How To Choose The Right Strategy for Social Media Marketing

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There are several social media strategies that can help improve the brand presence on social media. Choosing the right social media strategy is as important as planning it. Brands and businesses need to figure out what they wish to achieve from the strategy they are planning to implement. 

Most businesses go for tried and tested social media marketing strategies and end up with stagnant results. 

While there are multiple channels for marketing, it is a prerequisite to choose the right channel. Evaluating a social media marketing strategy is the first step to focus on. 

In this blog, we will tell you how to choose the right strategy for social media marketing. 

The steps will help you gauge the potential of the strategy you have chosen for your brand/business.  

For most marketing professionals, choosing the right social media platform is of utmost importance but there are several other things that require your attention when it comes to marketing on social media. 

Let’s start with the process of framing the right social media marketing plan for your brand. 

Key Elements of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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 1. The brand message 

Every social media strategy needs to have a purpose. It can be rightly said that a strategy is created to communicate the brand message to the target audience. The crux of the social media marketing plan is to know what you intend to convey to the audience. 

 2. Target audience

Once you know what you want to convey to the audience, it is important to know who will be your target audience for that particular message. If the audience is not chosen rightly, the whole social media strategy can fall flat. 

 3. Social media marketing budget

The marketing plan you create will need to have some budget for paid promotions, collaborating with influencers, and so on. Make sure you know how much you want to spend on the campaign. 

 4. Content planning

Every social media marketing plan needs to have a content strategy. Content here plays a crucial role because it is how the audience will comprehend your brand message. 

 5. Platforms to market on

Choosing the right social media platform for your marketing campaign is another important aspect. The social media channels you opt for will help you implement the campaign. 

 6. Analysing the campaign performance

It is necessary to analyse the campaign performance. Tools like Unbox Social help you analyse your brand performance on social media. 

The above-mentioned elements are necessary for every campaign you plan and implement. Now let’s look at how you can choose the right platform for implementing your social media marketing campaign. 

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for the Campaign

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  • Fix your audience base

The first step in choosing the right social media platform for implementing a marketing strategy is to check the audience base. Know which platforms have an audience that is in sync with your target audience. This will help you reach potential customers too. 

  • Know what you wish to achieve from the campaign

Every social media platform has its unique features. Each and every platform is apt for different brand goals and objectives. Make sure you decide the goals and objectives of your campaign beforehand. 

  • Know about the features of the platform

Planning and scheduling the content for your marketing campaign will require you to use the platform’s features. This is why it is important to know about the features of the social media platform. If your content strategy is heavily about videos then you must include platforms that support video content. 

These three pointers should help you choose the right platform for your social media marketing plan. Now that we know how to shortlist the social media channels for implementing the campaigns, we need to know how to choose the right strategy to get the most out of it. 

Steps to Choose the Right Strategy For Social Media Marketing

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Step 1- Focus on what you want to promote through the campaign

The strategy you frame depends on what you want to promote through the campaign. Is it a new product that your brand has launched? Is the brand coming up with a new offer? Is there a new upgrade in the services your brand is offering? The campaign needs to be based on what you wish to promote. 

Step 2- Detect where your ideal customer is

Once you know what you want to convey through the social media marketing campaign, decide your target audience. Using social media for marketing is all about communicating your brand to the audience and this is why choosing the right audience demographics plays a crucial role in the success of a campaign. 

Step 3-  Knowing about the types of social media marketing strategies

Social media strategies are usually divided as per the platforms like Facebook marketing strategy, Twitter marketing strategy, Instagram marketing strategy, and so on. But some other forms of marketing strategies are influencer marketing strategy, email marketing, and cross-promotions. 

Step 4- Research the competitors

With the help of a competition tracking tool, you need to analyse what your competitors are doing to stay relevant on social media. This will help you decide which strategy works the best for your niche. 

Step 5- Analyse your past campaigns

Instead of making the same mistakes again, it is best to look at the past campaigns and learn from them. Brand managers must know which campaigns fetched the best results and which ones failed. This will help you choose the right marketing strategy. 

The five steps mentioned above will help you choose the right strategy for your brand. Social media marketing tools can help you frame the right strategy for your brand. Here are some important features of the Unbox Social tool. 

Unbox Social Features to Frame Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Unbox Social - Social Media Analytics tool

The Unbox Social tool has you covered with mind-blowing features. The tool offers an influencer marketing solution that helps you find influencers, evaluate influencers, conduct influencer listening, and lots more. Catering to all major social media platforms, this feature is a must for brands and businesses engaged in influencer marketing.

The competition tracking solution from the Unbox Social tool will give you in-depth insights into what your industry competitors are up to. Right from their brand performance to the audience they are catering to, the tool gives you useful data for everything. These metrics will help you frame the right strategy for your brand.

The tool has a social media analytics solution that lets you analyse your brand presence on social media platforms. Right from the audience sentiment to the content performance, the solution gives you a complete picture of how your content is faring and how the audience is perceiving your brand on social media. 

Hope this guide will help you frame the right social media strategy. Here are a few more blogs to help you with social media strategy. 

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