How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy: Step-by-Step Guide (With Examples)

influencer marketing strategy

Every brand on social media is fighting for users’ attention. It is still difficult to say what an audience wants! Marketing on social media is now only about influence. Brand influencers have taken over social media and influencer marketing is the need of the hour for brands. 

Having an impactful influencer marketing strategy in place is more important than ever. Just coming up with a list of social media influencers is no longer enough. Social media influencer marketing is a process that contains several aspects! (THOSE 1K LIKES MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH, AFTER ALL!)

The social media platforms are loaded with content and that makes it all the more difficult to come up with an impactful influencer marketing plan. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating influencer campaigns, every brand needs to follow a process. 

In this blog, we will equip you with all the information you need to create a successful influencer marketing strategy

a. Steps to create an Influencer Marketing Strategy
b. Useful Influencer Marketing Tips
c. Trends: Influencer Marketing Strategy 2020
d. Unbox Social – Influencer Marketing Platform
e. Influencer Marketing Examples

A) Steps to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Brand 

influencer marketing strategy


The rapid change in the way consumers trust and rely on a brand has led to a drastic change in the way products and services are marketed. Celebrities are no longer the only entities who can influence individuals to go for a product or service! Influencer marketing is effective because it is more than just promoting a brand blindly.  Follow the steps below to create an awesome influencer marketing strategy for your brand. 

STEP 1- Know what you wish to promote via Influencer marketing

Your brand may have several products but be clear as to what you want to promote in this campaign. Brand managers need to focus on the ‘WHAT’ because that shapes the way you design your content for the influencer marketing plan. Know which product or service you wish to target with this influencer campaign and then proceed with the next step. 

STEP 2- Identify the purpose of your Influencer marketing strategy

Every influencer strategy has a purpose. No matter which product or service you are promoting there has to be a motive behind it. Influencer marketing is not just for promoting a newly launched product or service. 

Your campaign can also be for spreading brand awareness, connecting with a different audience set, promoting discounts, conveying about a product update, etc. See to it that your goals are set for each influencer marketing strategy

The goals and objectives you set for your campaign will decide the metrics you check for your campaign.

STEP 3- Choose the social media platforms for your Influencer campaign

Not all social media influencer campaigns necessarily are done for all social media platforms. Selecting the right social media platform for your influencer campaign is important because a lot depends on it. Right from your audience base to influencer selection, several factors depend on the platform you choose. So decide the social media platforms for your influencer marketing campaign carefully. 

social media platforms

STEP 4- Know your target audience for your Influencer strategy

No matter which social media platform you choose you need to keep your target audience in mind. See whether the platform you have chosen has your audience base. If most of your audience is present on Facebook then make sure to include Facebook in your platform list. Additionally, it is always best to analyse audiences on different platforms to know if there is a scope to reach out to a passive audience.

Many times brands only focus on Facebook and Instagram but one must make sure to study lesser popular platforms too, to get the most out of their influencer marketing plan

STEP 5- Find relevant Influencers for your Influencer marketing strategy

Influencers are present on all social media platforms. Finding relevant influencers is the most important part of an influencer marketing strategy because it dictates whether your campaign goals will be met successfully. The social media influencers you choose need to be in sync with your brand values and objectives. 

See whether your chosen influencers have a good presence on the social media platform you choose. Moreover, make sure to check their hold on the niche. 

find influencers

Find verified Influencers for your brand with Unbox Social.
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STEP 6- Know your competitors

To come up with an impactful influencer marketing strategy, it is necessary to know what your competitors are doing. Analyse the platforms they are active on and what kind of content is working for them. Know if they are getting appropriate audience reaction and response on social media. Take cues from the mistakes they are making and avoid them in your content plan. 

STEP 7- Decide the content strategy for your Influencer marketing plan

Every social media platform allows you to present content in unique ways. Create a content strategy depending on the social media platform you choose. There are many different content strategies you can opt to meet your brand objectives like-

  • Hosting giveaways
  • Guest blogs
  • Online contests
  • Giving discount codes
  • Creating content in collaboration with influencers
  • Curating video strategies
  • Brand account takeover by influencers

STEP 8- Review the content created for your Influencer marketing strategy

Before you hit the upload button make sure to review your content thoroughly. It takes literally seconds for influencer campaigns to go wrong on social media and hence, it is important to review. Even minor things like spellings and punctuations can have an impact on the audience reaction. 

