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Facebook Advertising: The Best Audience Size Guide

facebook audience size

Digital marketing is quite complex, especially when many factors determine its success. For example, with Facebook advertising, it is not easy to determine the best size of the audience since it depends on many factors. 

Although there is a Facebook advertising agency out there that can help you in this case, it’s best to do your research first. Hence, here is an in-depth discussion of the audience size guide.  

What is the Best Facebook Advertising Size Guide?

It can be quite confusing as to what audience size you should choose. Should it be 100,000, 45,000 or 1 million? However, there are certain key factors that the size depends on such as: 

  • The target population of the location 
  • Budget 
  • Start from one stage then filter and funnel 
  • Experience in marketing area – especially in creating ads  

These factors determine the ideal size of the audience for your campaign. The population size of the location is being targeted because 1% of the USA is larger than 1% of Mexico. For the USA it will be 3.2 million, and for Mexico, it will be 1.26 million.  

When you have narrowed down your location, the next step is reducing it to the province, states and even cities. Hence, the greater the population of the location, the greater will be your target audience. Usually, rough estimates are employed first without the data provided by Facebook. 

Suppose that you are targeting teen girls between the age of 13-19 years old. You would need to research a little and look at the census, data and studies available. After the data collection, you would then move to Facebook and begin segmenting the audience.  

If the audience and size doesn’t match, then keep narrowing or broadening your audience according to your guesses or estimates.

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What is Funnelling and Filtering? 

Staging your funnelling is one of the salient factors, although it is often neglected when determining the ideal audience size. To summarize, here are four factors that determine the stage in your funnel: 

  • Understanding 
  • Creating demand 
  • Purchasing 
  • Transaction 

In the consumer journey, you can deliver people-based marketing at every stage with Facebook. As you get closer to the transaction stage, your audience should get smaller. However, in the case of launching a product, you would need a broader audience.

Here is a guide on how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

Especially if you are uncertain of the targeted audience size, when you expand and increase the audience size, you are allowing Facebook to help you select quality audience who will engage with your ads.  

Moreover, when users move towards the sale, they should narrow the audience even more. It makes sense in a way that if you have an e-commerce website, there will be fewer people checking out on the website and purchasing their items in the shopping cart. 

Facebook pixel is a tool that can help you build your audience? Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that will help you determine the size of the audience in this case. However, it’s very important to know which stage of the consumer journey you intend to target as it will aid you in selecting the audience size.  

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What Should Be Your Budget?

The more the budget, the grander the marketing campaign will be and the same analogy works here in the digital world as well. A sizeable budget for Facebook ad assures greater reach. Hence, more money can help you reach quality audience much quicker.  

The Facebook planner can help you in the case of increased reach. When this tool is used by your business manager it will help them understand how many users you can reach with your current investment and if you need to add more. 

With your budget, the fraction between audience size and potential reach will give you an idea of how fast your campaign can reach the audience. There is no magic number for the population you can access with your campaign. However, the budget plays a huge role in how broad or narrow your audience should be.  

Moreover, Facebook doesn’t tell you an exact number of the population, but it’s a good way to start here. Hence you should narrow your size based on your research and then increase once you get the numbers from the tool.  

The Importance of Past Experience  

Your experience of Facebook advertising will give you an insight into what the estimated number of the population size. Despite your experience in digital marketing, your experience in marketing matters too.  

For example, you have experience in the hospitality industry and worked with several restaurants or hotel developers. You would know the nitty-gritty of the consumer behaviour of the industry in that location which will help you determine how to narrow your audience size.  

In conclusion, your experience in an industry can help you hone the advertising campaign with the insights you have collected.  

No Ideal Number 

Despite your research and understanding, no path can assure your success. Since Facebook is still evolving in this matter, and they are introducing new features every year. There is no actual data to support your audience size as Facebook has not published any data or study to support this.  

However, here is a summary of all the points that have been discussed above: 

  • Do initial research based on studies, census etc. and guess or estimate the quantity of your audience. 
  • Then segment your audience by going to Facebook. 
  • As Facebook offers many tools hence compare the two numbers. 
  • If it’s too less or too high, then adjust the number accordingly. 
  • Your budget will help you determine how fast you will reach your target audience. 
  • If you have a small budget, then start small. 
  • Since there are four stages in the funnel understanding, creating demand, proceeding, and transaction. 
  • Moreover, when you a flexible budget, then you should use it to increase your daily outreach gradually.  

The Bottom Line 

Getting the right Facebook audience is just the beginning. Hence you need to know how to scale your Facebook advertising audience. Moreover, these ads depend on consumer behaviour, especially if you have a new product to launch.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!