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9 Top Facebook Advertising Tools for Marketers

Tools for Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you the access to reach out to more than 2 billion users.  Boosting your engagement, increasing click-through rates or raising conversion rates, Facebook offers the opportunity to use the platform to achieve all these goals. But how do you achieve these goals?  You can do so by using Facebook advertising tools.

Facebook business page is the most cost-effective way of carrying out your marketing goals and generating leads. Since Facebook has such a wide net of users, you should use this tool provided by Facebook to the utmost for fulfilling your social media goals.   If you do not have a Facebook page, then now is the time to take the plunge.  Let’s say you have your Facebook page ready and running. You regularly post videos, photos, live streams etc. But, is that all? Do you think that just posting content will be sufficient?

Facebook introduced changes in its newsfeed algorithm at the beginning of this year. The new Facebook algorithm emphasizes on generating relevant, conversations among users. This has resulted in making visibility on Facebook news feed even more difficult. Now you are not only competing with a huge number of businesses for visibility on the newsfeed but also against users’ content.

This is when Facebook Ads come into the picture. With the new Facebook newsfeed algorithm in place, you cannot rely entirely on your organic efforts. Paid methods is one way to make your content visible to the customer. You can use Facebook Ads to make sure that your target audience views your content and takes some form of action.

Facebook Ads offer the right platform for directly sharing your content with your target audience. To ensure a foolproof social media marketing strategy using Facebook Ads, we recommend certain tools that will make your job easier and convenient.

In order to select the tool appropriate for your campaign, you can consider the following questions:

  • Is your current Facebook Ads campaign getting you the desired ROI?
  • If not, does Facebook Ads manager provide you with the solution to improving your Ads campaign strategy?
  • If not, then what specific objective (s) are you trying to achieve through your Facebook Ads campaign?
  • What is your budget?
  • Which tools out of these have the desired features?

Thinking along these questions will help you determine which tool(s) will bring you the desired results.

Here is a list of 9 top rated Facebook advertising tools:

1. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook’s built-in tool for managing Ads, right from the creation of Ads to reports on your Ads’ performance is the ultimate solution for making Ads work for your business. The Facebook Ads manager has now been combined with the Power Editor into a single interface.

Facebook Ads Manager lets you choose the parameters for your campaign, your objective and audience. Managing your creative work is also very simple with the use of the Facebook Ads manager tool.

Pick any of the 2 creation workflows based on your requirements. With the guided creation option to launch a campaign, you can refer to the steps that the step-by-step wizard provide. Those using this tool for the first time can opt for this workflow. Experienced advertisers can go for the quick creation option.

You can also manage your campaigns by reviewing and adjusting your campaigns in terms of your audience, budget, copies etc. Facebook Ads Manager also gets you with reports to track and measure the performance of your Ads or campaigns.

Facebook Ads manager provides you with easy-to-read reports. You can analyze elements and components in your campaign and optimize your settings to improve the performance of your Ad, Ad set or campaign.

2. AdEspresso

Advertising on Facebook

AdEspresso is another Facebook advertising tool that can help optimize your Facebook Ads. With AdEspresso, you can create, manage, analyze, collaborate and learn on Facebook Ads.

The creation feature of AdEspresso for Facebook Ads lets you create Facebook Ads in the most simple and convenient manner. You can run test Ads, create Ads in bulk and even get your Ads promoted through AdEspresso.

AdEspresso lets you optimize your Ads automatically. All you have to do is set the metrics that will guide the optimization rules. You can also auto-sync data lists from your CRM to Facebook using this tool.

AdEspresso lets you analyze the performance of your Facebook Ads campaign in quick time with the help of reports. You can also generate insights based on specific metrics or analyze individual Ads. AdEspresso works well as a Facebook Ads reporting tool with the features of aggregated reporting and automated PDF reporting with comprehensive charts and graphs.

AdEspresso makes the entire process of coordinating and collaborating with your team very simple through its Collaborate feature. This feature helps cut down the time you spend in getting approvals and also facilitates collaboration with co-workers and team members across the globe.

One of the top features of this Facebook advertising tool is the access you can get to marketing experts. You can also use the AdEspresso University which has a huge stock of courses, webinars and experiments for the guidance of marketers. It also provides Facebook Ads examples to provide you with inspiration for campaign creation.

3. Qwaya

facebook ads

Qwaya is a great Facebook advertising tool and Facebook marketing tool. It provides you with features to target audience along any criteria and lets you test your Ads along different places on the newsfeed and different types.

Qwaya lets you conveniently organize your Ad sets and campaigns into folders. The automation features of Qwaya let you schedule the exact time for the Ad rotation. You can also pick and schedule specific Ads from Ad sets or campaigns that you’d want to be published. Setting the campaign rules based on metrics is also possible through Qwaya.

Qwaya comes with tracking features such as URL builder and Google analytics integration, both of which are not part of the Facebook power editor.

Qwaya also supports the organization through templates for segregating Facebook Ads into target audience groups. Folders are also provided for smooth operation of each campaign. Qwaya allows you to collaborate with team members and co-workers in the process of campaign creation and management.

Qwaya is also a good Facebook Ads reporting tool. You can refer to its Graph reports to track your performance on individual Ads as well as entire campaigns. If you have your own procedures for reporting, Qwaya lets you export campaign data and reports to excel for your convenience.

