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All You Need To Know About Hashtag Campaigns (10 Examples Included)

The hashtag fever took over the social media scene a few years ago. Ever since it has been a part of the social media strategies of many brands. Hashtags are a part of impressions on your social media and brands are employing different hashtags in efforts to increase brand awareness across different social media platforms.

The social media scene has seen many fads and trends and will continue to evolve as a platform for promoting your brand. One such popular, innovative trend that brands are employing for their social media campaigns is ‘hashtag campaigns’.

Best hashtag campaigns

What are hashtag campaigns?

Hashtag campaigns are social media campaigns in which brands use unique hashtags as an identity for their campaign. The idea behind social media campaigns is to create brand awareness. Unique brand hashtags for campaigns can help create an image for your brand. Hashtag campaigns can be helpful in building a buzz around your brand and drive engagement among your audience.

Over the past few years, many brands have employed hashtag campaigns to achieve different goals. Whether you are trying to build anticipation ahead of launching a new product or trying to promote your brand, hashtag campaigns are a great way to give your campaign an identity.

Well, before we move on to hashtag campaigns, let’s know more about hashtag campaigns.

Benefits of Hashtag Campaigns

  • Hashtags add a personal touch to your brand message

Social media managers even now undermine the importance of hashtags. Hashtags are not just to define your posts but they also add a personal touch to your otherwise passive upload. With the help of hashtags, like-minded users come together and you know who is your potential target audience for upcoming strategies. 

  • Hashtags help increase content reach

Hashtags can help increase the reach of your brand posts. See to it that you post at the right time when most of your followers are active and give support to your hashtags with other commonly used hashtags. This will increase the reach of your post and can fetch more followers too. 

  • Hashtags bring to light brand voice and sentiments

Every brand on social media has a tonality that conveys the approach of a brand. The hashtag campaigns communicate the same to your audience. This also means brands can convey if there is a change in their approach through their hashtag campaigns. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtag Campaigns

  • Don’t use hashtags that classify as spam

Brands that are new to hashtag campaigns often end up using spam-like hashtags (#like4like, #followforfollow, and so on). These hashtags can give an impression of your content being spam. Make sure you only include meaningful hashtags in your posts. 

  • Do conduct proper hashtag research and analysis

Hashtags are not to be taken lightly. They are not just there to decorate your posts! Hashtags need to be researched and analysed properly. Make sure you use social media analytics tools to know more about hashtags. Simply putting down numerous hashtags won’t help. 

  • Be sure about the sync between hashtags and the post

Hashtags are used to describe what the post is about. Make sure you include only those hashtags that are relevant to the post. Anything unnecessary can confuse the users. This applies the most to hashtag campaigns. 

  • Promote your hashtags on different social media platforms

Hashtag campaigns need a lot of promotion because making a hashtag viral is very important to get the desired response. Make sure you promote your hashtag on all social media platforms wherever your brand has an active presence. 

  • Don’t copy your competitors’ hashtags

Brands often make the mistake of copying their competitors’ hashtags. Sure, you can use a few common hashtags that are needed for your niche but make sure you have some unique brand hashtags too.

Here are some of the top hashtag campaigns you can take inspiration from:

1. AirBnB’s #LiveThere

Hashtag campaigns, AirBnb

Rolled out by AirBnB with MTV, this hashtag campaign was launched in April 2017. The idea behind the campaign was to promote the concept of an unconventional staying experience offered by Airbnb. AirBnB pooled in influencers like Nikhil Chinappa, Radhika Apte and Anousha Dandekar as a part of the campaign.

The #LiveThere campaign involved a contest where the winners got the chance to travel to one of the 3 beautiful locations of Milan, Thailand, and London. The winners were accompanied by one of the 3 celebrities, each. The participants were asked to share a photo of their ‘Live there’ moment. Along with that, they were also supposed to add a creative caption with  #LiveThere.

The best 3 entries got the chance to travel with these celebrities to their chosen location.

Apart from that, each day, during the campaign roll-out, the most creative entries were selected for a chance to win 200 USD. As a part of the initiative, photos and videos featuring the 3 celebrities were also rolled out on social media.

The campaign drew huge participation. While Anousha Dandekar’s campaign drew an engagement of more than 60K reactions, both Nikhil Chinappa and Radhika Apte brought more than 50K reactions through their campaign. Each of the videos shared by the 3 celebrities featuring the contest winners had more than 2 million views.

2. Shoppers Stop’s #RIPTheDesignations

Hashtag Campaigns, Shoppers stop

Shoppers’ Stop launched a campaign in June 2018 as an attempt to break down the rules laid by the rigid workplace culture. The campaign involved a digital film inspiring young people to be confident and feel free to wear denim to work.

The brand followed a 360-degree approach to market the belief of ‘Denim To Work’ through its #RIPTheDesignations campaign. The campaign was rolled out across all platforms- digital, radio, print, in-store, and outdoor. However, it was social media that drove maximum activation.
According to, the hashtag #RIPTheDesignations got the digital audience talking about the campaign, garnering as much as 638,021 impressions. 

3. #RangonSeKyaDarna By Berger Paints

Hashtag campaigns, Berger paints

Launched a day before Holi this year, Berger Paints ran a campaign to create brand awareness. Using holi as the theme, the hashtag was generated as a part of the contest, rolling out the promotions through a range of channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As a part of the #RangonSeKyaDarna campaign, the audience were encouraged to share their videos, selfies, photos etc. while playing with colours. The main aim behind this hashtag campaign was to generate audience participation and interaction.

The contest generated huge participation with a large number of entries. #RangonSeKyaDarna garnered nearly 200,000 engagements and around 10,000 impressions across social media.

