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Nano Influencers: Why Brands Need Them Now More Than Ever


The influencer pyramid surely suggests that mega and micro-influencers deserve to be your first choices when finding influencers. Well, nano influencers are steadily making their presence felt in the world of influencer marketing. Brands have to rely on influencers heavily these days all thanks to the capacity of this marketing technique to reach the intended audience. Moreover, with offline communication almost at a halt, social media remains the only way to stay connected with the consumers. 

Be it conveying a brand message or launching a new product, influencers can be pretty helpful. People surely talk about how influencer marketing is here to stay but there is also the question of authenticity which troubles most brands when they look for influencers to team up with. 

This marketing technique has been the most result-oriented one but to get the desired results it is necessary to implement the influencer campaigns thoughtfully. The influencer database of most brands is usually filled with micro and mega influencers but there is another set of influencers that deserve your attention- Nano Influencers. 

Micro-influencers have been the first preference of most brand campaigns because they are the right fit for almost all niches. However, some campaigns do need nano influencers!

Confused? In this blog, we will tell you all about nano influencers and why they can be a boon for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. 

What are nano influencers?

Nano influencers are defined as influencers who have a follower count anywhere from 1000 to 10,000. One can say that these influencers are just starting out on the platform and are still looking for an audience to convey their message. These small-scale influencers usually stick to one particular niche and post with a purpose. Because these influencers want to generate an audience base their content is usually all about coming up with something valuable. 

As opposed to established influencers who enjoy a follower count of more than 10k, nano-influencers are not always paid for promoting a product or service. Most nano influencers start by investing in products and services and give authentic reviews. Nano influencers enjoy a niche audience base and initially, this follower base usually accounts for acquaintances and users interested in the niche they are catering to. 

Why Team Up With Nano Influencers?


As a brand, you may wonder why must you collaborate with nano influencers who do not even have a substantial follower base as compared to micro-influencers and mega influencers. Here are some reasons to clear your doubt. 

  • Nano influencers share a close bond with their followers

Unlike micro and mega influencers, nano influencers share a close rapport with their followers. Because these influencers are still in the process of creating a mark on social media they make sure to communicate with their followers on a regular basis. Moreover, these influencers maintain a dialogue with their followers which fetches a good engagement. 

  • Nano influencers are more authentic

Like we mentioned before, most of the follower base of a nano influencer is their acquaintance. This increases their authenticity and people tend to trust their reviews and content more. Brands can take advantage of this fact and rope in nano influencers to review their products and services.

  • Nano influencers are loyal to the niche

Nano influencers usually follow a particular niche and that makes them more relevant. Brands looking for influencers who post only on one particular industry must look for nano influencers for their campaigns. With time, these nano influencers also gain expertise in their chosen industry. 

  • Easy on the pocket

Nano influencers who are just starting out might collaborate with you for an exchange of your products and services. This will limit the cost of your influencer marketing campaign to a great extent. Additionally, you can collaborate with multiple nano influencers to widen your reach.

  • Nano influencers often come up with unique content ideas

Micro-influencers and mega influencers might have reached content saturation but nano influencers will have the capacity to come up with unique content plans. Teaming up with nano influencers is a win-win situation for both parties because these upcoming influencers want to prove their content creating skills and brands can get a variation in their marketing strategy. 

An influencer marketing strategy depends on the relevance and quality of influencers you choose. Let’s see how you can find nano influencers for your brand.

How to find nano influencers and plan your campaign?

influencer campaign

1. Decide the goal of your campaign

The scale of your campaign will be the deciding factor in choosing influencers. When dealing with nano influencers your campaign goals and objectives should be in sync with the nano influencers’ capacity to deliver. To choose influencers, know what you want to achieve from the campaign. 

2. Choose the social media platform for your campaign

For nano influencers, it is difficult to have an equal presence on all social media platforms. Some upcoming influencers are active on Instagram but may not have any considerable followers on Facebook. This simply means that you need to choose the platforms carefully because that will impact your influencer selection.

