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Top 8 Facebook Analytics Tools for 2021

Facebook Analytics Tools

With the help of evolving technology and the purpose to provide new features to their users, Facebook keeps changing its algorithms and regulations every now and then.

These changes bring in new challenges to marketers and brand managers wrt understanding their customers on the social media platform.

Of course, there is no stopping for Facebook, as it keeps adding more and more users to its platform and interconnects users from its previous acquisitions like Instagram. This also makes it a prime hub for marketing and branding products and services. 

Just checking the native Facebook insights won’t add the necessary fuel required to push your content and elevate your brand’s performance.

Thankfully, we have many Facebook analytics tools that can provide you with the right data to understand your customers, prepare better strategies, and make key business decisions.

Let’s understand why Facebook analytics is important and how marketing professionals are making the most of it from the tools available.

What are Facebook Analytics Tools?

Just like the native Facebook analytics dashboard, Facebook analytics tools provide you with in-depth data on how your brand is faring on the platform. This data is not just restricted to post and overall content performance, these tools give you a detailed account of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Facebook analytics tools will give you data-driven insights such as active users on your page, their engagement rate, content performance by reach, impressions, likes, comments, shares, reaction, overall follower growth, sentiment analysis, and much more. 

Furthermore, some tools also provide features like Facebook competitor analysis to track similar brands in their niche.
By understanding these metrics and generating useful reports, Facebook analytics tools come in handy for marketers and brand managers to create better content strategies.

Why Using Facebook Analytics Tools is Important?

As the number of daily active users on Facebook is increasing, so is the data. It is a challenging task to look after and gauge insights from such a huge database. This is where Facebook analytics tools come into the picture.

By using such tools a business can assess the data, set KPIs, and create specific goals all under one roof. It serves as a tool to get a perspective of the current situation and gives a roadmap to reach the set goals.

However, before we jump to the list let’s keep in mind a checklist to select the right Facebook analytics tool.

  • See whether the tool matches your requirements
  • Check the credibility of the tool
  • See if the pricing suits your budget
  • Should give you data on competitors
  • The tool should provide you with timely reports

List of the Best Facebook Analytics Tools

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social dashboard

Facebook analytics feature by Unbox Social is everything you need to evaluate your brand performance on Facebook. The feature tells you how the audience is interacting with your page content, what kind of audience your posts are attracting, and the trends in your niche. 

Additionally, Unbox Social also provides post-level insights that help you understand the reach of every post, the engagement level of each post, post views, and feedback for posts. 

A glimpse of the tool below shows the impressions and reach of a brand on Facebook.

unbox social facebook analytics tools

Apart from analysing your own page, Unbox Social allows you to compare and analyse your competitors too. Check what the audience is talking about in your niche, see what your competitors are publishing, look at the trends in the industry, and so on with the competition tracking feature. 

As a marketing professional, you surely want to know how did the audience reach your post. Well, Unbox Social’s analytics feature will also tell you where the views are coming from!

Relying on these statistics can help you frame effective content for your brand! Above all, the platform allows you to understand your audience demographics too. Once you know who your audience is, it becomes easier to curate content. The all in one platform lets you generate reports in several formats that can be used for your presentations effortlessly! 

The snapshot of the tool below shows the Facebook competitor analysis feature wherein the graphs tell you how the audience has interacted with each of the competing brands.

unbox social facebook competitor analytics tool

Grow your brand on Facebook with data-driven insights from Unbox Social.
Understand how users are interacting and engaging on Facebook using Unbox Social’s Facebook Analytics Tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

2. Buffer

Buffer - Facebook Analytics Tool

Buffer is a simple to use social media scheduling tool. With so much going on in the social media space it is tough to get insights for each post. Planning, scheduling, collaborating, and posting can all be done in one place.

It is a great tool to improve your social media strategy. You can track and manage all your social accounts at your convenience.

3. QuintlyQuintly - Facebook analytics tool

If competitive analysis is your need then Quintly is your go-to tool. With the help of this tool, you can measure the engagement of your post against your competitors. You can also scrutinize the increase and decrease in the number of fans.

This tool lets you customise your dashboard from over 250 metrics. Meanwhile, it also offers a unique customer care Benchmark report. This helps gauge an understanding of how often customers ask questions. 

4. Socialbakers

Socialbakers - Facebook analytics tool

Socialbakers is one place for all your social media analysis. Analytics is the key to achieve your marketing numbers. This tool will help you measure your ROI on all the marketing campaigns.

