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6 Reasons Your Facebook Ads are Not Working

facebook ads not working

A good Facebook marketing strategy involves leveraging both paid as well as organic modes of marketing. If you are new to Facebook, you should start considering investing in Facebook Ads to make the most of the platform.

For other brands who have been on Facebook for a while, you must be familiar with the challenges associated with working on Facebook Ads. You invest in Facebook Ads with a view to enhance your reach. But you may not always get the desired results on your Facebook Ads. There may be various reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be performing.

You need to identify the different reasons why your Facebook are not working. What could be the possible causes behind your Facebook Ads not performing?

Once you know where your Facebook Ads may be lagging, you can work on fixing them.

Whether you are a newbie to using Facebook Ads, or a seasoned Facebook marketeer, you may come across situations where your Facebook Ads may not be giving results. You may not be able to point out the reason (s) behind your Facebook Ads not working.

We have listed a set of reasons behind your Facebook Ads not delivering. To make it easier for you, we have also given solutions to fix the possible snags in your Facebook Ads Strategy.

So let’s take you through the different possible causes behind your poor Facebook Ads results.

1. Your Ad Budget Is Too Low

One of the major reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be working is having a low Ad budget. Keeping your Facebook Ads budget is the cause behind why your Ads may not be getting the desired impressions.

Having a low Ad budget limits you from generating important impressions. Especially, if you are creating multiple different Ad sets out of your limited budget, you are only ending up wasting your money. With a small Facebook Ads budget, you cannot get the desired level of impressions you are aiming at achieving.

How To Fix This: One way to fix this, especially if you have a very tight budget, is to cut down on the number of Ad sets you are putting out. Apart from that, the only other option is to push up your Ad spending budget so that you can reach out to a larger audience with different Ad sets.

2. You Did Not Realise That You Have Reached Your Facebook Ads Campaign/ Account Spending Limit

What if you didn’t realise that you have reached your Facebook Ads campaign or account spending limit? If that is the case, you are wasting a lot of precious time you could’ve otherwise spent on running lucrative campaigns on the platform.

How To Fix This: Keep an eye on the Delivery Column at the campaign level. Pushing up your Ad spending limit will also be helpful in generating better results.

3. You Are Not Targeting The Right Set Of People

Are you targeting the right set of audience with your Ads on Facebook?

You may be putting in a lot of efforts into building enticing Ad creatives and catchy Facebook Ads copies. But your audience is not too responsive. Targeting to a cold audience is a huge waste of your investment.

How To Fix This: Target audience segments that are already acquainted with your brand and with what you are offering to them. These people are more likely to engage further with your brand.

You can look at targeting all your existing customers, people who have clicked on your Ads or have watched your videos or engage with your content frequently. You may also consider targeting people on your email contact list.

4. You May Be Targeting The Right Audience With The Wrong Message

Even if you have identified your target audience, your Facebook Ad message should be aligned with where they stand on the customer journey. Taking from a very relevant concept in marketing, different sets of your audience may fall under different levels on the marketing funnel.

Some of your customers may be on the top of the marketing funnel. You cannot target them with Ads that push them to convert or to buy your product (s) or avail your services.

The wrong message to the right audience segments will kill the very purpose of Ads targeting. A salesy message will not work with all the audience segments and using such a messaging style is not going to be a good idea.

How To Fix This: Divide different audience segments into three major categories, with respect to their position along the customer journey.

You need to target your cold audience or those on top of the marketing funnel with content through which you can generate awareness about your brand. Go for knowledgeable videos and articles, free whitepapers, guides etc.

For those on the middle of the marketing funnel, focus on their pain points and offer solutions through your brand, but without hard selling it. Your goal at this point should be to drive engagement and build a connection with this audience segment. Use case studies, e-books etc. to target this set of your target audience.

To target those on the bottom of the marketing funnel, you can offer discounts and special deals that will push them to convert.

5. You Are Using The Wrong Type Of Content In Your Facebook Ads

Targeting your audience with the wrong type of content is one of the major reasons why you may not be generating impressions.

For instance, you are targeting your audience with images. But if your audience is more responsive to video content, you may be losing out on generating impressions and enhancing your engagement levels.

How To Fix This: Find out what pushes your audience to respond. Is it video content? Or, is it carousel images? What kind of Facebook Ads copy should you frame?

The best way to approach this problem is to track your performance on organic content. Use a social media analytics tool to gain important insights on your content.

Identify content posts on which you received maximum engagement. Higher levels of engagement on a given piece of content are an indication that your audience is liking your content. Take inspiration from such content to build content for your Ads. In this way, you are targeting your audience with just the type of content that they like and the chances of conversion are also high.

6. You Are Not Testing Different Ad Sets

If you are only sticking to one Ad set at a time, you may not get the desired results. How will you know if your audience is liking your content or not, if you are only circulating one Facebook Ad at a given time?

If you are not leveraging the split testing feature for your Facebook Ads, you will not be able to know which elements of your Ads are working and which ones aren’t.

How To Fix This: Test out different Ad sets to assess the different elements that are a part of your Facebook Ads.

 Facebook Ads AB Testing

Take the example of this Ad set circulated by Madam. In the second Ad creative, there is a popping text overlay on the image. Keep monitoring your Ad sets to identify the any changes that you need to bring about in your Facebook Ads strategy.

What is your Image is not appealing to the audience? What if your Facebook Ads copy is not working for you?

Facebook Ad testing will help you run your Ads while also checking up on what works for your brand and what does not.


If you are not getting any results on your Facebook Ads, it is important to identify the reason behind the slow growth.

After putting in all the efforts and investment into your Facebook Ads marketing, if you are not getting any response from your audience, identify the cause underlying it.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be working:

  • Keeping your Ad budget low, as it limits your reach capabilities.
  • You reached your campaign spending limit without realising.
  • You are not targeting the right set of audience and are aiming at a cold audience who are not even aware of your brand.
  • Your Ad message is not matched correctly with your audience.
  • You are not using the right content type for your Facebook Ads creative.
  • You are not testing out your Ads to check which Ad (s) are working and which ones aren’t.

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!