5 Crucial Features of Unbox Social’s Influencer Marketing Platform


Choosing the right influencer marketing platform can help you save a lot of time and effort. Influencer marketing has become a complicated marketing technique and is no longer just about putting out posts through influencers. Influencer marketing is now about creating, implementing, analysing, and monitoring. The process to come up with a strategy and implement the same has several stages. 

Influencers nowadays are quite particular about their niche and content style and this can be an advantage for brands. But this has also made influencer discovery a tough task. While some brands have managed to crack this marketing strategy, some are still struggling to find the ground with influencer marketing. This is mainly happening because of the cutthroat competition on social media platforms. 

Moreover, the audience is already saturated with most content styles which has further made things difficult for brands and businesses on the marketing front. Influencers are also struggling to stay relevant on the platforms because the audience is bombarded with content every now and then. This means influencers have to come up with something new regularly to keep their followers engaged. 

But before we think about the strategy and the content there is a lot of background research that goes into creating an influencer marketing campaign. 

In this blog, we will tell you about the five important features of Unbox Social’s influencer marketing solution. 

These five features will make sure your influencer marketing strategy is directed at the right audience and with the right intent. 

What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a solution-oriented platform that provides brands and businesses with marketing solutions. The platform has a dedicated tool for influencer marketing, competition tracking, and social media analytics. 

Why use an influencer marketing platform?

  • Access to influencer database

Most influencer marketing platforms have an influencer database that can help brands and businesses find influencers. This can help you collaborate with genuine and relevant influencers for your marketing campaigns.

  • Helps you measure campaign performance

With the help of an influencer marketing platform, you can also measure the campaign performance without any fuss. The campaign reports you get from the platform will tell you whether your strategy is working or not. 

  • Can help you build an influencer network

The influencer database connects you with several influencers from different niches. This helps build an influencer network that can be useful for your future marketing campaigns. 

  • Helps you understand what the influencers are posting

Analysing influencers’ content style can help you choose better. Influencer marketing platforms often let you analyse an influencer on a given platform. This will give you a better understanding of the influencer’s potential to carry out your campaign. 

  • Helps you plan the campaign effectively

The influencer marketing platform helps you with all data and that makes it easier for you to frame strategy. The influencer marketing campaign requires planning and the data will add value to the same.

Features of Unbox Social’s Influencer Marketing Platform

1. Advanced Filters



Unbox Social toolThe ‘Advanced Filters’ option by the Unbox Social tool helps you find influencers as per your campaign requirement. The tool here helps you fill in the requirements wrt category, influencer location, influencer follower range, engagement rate, and platform. Additionally, the feature also lets you put in your requirements for the audience wrt location, language, age, and gender. 

2. Smart Search



Unbox SocialThe ‘Smart Search’ feature of the tool helps you find influencers based on captions, mentions, and hashtags. The user simply has to enter the query and the results of the influencers will appear. This is helpful for brands looking for influencers using specific hashtags, mentions, or captions. 

3. Influencer database



Unbox SocialThe Unbox Social tool has a list of influencers from different niches and follower ranges. This makes the tool super useful and time-saving. Be it micro-influencers or mega influencers, the tool has it all. Moreover, the tool also gives influencer details like ER, follower count, niche, interactions, and location for better selection.

4. Influencer summary



Unbox SocialOnce you choose influencers from the database, the tool gives you an influencer summary wherein you see the breakup of the influencer list according to the influencer pyramid. The summary further helps you with the data that tells you the total reach, average engagement, and categories covered.  

5. Influencer analysis



Unbox SocialThe tool allows you to analyse influencers too. Check the influencer’s number of posts, interactions, likes, and comments. Additionally, it also allows you to see the posts by the influencer and its performance. 

These five influencer marketing platform features are all you need to craft an effective strategy. The platform can provide you with a goldmine of data and is also user-friendly. Hope you will find these features from the Unbox Social tool helpful. 

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