Top 8 Facebook Metrics To Track Your Brand Growth

Marketing on Facebook has to be done right and strategically. Facebook marketing is the first agenda for most brands and businesses simply because they want to showcase themselves to a wider audience and Facebook being a social media giant offers exactly that. Along with creating engaging posts and video content for your Facebook audience, analysis of the content performance is also essential.

The native Facebook analytics dashboard no longer exists and this makes the analysis all the more difficult. Facebook analytics tools can help you overcome this challenge easily. But before we tell you about the tools, it is important to know about Facebook metrics. 

There are some Facebook metrics that matter a lot when it comes to measuring what is working for your brand. In this blog, we will explore Facebook key metrics that are crucial for brand engagement and reach. 

Though every metric gives you an insight into how your content is performing, there are some Facebook performance metrics that deserve your full attention. 

Facebook Metrics That Must Be Tracked Regularly

  • Engagement Rate

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When you choose a social media analytics tool for analysing your brand’s Facebook performance, the first thing to check is the engagement rate metric. The engagement rate will tell you whether the audience is consuming your content as you want. Comments, shares, likes, leaving reactions and any such interaction will tell you how the audience is engaging with your content. This is necessary for Facebook marketing. Having a high engagement rate implies that your content is hitting the right notes with your audience and that your content strategy is working. Facebook engagement metrics will require you to track likes, comments, and shares primarily. 

  • Reach

The reach determines how many unique accounts have seen your content on their feed. The more reach your post has, the more exposure it gets on the platform. Tracking the reach metric is crucial to understand what kind of content is working for your audience and brand. If you see a drop in your reach it means your content strategy needs a push. This can also hint at a flawed post scheduling. 

  • Impressions

The number of times your Facebook page/post has been seen counts as impressions. (Make sure you don’t get confused between Reach and Impressions). When impressions are higher than reach, it simply means your posts were repeatedly seen. Facebook analytics tools like Unbox Social give you Facebook insights for impressions by bifurcating them into viral, organic, and paid. 

  • Clicks on CTA

Most brand and business pages have a CTA button on their Facebook page. The clicks on the CTA button are necessary to calculate. This will tell you if the audience is taking any action once you have implemented your content strategies. Remember, clicks on the CTA button are important because that means the user is actually following the funnel of your marketing strategy. 

  • Follower count

Tracking the follower growth on your Facebook page will help you detect whether the audience is willing to follow your brand content on the social media platform. If your follower count is stagnant it simply means your content needs to improve or maybe you need to target a different set of audience base. 

  • Audience demographics

Another important metric to track for Facebook page analytics is to know the audience demographics. Knowing what forms your audience base is important so that you know whether you are targeting the right audience. The products and services your brand offers must be relevant to your audience towards whom you are directing the content. 

  • Video metrics

The Facebook metrics list is incomplete without the mention of video metrics. Videos also form a part of the content and are rated as the most effective means to communicate with the users. Check the performance of your video content on a regular basis to know whether it is helping you reach your brand goals and objectives. 

  • Post scheduling insights

To get the most out of your content on Facebook, it is important to post it at the right time. Some Facebook analytics tools will give you insights on when most of your followers are online. This will help you schedule your posts at the right time. Moreover, it will also impact the other Facebook metrics like reach and impressions.

To analyse Facebook page metrics, keep in mind the above-mentioned 8 Facebook metrics. The insights from these metrics will help you figure out how you can improve your brand presence on Facebook. 

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