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How to Write a Great Instagram Bio – Ideas and Tips

instagram bio

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms to showcase your brand. The platform comes with numerous features, tools, and formats. There is infinite scope to creatively build a presence that leaves a striking impression on the minds of your target audience. After all, the time and efforts you put into building your brand presence on Instagram should at least leave an impact on your audience.

Your Instagram profile is representative of your brand on the platform. A very important part of your Instagram profile is your Instagram bio. The first thing that a user can see on visiting your Instagram profile is your Instagram bio. As such, you need to leverage this space to bring out the best of your brand.

When you are writing an Instagram bio for your brand, you need to keep certain facts in mind. Firstly, you need to understand that the Instagram bio has a specific character limit. This space allows you to use up as many as 150 characters for creating an Instagram bio for your brand. You also need to add a relevant profile photo, that goes with your brand. It could be your brand logo or a picture that will help in brand recall.

Once you have added your profile photo, you can focus on writing a bio for your Instagram profile. Here are a few Instagram bio tips that you need to follow in order to leverage this space to the fullest.

Writing Your Instagram Bio- Tips You Need To Follow Right Now

1. Add Your Business Name

Write your business name as your ‘Name’. Do not make the mistake of confusing this with your Úsername’. When users search for an Instagram profile, they key in the name and not the username in the search field.

Do make sure to use a name for your profile that people can easily remember. Irrespective of your business goal, the idea is to first ensure maximum discoverability for your brand on Instagram.

2. Select Category

When you are creating an Instagram profile for your brand, you need the appropriate category in which your business specialises. Whether you are a restaurant or a publishing company, a fashion blogger or a freelance graphic artist, you should put it out there for your audience. The more the clarity, the better Instagram experience you will offer to your target audience.

3. Give Out The Basic Information

This one is a complete no-brainer. You need to provide basic information about your brand. One of the most important Instagram bio-tips is to ensure that you offer a basic idea about your brand. You can create a description by answering the following questions about your brand:

  • What does your brand offer?
  • What is your USP?
  • What is your specialisation?

Answer these questions and half your job will be done for you. By doing this you are offering a streamlined experience to your target audience. When someone opens your Instagram page, the description of your brand will be enough to give them an idea about what your brand is into.

4. Let Your Brand Voice Dictate Your Language

One of the most relevant Instagram bio tips is to create a description that aligns with your brand voice. To put it simply, it is the tone of voice of your brand.

What are the values that your brand aligns with? What is the emotion or sentiment that your words create?

Using your brand voice

Take the example of NatGeoTravel’s Instagram bio. Staying true to its brand voice, it reflects an adventurous vibe which is characteristic of NatGeo in general.

5. Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

Another one of the important Instagram bio tips that you need to follow is to always keep your target audience in mind. Is it teenagers that your target audience is mostly composed of or is it adults? Are you a B2C business or B2B business?

Answer all these questions to frame an Instagram bio that will appeal to your target audience. The more they will relate with your Instagram bio, the more they are likely to engage with your brand on the platform.

If you want to get a deeper understanding of your target audience, you can use a social media reporting tool. Unbox social is one such tool that provides you with valuable insights about your audience. Take the insights and information offered by this tool to further tweak the tone and vocabulary of your Instagram bio.

6. Add A Call To Action

Use your Instagram bio to direct your audience to take the desired action. Depending upon your social media objectives or business goals, you may add appropriate calls to action in your Instagram bio.

Clearly lead your audience to the targeted page by making use of appropriate calls to action.

Calls to action in Instagram bio

7. Include Relevant Links

If you want to make the most of your Instagram bio, use this space to add relevant links. Your Instagram bio is the only space in your Instagram profile where you can add any links.

Whether you want to take your audience to a particular blog or a new product you just launched on your website, you can add the link here, in your Instagram bio. Mention about the bio link in your Instagram stories and posts and lead your audience to your desired page.

 Link in Instagram bio

Fashionnova, for instance, uses this space to directly lead their audience to their website. You too may add a relevant link to your Instagram bio and make the most of your presence on the platform.

8. Use Hashtags

You can add brand-specific or even campaign hashtags in your Instagram bio. User generated content is one of the top-most and popular content. Offer your audience with catchy hashtags and make them post content featuring your brand with the campaign hashtag.

There are many ways to use Instagram hashtags.

(Check out some of the best ways to use Instagram hashtags to their full potential!)

Using hashtags in Instagram bio

Asos started a campaign to push for user-generated content based on the #AsSeenOnMe hashtag. The audience then added Instagram posts wearing Asos products and adding the hashtag in the description.

9. Go Creative With Emojis

To create the best Instagram bio for your brand, make use of emojis. You can use the emojis to add a fun, creative element in your Instagram description.

Add emojis to replace words and create a nice, interactive experience for your audience.

Here is an example of how you can make use of emojis in your Instagram bio. Emojis can be used as calls to action, as well, as you can see in the example with the two fingers pointing downwards.

10. Optimise The Spacing Of Your Instagram Bio

Optimise the spacing of your Instagram bio by putting it in a neat and orderly manner, instead of going for the paragraph format. The best way to put your brand description is by putting small bits of information in every line on your Instagram bio. This makes your Instagram bio look neat and clear.

Instagram bio spacing

You can use the above example as an inspiration on how to space out your brand description in your Instagram bio.


Writing an Instagram bio can be an overwhelming task, especially because your Instagram bio is the source of the first impression of your brand on the platform. To make it simpler for you, here are a few Instagram bio ideas to take inspiration from :

  • Put your business name as your Instagram name for better discoverability
  • Add the appropriate business category for your brand
  • Use Instagram bio to provide basic information about your brand
  • Frame your bio by inculcating your brand voice or tone
  • Let your target audience also dictate how you write out your Instagram bio
  • Lead your audience to the desired actions with CTAs in your Instagram bio
  • Leverage this space to add relevant links
  • Employ the use of hashtags for better brand engagement through UGCs
  • Add emojis in your Instagram bio to create a great experience for your brand
  • Make sure to space your Instagram description in the right manner

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!