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Influencer Marketing for Gen Z: The Complete Guide

influencer marketing for generation z

By now, most brands are aware of how Millennials are responding to their marketing gimmicks. However, there is a new lot of generation that needs to be targeted when it comes to influencer marketing and that is Gen Z. These young groups of buyers are crucial for every brand because they are tech-savvy and likely to become potential customers. 

But what is Gen Z?

For the starters, Millennials and Gen Z are not the same. Generation Z or Gen Z are the ones born between 1996 to the early 2010s. Their age is anywhere between 4-25 years! Unlike the others, Gen Z is not impressed solely by celebrities and influencers with high numbers of followers, they need to be tackled differently. Even though this group is not very capable of making buying decisions directly, they do influence their parents’ buying habits. This makes them crucial for every influencer marketing strategy. Right from the attention span to using technology, this generation is different from Millennials in many ways. 

Let’s learn everything about influencer marketing for Gen Z!

Here are some stark differences between Gen Z and Millennials that brands should keep in mind for their influencer marketing campaigns

Millennials vs Gen Z Influencer Marketing

1) Access to technology

Millennials have seen the dynamic shift in technology from Orkut to TikTok but the Gen Z is already born with it. The things that were groundbreaking for the Millennials are an everyday norm for Gen Z which has greatly impacted their behaviour of using technology. This means that brands need to come up with more than just mega influencer campaigns to attract Gen Z. With an overload of information right from the start, it can be challenging for brands to give them something unique!

2) Spending habits

The need to show your best version on social media made Millennials easy targets for influencer marketing. The same cannot be said for Gen Z. For brands to attract Gen Z it takes a lot more than flashy influencers and content with emotional value. The influencer marketing strategy here must involve a lot of practicality. Gen Z is more interested in knowing how your product or service is useful to them on a daily basis. They are not  looking to spend money just for flaunting a new product they are looking for its usability. So makes sure you highlight the same in your social media influencer campaigns

3) Usage of social media platforms

Majority of Millennials are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but Gen Z uses many other social media platforms apart from the stated. With a very short attention span, Gen Z is heavily attracted to video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Brands need to focus on video marketing to attract Gen Z. 

4) Purpose of using social media

Both Millennials and Gen Z use social media for different reasons. Millennials are highly interested in knowing about what the brand is offering but Gen Z is more focused on what the product or service do to make their lives easier. 

Now that you know how different Gen Z is, it’s time to find out what makes this set of individuals so crucial for brands.

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Why Gen Z is Important for Your Brand

1) Gen Z is your next customer inline

While the maximum age of a Millennial can be 40, Gen Z is still in the phase to become your potential consumer. This set of audience is going to be your next customer! Additionally, even before they become earning members in their family they influence the buying decisions which makes them important. The high exposure to social media and the internet, in general, makes them aware of what product is worth spending on. This means that brands need to plan their influencer campaign keeping this bracket in mind. 

2) Gen Z is not fussy about being a brand loyal

Most Millennials are brand loyal but Gen Z can easily shift from one brand to another. Brands have to struggle more when it comes to keeping Gen Z hooked to their brand content on social media. Not to forget, the diminishing attention span further stresses more on creating effective influencer marketing strategies. Anything mundane or seen before will fail to win over Gen Z. 

3) This set can spread a quick word of mouth

For Millennials, influencers play an important role in their buying decisions. Gen Z is not dependent on influencers to get insights on a particular product or service. Every individual from generation Z is highly educated in at least one niche. This helps them frame their opinion without the help of influencers. Brands need to make sure that their influencer marketing campaign has intrinsic details on the products and services they are promoting. This will grab the attention of this technologically advanced generation. Moreover, their word of mouth matters and can give a positive boost to your campaign. 

4) Presence on multiple platforms

Talking about their multitasking capabilities, Gen Z is present on several social media platforms which means the influencer strategy has to be relevant to them no matter what. There is no social media platform where there is no Gen Z. Brands should tap into this audience set and frame effective marketing strategies that will make these individuals their brand advocates in disguise. 

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the main reason why brands should focus on Gen Z is that they are now rapidly increasing in number! Connecting with them can be highly beneficial for brands across the globe. 

Sure this generation is tricky to understand, but we’re here to help! Here are some ways to connect with Gen Z  through influencer marketing

How to Target Gen Z via Influencer Marketing

1) Focus on nano influencers and micro-influencers

This generation does not care if a celebrity is promoting a product on social media. All they are looking for is a genuine insight into a product or service. Gen Z is already aware of what’s going on and hence, posts that are low on authenticity will never click with them. This is why brand managers should focus more on nano and micro-influencers. Even with a lesser following, their posts are highly engaging which is what Gen Z is looking for. This is a generation that has mindful buyers and hence, simply putting a caption and a perfect picture will not do you any good. Make sure your campaign has some valuable information that makes them think. 

