10 Skincare Brands That Are Making The Most Out of Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers can help promote brands and businesses effectively because they know how to craft the brand message properly for the audience. Influencer marketing is being implemented by all industries because it is the best way to reach potential customers. But a lot needs to be done in order to plan a result-oriented influencer marketing strategy. Right from choosing the social media platforms for marketing to finding influencers, everything is a part of the campaign plan. 

Until now, lifestyle brands were heavily into influencer marketing but now even skincare brands are dependent on influencers for their product promotions. The skincare industry market size is massive and will be valued at 189.3 billion US dollars by 2025. This industry is not just expanding in terms of sales but is also witnessing an influx of a different consumer base and that is the young lot. Initially, skincare brands targeted mature audiences and that meant a limited audience base to sell the products to. Millennials now form a huge consumer base for skincare brands and that has worked amazingly well for the industry as a whole.

Apart from the impressive figures, the marketing tactics have also helped the skincare niche grow. The rise of social media and online shopping platforms have positively impacted the growth of skincare businesses. Having said that, influencer marketing has played a huge role in getting these brands much-needed attention. Moreover, it is because of this marketing method that more and more people are attracted to this niche. 

In this blog, we will tell you about 10 skincare brands that have made it to the top on social media with their influencer marketing campaigns. But before that, let’s understand how influencer marketing is implemented in the skincare industry.

How Skincare Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing 


  • Problem-solving approach

When it comes to skincare consumers like to believe everything that will solve their skin issues. Influencer marketing in the skincare niche is focused on this approach. Unlike other industries, this niche cannot work with just displaying the products in eye-pleasing images. The skincare brands need to convey why a particular product is useful and what difference will it make in the consumer’s skin. This is why most skincare content ideas revolve around problem-solving. 

  • Working with influencers that are nothing less than perfect for the brand

Skincare is quite a segregated niche because it requires a lot of research in terms of products and influencer selection. When it comes to implementing influencer marketing campaigns brands are very specific as to who they collaborate with. The message presented by the influencer has to be authentic and the consumers must be able to relate to that. Suppose, an under-eye cream is being launched, it will be best to collaborate with beauty influencers who are experiencing that problem and the application of the product solves it. This is why skincare brands are extremely careful and research-oriented with influencer marketing. 

  • Encouraging UGC

Like all other industries, even skincare brands are relying a lot on user-generated content. The skincare industry can benefit a lot from UGC because the audience heavily relies on social media influencers when it comes to trying a new product or gaining information about a new product in the market. Additionally, the increase in the number of nano influencers has increased the amount of UGC on social media. 

Several new brands in the market have increased their audience and consumer base because of good reviews from nano influencers and word-of-mouth. 

  • Exposure on different social media platforms

With the help of influencer marketing, skincare brands aim to reach a wider audience base on different social media platforms. Influencers are present on all social media platforms and this gives them more ways to promote their products. 

The four above-mentioned points reflect how influencer marketing is now inevitable for the skincare industry. Brands must rely on an influencer marketing platform for curating effective influencer campaigns. Let’s see which brands are using this marketing technique to the fullest. 

10 Influencer Marketing Examples from the Skincare Industry

1. Nivea India

skincare brand

Nivea is a household brand in India. The brand enjoys a great fan following and has successfully managed to impress online users too. Nivea India is active on social media and enjoys a follower count of 71.5k on Instagram. The brand collaborates with mega influencers and gets a good engagement rate on social media. 

The brand does not target a niche audience and its content has more of a general approach that appeals to the masses. Nivea India not only posts about its products but also posts about informative pieces which can be helpful for the users. 

2. The Body Shop India

skincare influencers

The Body Shop is a well-known brand in India. The brand’s influencer marketing campaigns also fetch a lot of engagement and that has increased their follower base. The brand focuses on promoting its ‘Against Animal Cruelty’ stance and makes sure to highlight that all its products have organic ingredients. This has helped them create a loyal customer base. The influencer marketing campaigns by the brand usually promote their upcoming discounts and giveaways. The brand focuses on increasing sales and hence, most of the Instagram influencers they collaborate with promote their coupon codes or discount deals in the content. 