Its analytics tools allow you to get a glance over all your campaigns. The solution SocialBakers’ analytics tool provides is actionable insights without any confusion. It helps you overcome any social media crisis. Also, the tool helps you stay ahead of your competitors in your industry.

5. TrackMaven

Trackmaven - Facebook analytics tool

Tracking KPIs is the most important part of analytics. TrackMaven measures how posts have performed in comparison to on-site conversions. This is a highly beneficial feature.

At a go, you will be able to see the posts that performed well. This can be seen on the Executive’s Dashboard. You can see the top performing paid posts and recognise the organic marketing efforts.

6. GryticsGrytics - Facebook Analytics Tool

Grytics is a Facebook Group analytics tool. Managing different groups and communities at a time can be a hassle. To overcome this situation, Grytics provides a clean view of content interaction and the type of content that resonates well with the audience.

Also, it provides downloadable reports for ease.

7. Rival IQ

Rival IQ - Facebook Analytics Tool

It’s an all-in-one analytics tool. It understands the social statistics with the context of your competitors. It features some great solutions like Social Listening and SEO integrations.

A strong tool should support each social platform account. Rival IQ syncs between all social accounts from LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to Pinterest. Like all other tools, Rival IQ keeps an eye on your competition for insightful engagement. It also alerts about popular topics and competitors move.

8. Sociograph


Sociograph helps you analyse Facebook groups and pages. The tool is designed to give you a better understanding of your audience. The tool gives you insights into how your posts are performing and also gives you data for all the crucial metrics. The report will help you detect the active members on your page/community which can enhance your audience selection.

Well, if you are still in two minds about using Facebook analytics tools here is why you must use them.

Why Is Using Facebook Analytics Tools Important?


  • Facebook analytics tools allow you to set clear goals for your campaigns

The statistics and data provided by the tools help you figure what kind of strategy fits your campaign goals and objectives. This saves you time and resources on trial and error. 

  • Facebook analytics tools give you insights into your audience base

Social media strategies work well if your target audience finds some value in them. And to create content that fits the audience’s expectations, it is necessary to know the audience. Facebook analytics tools give you detailed insights into who is consuming your content and whether your content is being directed at the right audience.

  • Know if the audience reaction is in sync with your expectations

Brands often face problems on social media when their strategy goes wrong or is not able to generate the right response. The insights from the Facebook analytics tools help you detect the same. Know if your campaign is generating the right response and whether it is helping you reach your goal.  

  • Facebook analytics tools tell you the best time to post

With the help of these tools, you will come to know when most of your target audience is active on the platform. Once you know this, you can schedule your posts accordingly and get maximum attention. 

Well, now that you know how important it is to use Facebook analytics tools, let’s look at how you can curate effective Facebook marketing strategies

Tips To Create Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

facebook marketing strategies

1. Your Facebook page should be updated with all the necessary information

Your Facebook page is the identity of your brand and has the ability to form the first impression in the minds of the audience. See to it that your page is updated with all the latest information. Right from the profile picture to the cover page, everything should reflect your brand. 

2. Choose the CTA buttons for your page cleverly

Facebook pages allow you to have CTA on the page so make maximum use of it. Choosing the CTA button depends on what you want the audience to do. Opt for a ‘Sign Up’ call to action if you want more subscribers or go for a ‘Contact Us’ button if your brand needs more of that.

3. Post more video content

Video content works best on Facebook. Make sure you have interesting video content on your page every now and then. This can also help you get viral on the platform. Posting relatable videos on Facebook can also increase the engagement rate. 

4. Make use of Facebook live and Facebook stories

Facebook’s live feature will help you connect with your audience. Host live sessions to keep your audience engaged. The live feature can also be used to cover important events like product launches. 

5. Study the comments to know about audience behaviour

Comments on your posts can tell you a lot about how your posts are performing and whether the audience is liking them or not. Analyse the comments and check the audience sentiment. You should also keep an eye on the posts that receive maximum comments. 

Well, now that you know how important it is to track your Facebook page, it is high time you choose a tool and start curating content that matters. Track what is working for your competitors and where is your strategy lacking.

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What is Unbox Social?

Unbox Social is a powerful tool that offers solutions for influencer search, social media analytics, and competition tracking. The platform helps you get in-depth social media performance data of your brands, campaigns, and competitors. Get detailed reports and implement the findings in your strategies to get the most out of your campaigns!

Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!