A Short and Simple Guide to Work With Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

fashion and lifestyle influencer

The Influencer Marketing Industry is an ever growing one. Collaborating with niche Influencers that align with your brand can work wonders for your business. You can build fruitful partnerships with Influencers to market your brand across social media platforms.

Influencer marketing gives you access to a larger audience base. At the same time, Influencers bring their own skills on board.In doing so, Influencers can contribute to the content creation process. The benefits of working with Influencers are many and leverage them effectively in order to make the most of this partnership.

If you own an apparel, lifestyle, or fashion brand, working with fashion and lifestyle Influencers can be helpful in so many ways. Let’s look at how you can work with fashion and lifestyle Influencers to build effective marketing campaigns.

Fashion And Lifestyle Influencer

Find The Right Influencer (s) For Your Brand

First things first. Find Influencer (s) whose personality, style and aesthetic matches with that of your brand. Since you are going to be investing your money into this Influencer collaboration, you have to be thorough with your research.

Check out the social media feeds of top fashion and lifestyle Influencers. You can look at their social media content to zero down on Influencers whose ideas and style your brand aligns with.

While looking for the right Influencer, also keep your target audience in mind. Look at the past collaborations by Influencers to check if their content style will match up to your audiences’ likes and preferences.

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Learn To Approach Influencers In The Right Manner

Influencers are essentially content creators. Just as important it is for you to market your product or service brand, it is important for Influencers to market their personal brand. Their personal brand is also reflected in every brand with which they collaborate. As such, Influencers can be very picky about the brands they work with.

Every Influencer that you are going to approach could lead to a value-adding partnership. Be careful with the way in which you approach an Influencer.

Once you have zeroed down on one or more fashion and lifestyle Influencers, it is time to approach the said Influencer (s).

You may have conducted thorough research while looking for the right Influencer (s) for your campaigns. Use this research to frame a proper message/email for the Influencer.

Do not send message templates. Personalizing the message according to each Influencer. Ideally, the first message or email that you send out should be about simply expressing your interest in their work and your willingness to partner with them. Only once they respond with interest should you explain the details of the project.

Determine The Duration Of The Partnership

What type of Influencer collaborations are you looking at? Are you looking at a long-term partnership or a short-term partnership?

Based on your budget and business objective (s), you can decide what kind of partnership you are aiming at. Be clear with your Influencer partner about the duration of your partnership, when discussing the details of the project.

Determine the Nature of the Partnership

On the basis of the duration of the partnership, you can discuss and decide what kind of social media posts you would want your partners to work on. Since Influencers are expert content creators, it is important to give them the creative freedom to create content for your brand.

Here are some ideas and tips on the types of content posts you can work on with fashion and lifestyle Influencers:

Sponsored Posts

Paid social media posts by Influencers featuring your brand and/or products can help draw the attention of a large audience base. You can relay your objectives to the partners so that they can inculcate these into the content while giving their own creative inputs.

Sponsored Posts By Influencers


Louise Thompson, an English reality TV star, shares a sponsored post featuring a watch by Daniel Wellington.

Send Samples/ Gifts

Send out your products as samples or gifts to your target audience. This is a great way to generate organically featured posts from Influencers if they like your products.


Gift Posts By Influencers


Take cues from this Instagram post by an Influencer, featuring products gifted by the brand.

Offer To Send Them Your Products For Special Public Events

Styling fashion and lifestyle Influencers with your products for public events such as launch parties and fashion weeks can be a good idea. It will help draw a large number of eyes to your product, through multiple platforms.

Unboxing And Product Trial Videos

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of content on social media. Unboxing videos include an element of thrill. Product trial videos can be a great way to show how the products will end up looking like.

Unboxing Videos By Influencers


Camilla Frederikke did an unboxing clothing haul video for fashion e-commerce brand, ASOS. You can take inspiration from this brand to create your own campaign.

Featured Collections By Influencers

Another great way to leverage the huge reach and following of Influencers is by getting them to do a capsule collection for your brand. Whether you have an apparel brand, accessories’ brand or any other form of a lifestyle brand, you can include a collection created and/or designed by Influencers.

Influencers are known to have a huge impact on their audience’s purchase and lifestyle decisions. By launching a collection altogether, has the potential to push for better sales for your products, besides improving the reach for your brand in general.


Influencer Collaborations

Including Influencers On Board Your Team

Most Influencers run their own brands. By on-boarding them as a part of your team, you can leverage their skills to the advantage of your brand. Influencers are not just adept content creators, they hold expert knowledge of their niche and run their own personal brand as a business in an effective manner. They could be valuable contributors to your business.

Long-term Brand Ambassadors

If you feel that you need to bring Influencers for a longer-term collaboration, then you can consider asking them to work as brand ambassadors. Long-term associations with Influencers as ambassadors can be great for your brand. The more people see content featuring your brand, the better the brand recall. If Influencers associate themselves with your brand for a long time, it will help project a positive image for your brand. In fact, it can have a direct impact on your sales.

One-time Social Account Takeovers

Another way to approach a partnership with fashion and lifestyle Influencers is by getting them to take over your social media account. Give Influencers the creative freedom to build their own type of content, but do give Influencers the clarity about your business goals.

Social Media Takeover By Influencers

Paying Your Influencer Partners

Once you have decided upon the nature of the collaboration with your partner Influencer, you will have to come up with a payment plan for them.

The nature and duration of the partnership should ideally, determine the payment structure. You can always ask the Influencers up front and negotiate as per your budget.

For short-term associations, you can consider going for payment options besides cash. You can send them free, trial samples. Another way to go about this is by featuring them in your content.

In long-term associations, payments can be based on KPIs such as reach, and engagement. Looking at Industry standards can also be a good idea.


As a brand, you should always look for Influencers specializing in a niche that aligns with your business. Partnerships with fashion and lifestyle Influencers can be great for your apparel, lifestyle or fashion business. To work out an effective collaboration with fashion and lifestyle Influencers, here’s what you can do:

  • Find a good fashion or lifestyle Influencer to partner with, based on your niche, brand voice, and their content style, apart from the likes and preferences of your target audience.
  • Pitch an offer for partnership based on an analysis of their personality (Don’t use email/message temples).
  • Determine the duration of the partnership.
  • Determine the nature of the partnership- whether you want them to do a video featuring your products or if you want to collaborate with them for a capsule collection designed and created by them.
  • Decide upon a payment structure based on the nature and duration of the partnership


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