3. Kama Ayurveda

skincare influencers

With 284k followers on Instagram, Kama Ayurveda has surely set a benchmark with its influencer marketing campaigns. The brand that offers ayurvedic products for skin and hair often relies on celebrities too for its product promotions. The brand heavily promotes its products on its Instagram feed and unlike other brands, it only posts about how their products are a must-have for skin and hair problems. Kama Ayurveda’s eye-pleasing product images do fetch them engagement but the brand hardly focuses on content that is not related to their products. 

4. Clinique India

brand influencers

This skincare brand offers formulated products meant for peculiar skin problems. Clinique India banks on creating effective and result-oriented products for people who want to get rid of specific skin issues. From mega influencers to micro-influencers, the brand teams up with many social media influencers for its product promotions. The Clinique India feed on Instagram is extremely brand oriented with posts following a rigid colour scheme. The brand also curates a lot of video content which helps them gain high user engagement.

5. Forest Essentials


Forest Essentials follows a human-centric approach when it comes to social media marketing. The brand also follows a storytelling approach for its captions. The combination of informative and story-like posts bring a great variation in their content style. Forest Essentials is also active on IGTV and comes up with a series of informative sessions. The brand recently launched ‘Thursdays With Taruna’ to cater to users’ skin and hair problems. These initiatives have helped them carve a great fan following on social media. Additionally, the brand is also active on YouTube and posts videos on a regular basis. 

6. Plum

brand post

Plum is a skincare brand that goes by the name Plumgoodness on Instagram carved a niche for itself in the industry simply with its effective influencer marketing campaigns. The brand has risen to popularity entirely because of its social media presence. Along with influencer campaigns, Plum also posts engaging skincare hacks that get them a lot of attention. With a casual content strategy, Plum makes sure to keep its feed loaded with content of all forms. Moreover, every post from Plum encourages user interaction which works well for the brand. 

7. Mamaearth

brand post

Mamaearth, a newly launched brand, was quick to climb the social media ladder. The brand that boasts of toxin and cruelty-free products has won the hearts of its customers with several positive reviews from social media influencers and customers in general. Mamaearth’s Instagram campaigns are filled with a variety of content ranging from image-oriented posts to IGTV videos. The brand also ropes in celebrities for its marketing campaigns. 

8. Wow Skin Science India


The skincare and haircare brand WOW has managed to attract a lot of audience on social media. The brand does not follow one single strategy but is active when it comes to collaborations with influencers. Similar to Mamearth, Wow Skin Science India also highlights the benefits of its products’ ingredients in its posts. This makes their content all the more authentic and informative. The brand also calls upon experts to talk about skin and hair issues which attract a lot of users. 

9. mCaffeine

social media influencers

The homegrown caffeinated personal care brand rose to immense popularity solely because of influencer marketing. The brand heavily invested in Instagram influencers and made sure no tier of influencers was left behind. From micro-influencers to nano influencers, the brand teamed up strategically with all. The viral influencer campaigns not only got them the much-needed attention but also increased their sales to a great extent. Initially, the brand started with a few selected products like body butter and scrubs but now they offer a range of combos. The crux here is that mCaffeine still relies a lot on influencer marketing and is gaining amazing results. 

10. Dot & Key

social media post

Just like mCaffeine, Dot & Key also targeted Instagram in a big way. The brand posts vigorously on Instagram and has roped in several Instagram skin and beauty influencers. Apart from the influencers’ posts, the brand enjoys a great fan following because of its posts dedicated to products’ ingredients. The brand regularly posts about what a particular ingredient does to the skin and who needs to invest in the same. This is super useful for people who want to try a new product. Additionally, the giveaways and discounts further add to the follower base. 

Hope these brands will give you the inspiration to craft your influencer marketing campaigns. Make sure to check out Unbox Social’s Influencer marketing solution because the tool is extremely useful in planning influencer campaigns. Right from finding influencers, evaluating them to campaign reports, the tool helps you with everything. 

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