3. Take a look at a reliable influencer database

Influencer marketing platforms like Unbox Social have a reliable list of influencers. Having influencer data is important because it will tell you how many followers they have, the niche they are catering to, and the kind of content they are curating. This will help you choose better.

4. Draft a campaign strategy and check which influencers fit your requirements

Now that you have access to the list of influencers it is time to draft a plan for your campaign. The draft will mainly contain your content strategy and target audience data which will help you shortlist influencers. 

5. Decide the budget of your campaign 

With nano influencers, you won’t have to worry much about the budget but make sure to clear things well in advance. If they are ready to feature your brand simply for an exchange of products then make sure to send them the same on time. 

6. Schedule the campaign

Once you have your list of influencers ready make sure to schedule the campaign with them. Decide the timing of the posts, number of posts, and all other details clearly. 

Once your campaign is rolled out make sure to conduct a thorough analysis. Unbox Social’s social media analytics solution will help you measure your brand’s social media presence. This will also tell you whether the strategies are hitting the right notes and what needs to be improved. 

Why Do Brands Need Nano Influencers Now?

A lot has changed in the influencer marketing industry and all types of influencers have carved their own place. Likewise, even nano influencers are not behind and are required for specific brand campaigns. Let’s see why nano influencers enjoy great significance in marketing campaigns. 

1. The rise in the number of quality nano influencers

Initially, nano influencers were accounted as users that are just casually active on social media and cover a particular niche but with time the quality of nano influencers has grown. Additionally, there has been a substantial increase in the number of nano influencers which gives the brands more to choose from.

2. Nano influencers catering to less popular niches

While there are several influencers for popular niches like lifestyle, fitness, and tech, there are a limited number of influencers for lesser-known niches like mental health, nutrition, DIY, pets, and so on. Nano influencers stay true to their niche and brands looking for such influencers can rely on nano influencers.

3. Less promotional and more authenticity

For nano influencers, their followers are very crucial and they will do anything to keep them engaged. This makes nano influencers more authentic and less promotional. When it comes to mega influencers most of them simply promote a product but fail to connect with the brand but that is not the case with nano influencers.

4. Gives brands a chance to work with new content creators

Let’s face it most popular influencers have their feeds filled with brand promotions and adding your brand will not be anything unique. Nano influencers are still new on the block and can give your brand a different audience base and identity with their unique content presentation style. Moreover, when you team up with nano influencers you will be doing something different from your competitors who repeatedly collaborate with the same set of influencers. 

5. Reach potential consumer base

With mega influencers and micro-influencers, you can reach a wide audience but not necessarily all of their followers can be counted as potential consumers. With nano influencers, you can be sure of this thing. People who follow nano influencers are genuinely interested in that particular niche and that can help your brand expand its consumer base.

Let’s take a look at some nano influencer marketing examples. 

Nano Influencer- Influencer Marketing Examples

1. bsukriti

social media influencer

This nano influencer is active on Instagram and often posts on skincare and fashion. Recently, the influencer posted for Bioderma India. She uses a conversational tone for her captions and makes an effort to engage with the followers. 

2. Adityab27

nano influencer

Talking about niches here is one influencer who is completely dedicated to the world of sneakers. Aditya Bhalla enjoys a follower count of 7.2k and his account is a must-follow for brands dealing in sneakers. 

3. Alisha_jheeta

nano influencer

This influencer posts for the lifestyle niche. The influencer recently hosted a giveaway for St.Botanica. The campaign was to promote their new haircare range on Instagram. 

4. aarthiraman_

nano influencer

This hair and beauty influencer has a follower range of 6.7k. The influencer uses all the platform features effectively to showcase her content curation skills. She recently posted for Sugar Cosmetics. 

5. Anushkatee

Instagram influencer

This nano influencer posts for the fitness and lifestyle niches. The influencer often features different locales in her posts and recently also posted for an upcoming food brand Bluffsnacks.

Hope this guide will help you with nano influencer marketing. Also, don’t forget to check out  Unbox Social’s influencer marketing solution to discover influencers, evaluate influencers, and create influencer campaigns. To know more about the features of the tool refer to our blog

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!