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How Brands Can Use Instagram Insights To Their Benefit

Creating an Instagram marketing strategy also involves looking at the metrics. Instagram insights hold a lot of value for brand marketers because they tell you all about how well your strategy has fared on the platform. These numbers are no longer just about likes, comments, and shares. Understanding Instagram insights will tell you all about your audience, content performance, and brand awareness.

The data you get from these insights is crucial to shaping your marketing plan. Right from what the audience prefers to what went wrong in your past campaigns, everything can be detected with the help of Instagram monitoring

While most of us know how important Instagram insights are, what we don’t know is how to implement these metrics when planning a strategy. 

Be it Instagram Stories insights or Instagram post insights, using these metrics to your benefit is important. Studying these metrics in depth can give you several answers when it comes to low follower count, low social media engagement and reach and so on. 

In this blog, we will see how brands can use these Instagram metrics to their advantage. 

For newcomers who are just starting to understand Instagram insights, read our blog guide on Instagram analytics

The above-stated blog will answer all your questions like-

  • How to see post insights on Instagram
  • What are insights on Instagram

Once you are clear with the basics, it’s time to implement these metrics into strategies.

5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Insights To Their Advantage


1. Know your audience behaviour with the help of Instagram insights

The most important part of Instagram insights is the audience data it provides. Brands can study this data and figure out what kind of audience forms the crux of their follower base on the platform. When you view insights on Instagram you can see the audience demographics and that will tell you if you are targeting the right audience. 

Instagram analytics will also tell you when your followers are active on the platform. With the help of such insights, you can time your strategies well and can create content as per the audience demographics. 

2. Figure which posts are getting the highest engagement

Instagram post insights should be handy with you when planning a content strategy. The post insights not only tell you how well your content has performed but will also tell you what works for your brand and audience. The insights will tell you which posts got the highest engagement and will, in turn, help you decide what kind of content fetches you more audience attention. This saves a lot of trial and error in terms of content creation and selection. 

Brands collaborating with content creators for their marketing strategies can benefit a lot from this too. Once you know what kind of content works with your audience it is easier to frame guidelines for influencers too. 

3. Get to know what kind of Instagram stories are working for you

Instagram stories insights hold a lot of data and if you implement this data smartly you are bound to attract a lot of audience. Relying on Instagram analytics tools will also give you insights into how your stories are performing on the platform. The stories analytics can say a lot about how much is the audience participation and what kind of content is bringing them some value. Brands that have managed to crack the stories feature on Instagram often post stories that say a lot about audience preferences. This can help you decide whether your product or service clicks with the audience or whether you need to bring an upgrade in the same. 

Also, note that users are more likely to react and engage with your stories than posts because stories are not restricted to a brand’s products and services. Stories are more about interacting with users.

4. Helps you keep a track of your follower growth

When you keep a check on your Instagram insights you will see a pattern of follower growth. The number of followers your brand gains can say a lot about your content relevancy. Likewise, if you see the page is losing followers it means that your content is no longer adding value to a particular set of users. 

Weekly comparison of follower growth can help you a lot in understanding your brand position on the platform. 

5. Note whether your posts attracted any actions

Simply posting content on Instagram and expecting a response is not how marketing strategies work. Posts must prompt the user to take some action that is like, comment, share, or follow. Instagram insights also show you what kind of actions users have taken for your content. The metrics will also tell you how many website clicks you fetched in a given time frame if you have added your website link in the bio. 

These insights are useful for brands that want to increase their website traffic. 

Apart from Instagram post insights and stories insights, brands must also conduct Instagram hashtag analytics. Hashtags play a crucial role on Instagram and therefore, one must carry out hashtag analytics. Hashtags help you reach a wider audience base that is interested in a particular theme of content and using them wisely can help you garner a responsive audience base. 

Now that you know how to implement Instagram insights, let’s look at the features of the Instagram analytics tool Unbox Social that will help you with detailed insights. 

Unbox Social- Social Media Analytics Tool

Unbox Social tool1. Overall insights

The Unbox Social tool will give you an overview of how your brand is performing on Instagram. The overview consists of basic metrics like engagement rate, impressions, reach, follower growth, and website and email clicks. 

The tool is a must-have because it also tells you the best time to post, engagement as per content form, and gives you post recommendations for promotion. 

2. Audience insights

The audience analysis feature of the tool gives you deeper insights than what the native Instagram tool offers. Get details on audience interest, audience demographics, audience quality, audience sentiment, interactions received, and much more. 

3. Post insights

Brands can get insights for each and every post on the platform. Compare the metrics for every post and frame an effective strategy. The tool gives details on engagement rate, impressions, reach, and interactions. 

4. Instagram stories insights

The tool has a dedicated feature for Instagram stories insights. Check the total number of stories, total impressions, total reach, and total replies to gauge the performance of your stories. 

Using Instagram insights to your benefit can change the fate of your Instagram presence positively. Make sure all your content is created keeping the target audience in mind. Moreover, see to it that you are offering something unique to the users and not just imitating what your industry rivals are doing. 

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What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!