4. FoodPanda’s Women’s Day Message of #NotAPieceOfMeat

Hashtag campaigns, Food Panda

The #NotAPieceOfMeat campaign was an effort at creating consciousness against the use of words such as ‘Hot, Saucy, Smokin’, Teekhi’ for describing women. The idea was to urge people through the campaign that such words should be used to describe food and food only.

The campaign roped in celebrities such as Neha Dhupia and Huma Qureshi to take to different social media platforms, promoting the #NotAPieceOfMeat hashtag. The campaign began with an inauguration video of the female employees of FoodPanda holding up several different words, promoting the message against the objectification of women.

The #NotAPiecOfMeat campaign resulted in more than 3 Lakh impressions across social media and an engagement of more than 40K.

5. Mahindra LifeSpaces #IAmGreenArmy Initiative

Hashtag Campaigns, Mahindra Life Spaces

An initiative to build a deeper connection to Mahindra Lifespaces as an eco-friendly brand, the #IAmGreenArmy campaign launched an 18-day challenge on Facebook and Twitter. Kickstarting the first phase of the campaign by raising awareness around the #IAmGreenArmy challenge with a video, the idea was to encourage people to take up one habit a day.

Mahindra Lifespaces posted one challenge a day for the participants, encouraging them to share effective and simple solutions in response. People were asked to share solutions to challenges such as ‘Effective ways to saving water’ or ‘I will avoid food wastage by…’. Mahindra Lifespaces announced the winner of each challenge on social media and gave out prizes to them.

The campaign garnered a total of 42 million impressions across social media platforms and an engagement of about 260K on Facebook and Twitter. Through the 18-day course of the campaign, the page received 4753 comments in total.

6. #MuftiSpinTheDeal

Hashtag campaigns, Mufti

Mufti leveraged digital channels for the promotion of offline sales through the #MuftiSpinTheDeal campaign. The main aim behind the campaign was to boost sales in the period following the arrival of GST.

The campaign involved people taking screenshots of the desired sale out of the different spokes of the spinwheel. The participants were then asked to share their screenshots with the brand through Direct Message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Through this campaign, the participants earned a 10 per cent discount by using the unique code revealed by the client. This code could then be redeemed at any of their stores.

The #MuftiSpinTheDeal campaign garnered more than 26 Lakh impressions on social media platforms, with an engagement of more than 26K. While Facebook received 391 entries, Instagram saw 754 entries.

7. Havmor’s #TheCoolestSummerJob

Hashtag Campaigns, Havmor

Havmor launched a digital campaign to reach out to customers across different cities. The campaign appealed to ice cream lovers to apply online and win a chance to take the position of Chief Tasting Officer at the company. The contest involved people submitting 2-minute videos capturing one’s passion for ice cream and an understanding of the local palate.

The campaign was launched in March 2017 and pooled in celebrity chefs such as Vicky Ratnani and Sanjana Patel. 4 winners were announced in June 2017, following which the 4 winners went through mentoring sessions under the chefs to understand ice cream creation. After mentorship sessions over 3 days, the 4 officers launched their own ice cream flavours in the market.

#TheCoolestSummarJob garnered 1.7 million digital impressions and 2.38 Lakh, unique visitors, apart from the 4400 entries that the campaign received.

8. Honda’s #DrivingMath101

Hashtag campaigns, Honda

To mark the UN Road Safety Week, Honda launched the #DrivingMath101 as an initiative to create awareness about road safety. As a part of the initiative, the campaign launched a series of illustrations depicting different scenarios in which speeding resulted in hazardous scenarios.

Honda posted simple, yet interesting blackboard and chalk illustrations each day throughout the UN Road Safety Week.

The campaign drew around 1.6 million impressions with an extremely low cost per impression rate and received more than 70k likes and 8,000 impressions. The cumulative reach for Honda was 100k and the engagement touched 80k across social media.

9. Magic Pin’s #BestJobEver

Hashtag campaigns, Magic Print

Magic Pin launched the #BestJobEver campaign around the concept of the monotony involved with regular jobs. The brand created 6 portfolios for unconventional professions like shows stalker, paratha pro, nail art diva, spa addict, and tattoo titan. The brand also released a digital film of a ‘Beer Chugger’ followed by a series of creatives.

Through this campaign, the brand aimed to recruit 6 winners through interactive activities who would be paid in the form of a year’s worth of free services, 100 percent cashback and lifetime membership of Magic Pin.
The video released for the #BestJobEver campaign received 197K views, 1.9K reactions, with more than 24,000 people following them and liking them. The campaign has reached more than 5 million people across radio, print, social and offline platforms. There were around 20,000 applications for the #BestJobEver contest in total.

10. #MomBeAGirlAgain by Amazon

Hashtag campaigns, Amazon India

Amazon launched a campaign on the occasion of mother’s day in 2017. Centred around the theme of letting mothers relive their childhood memories, the campaign featured 2 videos with 2 different women at different ages. The videos were widely appreciated and received a lot of views.

Apart from the videos, Amazon also collaborated with ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’ to create a narrative-based campaign on social media. Amazon India also partnered with ‘Humans of Bombay’ to share the inspiring story of a mother-daughter duo. The campaign was received well by the audience and initiated widespread conversations on social media.

The first video under #MomBeAGirlAgain campaign gained 2 million views and the second video gained 12.9 million views. The powerful campaign provoked conversations across social media platforms.


When it comes to hashtag campaigns, there is enormous scope for creativity, right from framing the name of the campaign to its execution. A good hashtag campaign is one that pushes the audience to take action and creates scope for engagement.

These are some of the top campaigns that influenced the audience opinions, decisions and behaviours in one way or the other. You can use these campaigns as inspiration to build winning campaign ideas that draw attention and build brand awareness.

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