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Facebook shutting down its analytics feature came as a shock to most of us. Facebook analytics has been an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. The page insights, post insights, and audience demographics have helped several businesses ace their performance on the platform. 

Monitoring the Facebook insights cannot be not done! Brand managers rely on the data to frame new marketing plans for the platform. With Facebook analytics shutting down, it is now time to look at Facebook analytics alternatives. 

In this blog, we will dig deeper into the closure of Facebook analytics and help you with alternatives.

Facebook analytics was started by Facebook to provide Google analytics like data to their users. The platform-centric data introduced by Facebook was launched as the next big thing but the feature failed to pick up. The Facebook analytics feature was used as an add-on and not as a necessity. Brand managers still had to rely on different Facebook analytics tools to get in-depth data.  

Facebook analytics reports can be generated from social media tools and most of these tools are well-equipped to provide far deeper insights than Facebook’s native analytics feature. 

The biggest challenge for marketers now is to replace their traditional Facebook analytics monitoring practice with new tools. But fret not, we have you covered!

Let’s understand how to choose the right Facebook analytics tool.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking For Social Media Tools


  • Guage the user experience

Be it analytics for Facebook or any other social media platform, you must check the user experience. A tool that is complicated and requires a lot of time to comprehend might not be the right one for you. 

  • Is the tool giving you the data you want?

The Facebook analytics tool you choose needs to give you the data you want. Make sure you take a look at the features of the tool carefully to know if it suffices your requirements. 

  • Is there another tool available that is giving you more features?

Comparing different social media tools is also important when opting for an analytics tool. While some tools focus only on Facebook metrics, some can help you with scheduling and posting too. Check the tools and compare!

  • Customer support

The tool you choose must have active and prompt customer support. Initially, you might have queries regarding the usage of the tool and therefore, customer support is necessary. Most analytics platforms also give trials to help you understand the working of the tool. 

  • Pricing

Lastly, it is necessary to check the pricing of the tool. Make sure you clear all your pricing queries beforehand to avoid any discrepancies later. 

Now that you have a checklist for choosing the Facebook analytics tool, let’s go through the Facebook analytics alternatives. 

Features of Unbox Social- Facebook Analytics Alternative

  • Facebook page analytics

Unbox Social tool

The Unbox Social tool will give you in-depth page analytics wherein you will be able to see the count of fans, follower growth, Facebook engagement rate, page reach, page views, page impressions, and lots more.

The tool gives you an overview of your Facebook page and also recommends posts to promote. 

Keeping a track of these insights will give you a blueprint of how your Facebook page has performed and which Facebook metrics you need to work on. 

  • Facebook audience insights

Facebook analytics

The Unbox Social tool is comprehensive and gives you data on the audience too. The tool has a dedicated section to help you analyse the audience. The tool gives you data on audience demographics (age, gender, location, language). Further, it also tells you when your followers are active on the platform. This can help you schedule your posts well. The analytics also gives you information on the content themes your brand has posted on and how it was received by the audience. Additionally, you can know the audience sentiment with the help of the tool. 

  • Facebook post insights

Facebook analytics

Unbox Social’s social media analytics solution covers you with post analytics too. The tool gives you details for all the posts wrt their performance. Check total video views, total reach, total impressions, average ER, reactions, post type classification, repeat views, and much more with the tool. The feature allows you to check metrics for individual posts too and gives you data like ER, shares, interaction, comments, views, reactions, impressions, reach, paid reach, and paid impressions.

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