STEP 9- Measure the performance of your Influencer campaigns

To know if your influencer marketing strategy has fetched the desired results, it is essential to measure its performance. Brand owners often consider only the number of likes, comments, and shares to track the success of their influencer campaigns but there are many other metrics to track. It is best to opt for a social media analytics tool to measure the campaign performance. 

influencer marketing campaign performance

STEP 10- See what went wrong in your Influencer marketing plan

Once you measure the performance of your influencer campaigns you are likely to find loopholes in your strategy. Analyse the statistics and make sure to make a note of everything that went wrong. Right from the duration of the campaign to the selection of the influencers, the reports will give you an idea of everything. 

With these ten steps, you can create an effective influencer marketing strategy for your brand. (WAIT, THERE’S MORE!)

B) Useful Influencer Marketing Tips to Get the Most Out of Influencer Campaigns

The above steps may seem simple to execute but one has to be smart and timely when opting for influencer marketing. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your influencer campaigns

1. Look beyond the total number of followers 

Social media influencers from different platforms represent a different audience. Instead of just looking at the number of followers an influencer has, make sure to look at the quality of followers. 

social media followers

2. Avoid content that sounds ‘TOO PROMOTIONAL’ 

The idea behind having an influencer marketing plan in place is to obviously promote. But going overboard with the same can do the totally opposite. Creating content that has something for the audience will fetch you better results.

3. Focus on video content for your Influencer marketing strategy

Most platforms now support video content. Make the best use of it. Be it going live on IGTV or simply curating a video for Facebook, video content is known to garner maximum user attention. 

4. Give your influencers the required creative freedom  

Influencers are also content creators and experts in their niche. Give them the required creative freedom to curate content. Additionally, their followers follow them because of the way they present their content. (DON’T BE TOO INTERFERING)

5. Follow a storytelling approach

People on social media are not looking for a typical product ad. If you want to rightly influence your audience on social media make sure you follow a storytelling approach. Curating content with this approach will keep the audience interested in your brand. 

Influencer marketing has evolved since its inception. With all the brands relying on social media influencers, it has now become difficult to make a mark on social media platforms. Let’s see what 2020 has in store for influencer marketing.

influencer marketing strategy 2020

The changes in the social media platforms lead to a change in the way influencer marketing plans are designed and executed. The year 2020 has broadly proved that influencer marketing is now appearing to be the strongest marketing strategy.  Here’s what is new in influencer marketing in 2020.

1. The growing focus on Nano-influencers and Micro-influencers

This year the focus has shifted entirely on the power of nano- influencers and micro-influencers. Industry experts opine that social media influencers from the above-mentioned categories are able to generate more engagement and better ROI in influencer campaigns. The reasons for this are that these influencers are high on authenticity and have a focused audience group that is genuinely interested in the niche. 

2. Choosing a combination of social media platforms 

Instead of only relying on Facebook and Instagram, brands must make use of other platforms too. Conduct proper market research and see which other platforms have a scope to get your message across. 

3. Podcasts are slowly gaining popularity in the world of Influencer marketing 

Podcasts are soon making a big entry into the world of influencer marketing. No one would have imagined that podcasts will soon become a channel for brands for their influencer activities. But according to marketing studies, podcasts can successfully capture the attention of the listener for a longer time because of its audio-only characteristic. 

4. It is all about building long-term relationships 

Brands and social media influencers are encouraging long-term collaborations. This helps them build a community that relates to their content and brand values. Be it launching new products or simply promoting an already existing range of products, long-term collaborations have shown successful results. 

5. Focus on Gen Z when planning  Influencer campaigns 

Gen Z is all set to become the largest consumer base for brands. They are not only technically aware but also influence the buying decisions in most households. This means that brands have to come up with influencer marketing ideas that relate to Gen Z. 

While all these tips and strategy planning steps are bound to help you, brands need to rely on an influencer marketing platform to get the best out of their influencer marketing strategy

D) Unbox Social– To Create Your Brand’s Influencer Marketing Strategy

Having an influencer marketing platform eases out the whole process of planning an influencer marketing strategy. Let’s find out how Unbox Social can help you frame effective influencer campaigns for your brand. 

Unbox Social is an easy to use platform that has solutions for influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking. Brands can not only give shape to their influencer campaigns but also measure them with the tool. Additionally, the social media analytics solution helps get insights on content performance and audience engagement. 

