. 

1. Know your campaign goals

The selection of the influencers highly depends on the campaign goals. Understand the scope of your campaign and accordingly go for influencer search

2. Figure out the campaign plan for your influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing campaigns are not only meant for Instagram, they can be carried out on several social media platforms. Decide what type of influencer campaign you are planning and then find influencers. For instance, go for a YouTube influencer if your campaign is video-centric and is meant for the audience on YouTube. 

3. Map out the content plan for your campaign

Not every influencer is good in every content format. Make sure you are clear with the content plan beforehand. Be it a video or a blog post, your influencer selection will depend on the kind of content you want for your campaign. 

4. Analyse the influencers from your niche

Make sure you evaluate and analyse the influencers from your niche.  Look at their posts, try and understand their audience, and accordingly shortlist influencers for your campaign. 

5. Check whether the influencer is working with your competitors

Check which influencers are working with your competitors and how their content is faring on the social media platforms. This will also give you an idea of what works in your niche. 

Learn more: How to find influencers who are the right fit for your brand.

Now that you know how to go about finding influencers, let’s move on to the influencer marketing tools of 2020 that will help you scale up your influencer campaigns. 

Best Influencer Marketing Tools 2021

While there are many influencer tools out there, we have shortlisted the top influencer marketing tools for you!

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a comprehensive and super easy to use influencer marketing tool that helps you carry out the whole influencer marketing process without a fuss. The tool has the following to offer-

  • Find influencers

With a reliable influencer database, Unbox Social helps you find influencers from several niches. You can find micro-influencers, celebrity influencers, macro-influencers, and nano influencers on this platform. Moreover, the tool from Unbox Social also has an Advance Search feature that allows you to narrow your search based on your campaign requirements. The snapshot of the tool below shows the Advance Search feature of the tool.

find influencers

  • Evaluate influencers

Before choosing an influencer you can evaluate the influencer on the Unbox Social tool. Look at the influencers’ audience, engagement rate, and audience demographics in detail. This will not only help you choose better but will also help you understand the authority and credibility of your influencers in the niche. The glimpse of the tool below shows the audience quality and audience location spread of an influencer. 

evaluate influencers

  • Timely reports to track your influencer marketing campaigns

Measuring the performance of your campaigns is a crucial step. Unbox Social provides timely and customised reports for your campaigns. These reports will help you detect the pain points in your strategy and will help you detect what went right for your campaign. 

  • Get industry benchmarking report

Understand your stand in the industry and see how your competing brands have fared in their influencer marketing campaigns. Decode where you are lagging from your competitors with the tool’s Share of Voice feature. 

share of voice - influencer marketing tools

  • Brand Safety check

Check whether the influencers you have selected have indulged in any controversial activities. This will help you know if they do not meet your brand guidelines and norms. 

  • Brand Listening 

See who your influencers are working for and likewise, know who your competitors are roping in for their influencer marketing campaigns. This information is vital for influencer search

Not to forget, the Unbox Social tool also lets you track your competitors and conduct social media analysis!

Find verified Influencers for your brand with Unbox Social.
Unbox Social is one of the leading Influencer Marketing platforms in India. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. AspireIQ

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform that lets you discover influencers, engage with influencers, and measure your influencer campaigns. Moreover, the tool also let’s you evaluate influencers to see if they are safe for your brand. It also allows you to track campaigns in real-time so that you can scale up your strategies. 

aspireiq influencer marketing tools3. Heepsy

Heepsy lets you find influencers and also lets you analyse their audience. The influencer marketing platform will also help you reach out to the selected influencers. With their audience analysis, you can easily find out if the influencer has fake followers! 

heepsy influencer marketing tools4. Cision

Similar to other influencer marketing tools, Cision also allows you to search influencers. Additionally, it also helps you evaluate the influencers for better selection. The platform has a wide influencer database which also consists of journalists. 

cision influencer marketing tools5. Pitchbox

The influencer outreach and content marketing platform can help you with your influencer marketing campaigns. The tool allows you to find bloggers and influencers and helps you connect with them. Additionally, it also helps with timely reports to help you make data-driven decisions. 

pitchbox influencer marketing tools6. Buzzsumo

Slightly different from other influencer marketing tools, Buzzsumo is more about competitor intelligence and influencer discovery. The tool lets you find influencers from several platforms and also helps you with content strategies. 

buzzsumo influencer marketing tools7. Captiv8

Captiv8 helps you find influencers and curate effective content. The platform also provides detailed reporting to help you measure the impact of your campaigns. The tool also has a dashboard for you to review, edit, and approve content. 

captiv8 influencer marketing tools

Influencer marketing analytics tools need to be chosen wisely. Along with that, one also needs to know how to analyse crucial metrics for different social media platforms.

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