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How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Brand

grow your brand on twitter

Like all social media platforms, Twitter also allows you to market your brand. It has a 330 million-strong monthly user base. If you are not leveraging Twitter to grow your business already, you should do it now.

Apart from a huge number of users, this platform also offers different tools and features using which you can build awareness about your brand and bring more customers on board.

If you want to tap into the potential of this social media network, you need to follow a full-fledged strategy that will help you gain followers, enhance engagement and generate leads. As overwhelming as it may sound, you can ace your Twitter marketing strategy too. To help you with this, we have put together a simple and comprehensive guide on how to use Twitter to grow your business.

Using Twitter To Grow Your Business

1. Set SMART Goals

If you want to make the most of your Twitter marketing strategy, you should start with setting clear goals. Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals for your Twitter account.

If you are just starting out on Twitter, your goal may probably be to build a community on the platform. But you need to set clear goals so that you can map out actionable steps to achieve these. Frame smart goals which will lead you to achieve desirable results.

A smart goal should be something like this: “ Driving up your engagement levels by at least 50% in the next 2 months”. The clearer your goals, the better you will be equipped to take actions to achieve those goals.

2. Set Up Your Twitter Profile And Optimise It

Now that you have clear, SMART goals framed for your Twitter account, you are all set to take action. For this, you need to set up your Twitter profile and optimise it. Make sure to completely fine tune all the important components of your Twitter profile.

The main aspects of your Twitter profile include your banner image, profile picture, name, @username, description/bio, pinned tweets, and link.

Go for a branded image as your profile picture so as to build awareness about your brand. It is recommended that you opt for your logo as your profile picture.

You also need to add an appropriate header image for your Twitter profile that aligns with your brand image. A good idea would be to use the header image space to actively promote the launch of your latest products and campaigns. Since the header image is the first thing that your audience sees on Twitter, you must leverage it smartly.

Add a Twitter handle and username for your account. Frame a catchy and engaging bio for your Twitter profile. Twitter allows you to add a caption of no longer than 160 characters. Use this space to talk about your brand. Give an introduction to your brand and let your audience know what your brand offers. Add a relevant call to action, depending upon your goals.

Don’t forget to add a trackable link on your Twitter profile leading to the relevant website or landing page. Use this space smartly, to gain the attention of your target audience.

You can promote your latest product launches and campaigns by adding a pinned tweet on your profile. Do update your pinned tweet to lead your audience’s attention to your latest campaigns.

3. Gain An Understanding Of The Twitter Algorithm

You have set up your Twitter profile and optimised it to your marketing/business goals. And now you want to start pushing out content and get it in front of your target audience. But how do you ensure that your content gets seen by your target audience?

The Twitter algorithm favours content that generates engagement. Go for content that will compel your audience to like, retweet or comment your content.

Always avoid content that is too salesy or self-promoting. Such type of content is not favoured by the Twitter algorithm.

4. Ensure Active Interactions With Your Target Audience

When you are using Twitter to grow your brand, you should focus on creating content that will push your audience to engage. Good quality content can help you generate interactions with your audience.

Video is one of the most popular types of content that engages people on Twitter. You can create your own videos that will engage your audience. You can also share relevant video content that you believe, will provoke interactions amongst your target audience.

In order to build a deeper connect with your target audience, you need to focus on generating constant interactions. Make sure to respond to all the comments you receive. It is recommended that brands should reply back to their audience within a timespan of at least 60 minutes. A timely response to your target audience will help your audience feel valued.  

Apart from creating such type of content, you also need to take initiative to start conversations with your target audience on Twitter. Retweet and follow them to show that you value their content. You can host polls and also offer your audience to give their opinions on various subjects. You can also mention and tag followers where relevant.

You can take this Twitter poll by AirBnB as an example.

Twitter Polls

5. Use Hashtags Smartly

Hashtags are a great discoverability metric. They group your content into different categories and help you enhance awareness about your brand on Twitter. If you want to leverage Twitter for business, you have to make the most of this discoverability metric in the right manner.

When adding hashtags to your tweets, it is recommended not to go for more than a couple of tweets on the platform. Look for all the trending hashtags on Twitter, which are relevant to your brand.You can find your trends on the left-hand side of your Twitter profile. Use these hashtags to enhance your presence on the platform.

Use Trending Hashtags

6. Post When Your Audience Is Active

If you want to be smart with your Twitter strategy, try to focus on posting content and tweet more often when your audience is active. By doing this, you can work the Twitter algorithm in your favour.

Find out when your target audience is most active. What days of the week is your audience more active and during which time in the day does most of your audience use Twitter?

Based on these insights, you can find out when you should target your audience with your content.

(Want to know which time is the best time to post content on social media platforms, including Twitter? Read this.)

7. Collaborate With Niche Influencers

Influencer Marketing is fast taking over as one of the most popular tactics to market brands and products. Find out Influencers from your niche.Based upon the scale, budget and goal of your Twitter campaign, you can look for Influencers to collaborate with.

Bringing Influencers on board will not only help you reach your content to a larger audience, given the huge follower-bases that these Influencers boast of. You can also leverage their content creation skills to present your brand and products in the best possible manner.

If you want to track the top Influencers in your industry, use Unbox Social. With the help of this tool, you can get daily updates on Influencers’ activities across platforms.

Use Twitter Ads

Use paid and sponsored content to market your brand and products. With Twitter Ads, you can target all your potential audience and push them to perform the desired actions.

Use Twitter Ads

Build lucrative Twitter Ads campaigns to convert your target audience. The best thing about Twitter Ads is that you are billed only when someone completes an action associated with your Ad. Twitter Ads, in this sense, are a lucrative means to grow your business on the platform.

8. Go Live On Twitter

Live streaming is the best way to generate real time engagement and allows you to build a connection with your audience on the platform. Twitter periscope allows you to run live broadcasts. Conduct Q&A sessions, give your audience a tour of your workplace or organisation, hold live product demonstrations or cover important events using Twitter periscope.

Answer all questions in real time and build a deeper connection with your audience.


Twitter is a great platform to draw your audience’s attention to your brand and product. Whether you are a newbie, wondering how to use Twitter to build brand awareness or an ace marketer wanting to enhance engagement, with the help of these steps, you can ace your Twitter game:

  • Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant goals for your Twitter marketing strategy to gain clarity.
  • Set up your Twitter profile and optimise your profile picture, header image, Twitter handle, bio, trackable links and pinned tweet.
  • Develop an understanding of the Twitter algorithm and accordingly plan your content delivery strategy.
  • Actively interact with your target audience to build a connection with them.
  • Develop a hashtag strategy for your Twitter account- follow trending hashtags and avoid going beyond a couple of hashtags.
  • Find out when your audience is active and build a content delivery strategy accordingly.
  • Bring niche Influencers on board, to actively promote and market your products.
  • Use paid and sponsored content to target your audience effectively.
  • Go live on Twitter to generate real-time engagement.

What is Unbox Social?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!