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What Not To Do In An Influencer Marketing Campaign


Everything about influencer marketing was new a few years ago. With time, influencer marketing campaigns have become a norm for most brands and businesses. Almost every campaign you see on social media has been implemented before with a twist. 

For an influencer marketing strategy to work, everything from influencer selection to implementation has to fall into place. The success of the campaign also depends on the psyche of the audience. In many cases, brands have implemented some very thoughtful campaigns but it has failed to connect with the users. 

Even after applying all the new trends, brands on social media are struggling for engagement and this is a major challenge for almost every influencer campaign

In this blog, we will focus on what NOT TO DO in an influencer marketing campaign

While there is no one perfect way of implementing these campaigns, there are a few things that all marketers need to avoid at all costs. 

Before we jump to the don’ts of influencer marketing, let’s understand what are the challenges of this marketing technique. 

Challenges of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing planning

1. Finding relevant influencers

Even though there are numerous brand influencers on social media platforms, selecting relevant influencers is still a challenge for brands. This impacts the engagement rate of the campaign and overall sales. It is best to rely on an influencer marketing platform like Unbox Social for appropriate selection of social media influencers

2. Inability to choose the right social media platforms

The base of framing an influencer marketing campaign is to select the right platform for its implementation. Not all social media platforms are apt for campaigns. Think clearly before you implement campaigns on all social media platforms.

3. Inability to gauge the potential of the campaign

Several factors influence the success of an influencer campaign but there is no one set process to gauge the scale and effectiveness of a campaign. This often leads to a waste of resources and investment.

4. Growing cases of influencer fraud

The influencer marketing industry has surely grown in its reach but not much is done in terms of fake followers and fraud influencers. Be it using stock images or copying content, there are many influencer frauds that take place and hardly anyone is held accountable for the same. 

5. Competition among social media platforms

The competition between social media platforms has made it difficult for brands to frame content and strategies. Additionally, the emergence of new platforms is now leading to content exhaustion which can be negative for campaigns. 

Well, despite all these challenges influencer marketing remains one of the most effective marketing techniques. Let’s look at what you should avoid when framing and implementing an influencer marketing campaign

What Not To Do In Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. Forgetting your goals when framing strategy

influencer marketing goals

In the pretext of creating a highly interesting and unique influencer marketing campaign, brand managers often forget what they want to achieve from it. Make sure you keep your goals and objectives in mind when creating influencer marketing campaigns. Simply getting likes and comments is not enough! Fixing the objectives and goals beforehand is crucial to get the most out of your campaigns. Goals can be anything from increasing sales to conveying the launch of a new product. 

2. Focusing only on Instagram


When it comes to influencer marketing the first thing most brand marketers do is find Instagram influencers. It is important to note that there are several platforms other than Instagram that can be useful for marketing. Apart from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, brands must also focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

3. Not creating video content

Video content is the future of digital marketing. Brands and businesses not curating video content are losing out on a big chunk of audience. Videos generate good engagement on social media platforms and help you convey the message appropriately. Users these days prefer video content over any other kind of content. The popularity of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts is the best example of how effective video content is. 

4. Neglecting passive users

Not everybody on social media will readily be a fan of your products and services. Focusing on just one set of audience will give you limited results. Brands must explore passive audiences too with the help of influencer marketing. Some of the best influencer marketing campaigns are the ones that succeed in attracting audiences that are not even their immediate target. This helps in creating brand awareness. 

5. Not keeping a watch on competitors


Keeping a watch on your competitors does not mean you need to copy them. But knowing what’s trending in your industry is crucial. Make sure you regularly keep a watch on your industry competitors and analyse their strategies. There are several competition tracking tools available that will help you analyse and compare your rivals.

6. Only collaborating with mega and micro-influencers

Micro-influencers and mega influencers are generally the first choice of influencers when it comes to influencer marketing. Simply going by the number of followers and collaborating with them will not do much. Every brand campaign is different and needs a different set of influencers. There have been several cases wherein nano and macro-influencers have given brilliant results. 

7. Curating similar content in every campaign

content planning

Some brands like to stick to one type of content. This rigidity often draws the audience away. If your brand has enough of image-oriented content then you must go for video content also. Try and come up with new styles of presenting your content. This not only gives your brand message a twist but also keeps the audience engaged. The new content creating features on various platforms can help you experiment with content.

8. Collaborating with influencers for only sales

Sure, every brand wants to increase sales through influencer marketing. But there’s more to this strategy than just sales. An influencer marketing strategy can help you alter brand perception, create brand awareness, generate buzz around new launches, build credibility, and much more. See to it that you use this marketing technique smartly to get the desired results. 

9. Counting the number of likes, comments, and shares


The success of your campaign does not only depend on likes, comments, and shares. One must check the quality of the audience that’s engaging with the content. In many campaigns, the number of likes and comments are exploding but the audience that’s engaging is nowhere even near the potential consumer base. This can happen if you don’t monitor the reactions your content is generating and keep on coming up with similar content ideas. 

10. No focus on Call-to-Action

Remember! Likes and comments will not get you to your goals. Your campaigns need to have proper CTAs. Keep a note of what action you want your audience to take once the campaign is implemented. The action needs to get you to your campaign objective. Be it increasing website traffic or simply increasing sales. Influencer marketing tools can help you frame effective campaigns. 

To avoid influencer marketing fails, one must see to it that the sentiments of the users are not hurt.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid influencer marketing fails. 

  1. Avoid marketing anything related to pharmaceuticals without following the guidelines
  2. Avoid posting content that hints at any kind of racism
  3. Check your influencer’s post to avoid copy-paste mishap
  4. Avoid posts that target people of a particular community

Hope these tips will help you frame effective influencer marketing strategies. Read the blogs below to understand more about influencers and influencer marketing. 


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!