2) Video content is the king!

Be it entertainment or information Gen Z turns to video-centric platforms. Right from product reviews to product launches, this audience is most likely to turn to video content. Apart from YouTube, brands can also make optimum use of TikTok and Instagram. Bombarded with loads of information every minute, they depend on video content to get detailed information in a lesser amount of time. So see to it that your influencer campaign is high on videos. 

3) Of values and beliefs

With Gen Z, you have to be honest. Individuals belonging to this generation are looking for connecting with brands that reflect their own values and beliefs. Anything that sounds fake or completely for sale can take them away from your brand. For instance, instead of highly edited pictures, give them something raw and unprocessed. Make sure your content aligns with some social activism which gives your brand a higher purpose instead of only sales. 

4) Curate shareable content

Even though this generation lacks monetarily, they are always looking for content that has some meaning and uniqueness. They willingly share content with their networks if it is worth it. This can give your content a wide reach and visibility. See to it that your content is shareable and informative. 

5) Don’t depend on one platform

Gen Z is present on all platforms and hence, your influencer marketing campaign should be crafted accordingly. If not all, make sure your campaign is at least present on a couple of platforms where this audience exists in maximum numbers. Right from brand discovery to evaluating a product or service, Gen Z depends on several social media platforms. 

6) Influencer campaigns coupled with events

Unlike Millennials, Gen Z is not a passive consumer of content. These individuals who are yet to enter the world of purchasing want to connect and involve themselves. Campaigns coupled with offline events can work wonders to attract this set of audience. For instance, a pop-up event with influencers for launching a new product. 

Brands like OnePlus have banked on this and have received tremendous response for their newly launched cell phones. OnePlus pop-up event not only has influencers but also has fans who are excited to see what the product is all about! 

7) Put emphasis on the product quality

These individuals have several options to choose from so merely impressing them with content and discount codes might not work. Make sure your content talks a lot about the product quality and why it’s worth the price. Additionally, point out how it will make their life easier! Gen Z is more interested in the experience than merely collecting things. 

8) Think mobile!

Make sure all your influencer marketing strategies are optimized for mobile. Gen Z depends on smartphones and hence, having a mobile-friendly strategy in place is a must. See to it that your content looks appealing on a mobile device. Check your captions, designs, site speed, etc. when framing a mobile-friendly strategy. 

By now you very well know what to keep in mind when structuring your influencer marketing campaign for Gen Z. But how do you go about finding influencers and evaluating them? Relying on influencer marketing platform is the answer.  Let’s see how Unbox Social can help you with the same! 

Unbox Social Influencer Marketing Platform

1) Find influencers for your influencer marketing campaign

Apart from mega influencers, Unbox Social allows you to search for influencers that match your campaign and niche requirements. 

find influencers for your influencer marketing campaign

Find influencers according to platforms, category, location, follower range, and engagement rate. Enhance your choice of influencers by checking the audience location, audience age, audience location, and gender. 

Find influencers for your brand
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2) Evaluate influencers and get detailed insights

The platform allows you to check the influencers’ authenticity with regards to followers and content. Additionally, get insights on your influencers’ post-performance.evaluate influencers and get detailed insightsKnow who are your chosen influencers’ followers are and get intrinsic details on the follower quality. 

3) Get timely campaign reports

This platform gives you regular reports for your influencer marketing campaign across platforms. Get details on how your posts have performed, the number of views, interaction, and reactions it received. Additionally, check the top-performing posts of your brand and spend wisely on promotions!

get timely campaign reportsAs you can see in the snapshot above, the platform helps you compare brands from the same niche. Moreover, it also tells you which is the most engaging post for that particular brand.

4) Know how your competitors’ influencer marketing campaigns have performed

The industry benchmarking report from Unbox Social will tell you how your brand has performed as compared to your competitors. This will help understand where your campaign lacks and how can you enhance it. 

5) Check whether the influencers you have chosen are authentic

Unbox Social’s brand safety feature will give you deep insights into influencers and their content. Check whether their posts align with your brand principles and values. Know if they are involved in any unwanted controversies which may hamper your brand image! 

6) Know who your influencers are collaborating with and their post-performance

The brand listening feature from this platform will tell you all about your influencers and their collaborations with your competitors if any. Check their branded content and get insights on its performance. 

know who your influencers are collaborating with and their post-performanceAs you can see above, the platform gives you details on the post-performance with regards to its engagement rate, interactions, likes, and comments. 

It can be rightly said that Gen Z is difficult to tackle but with authentic content and right channel selection it can be done effortlessly. 


What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!