The platform also offers a competition tracking solution that helps you see what your industry competitors are up to! 

1. Find the right influencers 

Unbox Social helps you find influencers for your influencer campaigns. Shortlist the influencers based on various metrics like platform, niche, influencer location, influencer gender, influencer follower range, and influencer engagement rate. 

Additionally, you can also choose social media influencers based on audience location, audience age, audience language, and audience gender. 

find influencers - Unbox Social

2. Evaluate influencers for your Influencer campaigns 

Know whether your chosen social media influencers are relevant enough for your brand’s influencer marketing strategy. The tool helps you evaluate influencers and gives you insights on their audience, content, and engagement rate. 

The snapshot of the tool below shows the audience quality of an influencer.

evaluate influencers - Unbox Social

3. Industry Benchmarking and Brand Safety for your campaign 

The Unbox Social platform allows you to get industry benchmarking reports too. With the help of this report, you can check how other brands in your industry are implementing influencer marketing strategy and how have their campaigns performed. 

The tool also offers a Brand Safety feature that tells you whether your chosen influencers are reliable enough for your brand. It helps you understand whether the influencer you have chosen is in sync with your brand values and beliefs.

4. Brand Listening feature for Influencer strategy 

The brand listening feature gives you a peek into your competitors’ strategy by telling you about the influencers activated by them. See the influencers activated by your competitors and know about their influencer campaigns and performance. 

5. Social media analytics to measure your Influencer strategy 

The social media analytics feature on the Unbox Social platform helps you understand your brand performance on social media. The tool gives you insights across social media platforms. 

Know about your audience sentiments, post and stories performance, audience feedback on your brand content, content themes, and content views depending on the platform. 

These valuable insights will help you frame an effective influencer marketing strategy for your brand. 

This glimpse below shows the engagement rate and reach of a brand on Instagram.

impressions and reach

6. Competition Tracking to scale up your Influencer marketing strategy 

The competition tracking solution lets you track your industry competitors and helps you see where you stand in your niche. Compare your content with your competitors, know your brand score, see how the audience has interacted, content themes your competitors are posting on, and lots more.
You can also compare keywords and hashtags to know what your competitors are curating content on. 
The glimpse below shows the engagement rate of competing brands.

influencer engagement rate

Well, hope Unbox Social helps you curate an effective influencer marketing strategy for your brand. 
Without much ado, let’s look at a few brands that successfully launched influencer marketing campaigns.

E) Influencer Marketing Examples

Brands are heavily roping in social media influencers to promote their products and services. But what matters the most is the way brand influencers present content on the platform. Instagram by far remains the most preferred platform for influencer marketing. Let’s look at a few brands who relied on influencer campaigns

1. L’Oreal Paris 

L’Oreal Paris often collaborates with social media influencers to promote its products. The brand not only is active on social media but also makes sure that the posts are informative enough from a buyer’s perspective.

influencer marketing strategy - Loreal

2. Daniel Wellington 

Daniel Wellington is one brand that ropes in brand influencers from almost all tiers. The brand enjoys amazing engagement on Instagram and is constantly collaborating with influencers. 

influencer marketing strategy - Daniel Wellington

3. Starbucks 

Apart from Instagram, brands are also banking on YouTube to get the most out of their video content. On Mother’s Day, Starbucks posted a video titled ‘Starbucks At Home: Mother’s Day Coffee Date’. The idea behind this was to celebrate the occasion with the same zest in the lockdown phase. 

influencer marketing strategy - Starbucks

4. Walmart 

Walmart’s Instagram account is vibrant and brimming with content. The brand promotes its products in interesting ways! From clothes to containers, the Walmart page on Instagram has it all. 

influencer marketing strategy - Walmart

5. Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Alexa is quite popular on social media thanks to brand influencers. From yoga routines to baking challenges, social media influencers are coming up with interesting content to promote Alexa. 

influencer marketing strategy - Amazon Echo

An influencer marketing strategy has to connect with the target audience. See to it that the strategy you implement is executed correctly with the right influencers and appropriate content. Moreover, the campaign has to be in sync with the message you intend to pass to your audiences. Go subtle with the promotions and keep it as authentic as you can! Take cues from the influencer marketing ideas mentioned above and you are sure to win your social media audience!

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