4. AdStage

AdStage with its reporting, automation, data API and integration features, is a great Facebook advertising tool to use for optimizing your ads and advertising campaigns. With AdStage, you can analyze specific metrics and not just entire Facebook Ads campaigns, along with the creation and scheduling of your reports.

You can also measure the ROI on your campaigns by analyzing the conversion data. Getting automated schedule reports also becomes possible with the help of AdStage. AdStage offers well-designed, white label reports with your logos, to share with your clients.

Automation features offered by AdStage makes your Ad campaigns’ performance more efficient. You can automate the scheduling of your Ads as well as Ads rotation through AdStage. AdStage provides you with email alerts to help you keep track of the performance on your campaigns.

AdStage Data API tool lets you export data into your business intelligence tool and other data warehouse and storage tools. With this tool, pulling out your conversion data also becomes easier.

Apart from the features talked about above, AdStage also offers the feature of integrating your Ads campaigning strategies across different networks.

5. Driftrock

Another Facebook advertising tool and social media marketing tool is Driftrock. This tool offers features such as Facebook custom audience syncing. It allows you to mirror customer segments within a time period set by you. With Driftrock you can easily sync millions of records every hour. Driftrock allows you to connect one or more of your data sources, conducts segmentation of audience and then syncs it with Facebook or other social media channels.

The ‘Facebook Leads Ads Sync’ tool offered by Driftrock syncs data from your CRM to your Facebook Ads account. It conducts downstream analysis to optimize your Ads, Ad sets and campaigns. This tool helps reduce the cost per lead by over 50%.

It also provides lead analysis and segmentation in 3 simple steps. Starting with syncing Facebook Ads leads, it then goes on to conduct segmentation of your leads. The segmentation may be based on different aspects of your leads or on the basis of your marketing campaigns. Finally, it provides an analysis of your leads with the help of charts and insights.

6. UpViral

UpViral, among its other features, comes with the option of referral marketing. By creating unique referral invite links and providing incentives for sharing, UpViral makes referral marketing very convenient for you. While doing so, it provides you with full scope to customize your referral link system. You can determine the type of action, as well as the points per action for your referral link system.

With UpViral the referral marketing process becomes seamless and simple. You can customize the rewards system and set up contest promotions. You can manage the scheduling of such contests and automate the process of prize notification and distribution.

This tool ensures Facebook newsfeed optimization by increasing referral tracking. It allows you to customize your links and lets you manage and control the appearance of your posts.

An added advantage of using UpViral is its analytics features which help track the performance of your Ad campaigns. You can easily manage top leads and referrals, thanks to UpViral.

7. Social Ads

Facebok for business

Social Ads, a product of Hootsuite, helps you boost your Facebook performance by providing the features of campaign optimization, easy leads syncing and analytics for tracking your performance.

Optimize your campaigns through Ads testing and control over the placement of your Ads, customized targeting and the timing. You can also allocate and reallocate budgets across different Ads and Ad sets based on their performance. With Social Ads, syncing your Data with your email marketing tools or CRM becomes easier.

You can optimize your Facebook Ads campaign using this tool by making use of the analytics features that it offers. Apart from being able to track your performance on one or more Facebook Ads or an entire campaign, you can share insights and reports with your team. Most of all, with this tool you can benchmark your performance with the real-time Facebook advertising metrics of your industry.

8. Perfect Audience

Frustrated over the increasing traffic rates with minimal rise in conversions?

We have just the right tool for you! Perfect Audience is a Facebook advertising tool that specializes in retargeting. With their Facebook newsfeed targeting feature, you can reach out to lost customers by appearing in their newsfeed and bringing them back in an engaging way.

With Perfect Audience, you create Facebook page posts that would lead lost customers to your website or target page. The easy to use dashboards that Perfect Audience provides, make the process of retargeting to conversion simple and convenient.

9. AdSpingr

AdSpringr is another social media marketing tool that facilitates the management and optimization of your Facebook Ads. Using ROI- focused algorithms, AdSpringr lets you analyze your bids along conversion rates, CPA, targeted settings etc.

The Ad creation features offered by AdSpringr let you track the performance of your creatives and allows you to clone Ads. AdSpringr also offers automated reporting with graphs and visualization of important parameters.

AdSpringr comes with features such as campaign scheduling and targeting templates along with optimization features to facilitate intelligent auto-bidding. You can also set up customized rules for delivery of your Ad campaigns such as If-then-else.


With the introduction of the new Facebook newsfeed algorithm, organic reach has become even more difficult. Facebook Ads are the ultimate source through which you can ensure targeted visibility and increase chances of onboarding more customers.

Employing Facebook Advertising tool (s) is essential to optimize your Facebook Advertising strategy. Here’s a snapshot of all the tools mentioned above:

  1. FB Ads Manager for the easy to adapt workflows and performance – tracking features.
  2. AdEspresso for providing access to marketing experts for learning, apart from their reporting, team collaboration and analytic features.
  3. Qwaya for testing different categories of Ads at different places on the newsfeed.
  4. AdStage for easily pulling out and analyzing your conversion data on Facebook Ads.
  5. Driftrock for its Facebook custom-audience syncing feature to mirror customer segments.
  6. UpViral for referral marketing campaigns.
  7. Social Ads for using the benchmarking feature to measure your performance against the appropriate metrics.
  8. Perfect Audience for re-targeting your consumers.
  9. AdSpringr for its campaign scheduling and targeting templates.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!