How & Why an Influencer Should Convert to an Instagram Business Account Today!

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A Business Profile helps you maintain exclusivity and strengthens your elite status. As an Influencer you are a brand, and your account should be a reflection of that.

Take a look at all the benefits of converting to a Business Profile. Especially since converting to Business Account is free and comes with several useful features.

1. Makes it easy for Brands to reach out to you for campaigns

If you don’t have a Business Account, chances are that your contact details are in the bio. While this may be a great hack, it becomes harder for potential collaborators to reach. They have to manually type in your information which keeps you hoping that they took out time to look up your details or use a contact form on your web page.

But with a Business Profile, you can link your contact information on your profile and make it effortless for a brand or an agency to connect with you with just one click.

2. Improve your chances of becoming a Verified Account

A Verified Account is a profile that has been officially confirmed by Instagram as an authentic profile of the person, brand, or business. Being a Verified Account adds accountability to your profile and strengthens its brand value.

And even though Instagram now allows you to apply for the verified badge it ca still be difficult to get approved for it. And if you’re a smaller business or an Influencer who is just starting out it getting verified may be even tougher.

However, converting to a Business Profile, takes you closer to the goal of getting verified!

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3. Swipe up!

This amazing new feature, allows Business Account with 10,000 followers or more, to seamlessly add affiliate links to Stories. Once the Story is published the link directs your followers to swipe up and visit the link. This helps drive traffic to your website and gain visibility.

4. Get valuable insights that can help you grow your social footing

Get access to key metrics such as impressions, reach, website clicks and profile views on the Instagram app directly with a Business Profile.

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You’ll also have access to insights about your audience, such as age, gender and location, which are a great starting point for building and evaluating your Instagram strategy! With these insights, you’ll be able to see how your content on Instagram is performing, and figure out exactly what your audience wants to see.

5. Advertise & promote your posts with one easy click

If you use paid advertising, having an Instagram business account makes it easy for you to accomplish that right in the app with one easy click. The ‘promote’ button lets you fully set up an advertisement on your Instagram business profile and track how well your advertisements are doing by following insights.

How to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile?

It is really simple process! To convert to a business profile on Instagram, all you need to do is go to Options → Business settings → Switch to Business Profile.

How to Convert to a Business A/C - UnboxSocial.Com

The good folks at Facebook have also made an excellent video explaining the steps; check it out here.

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