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Want to Boost Your Social Engagement? Use These 10 Facebook Live Tips

boost your facebook engagement

Facebook brought about changes in the news-feed algorithm at the beginning of this year. This has made organic reach even more difficult. At the same time, Facebook has offered the feature of live streaming that can make up for all the lost opportunities at gaining organic reach.

A Facebook live video generates 600 percent more interactions on Facebook. We all know that the new Facebook news-feed algorithm is about conversations and interactions among users. Facebook live, in this sense, offers just the right opportunity to promote interactions through your content. It is an opportunity to boost your page ranking on the news-feed of your users.

With Facebook live, you can generate real time interactions on your videos, at a rate higher than normal Facebook videos. Facebook live, in this sense, lets you make the most of the platform to build a community and gain traction, that too, at very minimal costs.

How to Use Facebook Live To Boost Your Social Media Engagement?

Facebook live is just the right tool for gaining traction organically on Facebook. It is a cost effective medium to market your brand and drive engagement around your content. Statistics (600 percent more interactions) have shown that with Facebook live, you have a good shot at boosting social media engagement. You can ace Facebook Live by following these tips that will help boost your social media engagement:

Plan and Prepare Content For The Live Stream

What are you planning to do for your live broadcast? What kind of content will you be putting forward during your Facebook live streaming?

How can you use Facebook live video broadcasts as an opportunity to boost engagement?

Build relationships, share content that adds value for the audience, or entertains them. Some of the types of content for Facebook live videos that can generate engagement are:

  • Behind-the-scenes footage of events, manufacturing of products or other, normal videos from your page
  • How-to videos and unboxing videos for your products
  • Q&A sessions where the audience gets all their queries and questions about your brand/products answered
  • Product launches
  • Live performances and events’ broadcasting
  • Making announcements

It is important to draw out a script or plan and a list of all the essentials that you will be needing during the live broadcast.

Build Anticipation and Create Buzz Around Your Live Videos

you are invited - instagram post

When it comes to Facebook live videos, it is very important to build buzz and anticipation ahead of going live.You need to invoke interests in order to be able to reach out to a bigger audience segment. Here are some of the ways by which you can generate anticipation around Facebook live stream:

  • Share reminders about your live broadcast starting at least a week ahead of actually going live
  • Cross promote through your other social media handles- Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • You can share relevant information from the content of the live videos to make your audience curious and compel them to join you for the live broadcast
  • You can create an event for your live streams about a week ahead of the broadcast. Adding full details, from the timings to the topic of the live streams will further add value.
  • You can also use messenger bots to send automated reminders ahead of the broadcast, to your page followers. You can add the link that takes them directly to the live stream so that your followers can join you on FB live with just a click of a button.
  • You can also add small instructions on ‘how to watch Facebook live videos from *name of the page*’ for the convenience of your followers.
  • You can also encourage your followers to recommend your live video for all those people who might be interested. After all, the more the merrier.

Make Preparations For An Optimal Performance

One of the most important Facebook live tips is to make necessary preparations for an optimal performance. You wouldn’t want to lose out on an opportunity to boost interactions, just because of poor lighting or voice quality. You must be well prepared. A few suggestions on how to run good quality Facebook live streams:

  • Use wifi with good connectivity or a good 4G connection to avoid disruptions during the live stream.
  • Do a quick sound check using the private broadcast feature.
  • Check on the lighting before you actually go for the livestream. The point of going live is wasted if the contents of the video are not visible to the audience clearly.
  • Create the ideal set up and ambience for the video. For best results, it is recommended that you should use a simple, plain background that does not draw much attention away from the main contents of the live video.
  • Use a tripod camera stand to avoid the camera from shaking
  • You may also do a quick rehearsal run-through before going live
  • Make sure to keep away any other forms of distractions for the live stream.

Plan-out For Longer Duration Videos

To make the most out of your Facebook live broadcasts, it is recommended that you go for longer-duration videos. The longer the duration of your videos, the more the scope for discoverability. As your live video will get discovered by more people, it will drive more conversations among your audience.

Facebook recommends live stream sessions of at least 10 minutes for best possible results. However, you can hold Facebook live sessions for as long as 4 hours.

Depending upon the context and content, you can determine the duration of your video. However, it is highly recommended that live videos should be at least 10-minutes long.

Pick The Right Time To Go Live

Picking the right time for going live is very important for gaining maximum traction. One of the most important tips for Facebook live is to pick a time when most of your target audience will be active on the platform.

You can use the analytics and reporting tools by Unbox Social for this purpose. With this tool, you can find out the best time to post, along with other relevant insights and information about your audience. When you go live at a time during which most of your followers are active, you have a chance of reaching out to a larger audience segment. When you reach out to a larger audience segment, you also have more scope for generating engagement.

Begin On A Welcoming Note

You must begin your live stream videos with a welcoming note.Put in an effort to greet your commentors one by one, by their names. At least,for those first few ones, it is important for you to start with a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hello’.

Beginning with a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hello’ helps build a rapport with the viewers. It is a good way to build connectivity with the audience. When you show such responsiveness from the beginning, it encourages more participation on the part of your audience. Eventually, the chain effect is likely to be that your audience will always be looking forward to your live broadcasts.

Your audience will be confident about your responsiveness. They will not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions or comments. As a result, beginning with a welcoming note is one of the important steps to take, for boosting engagement on social media.

Provide Context and Relevance Throughout The Broadcasts

It is very important to provide context and relevance throughout your broadcast. While you may begin on a welcoming note, you need to keep your audience engaged throughout the broadcast.

Not all your audience will join your live broadcast from the beginning. Some of your viewers may join 5 minutes after the broadcast began or even 10 minutes after the broadcast begins. You wouldn’t want them to lose interest in your live broadcast just because they do not understand the entire context behind it.

Provide them with information on the topic you are talking about and also give them a recap on all that you covered so far. By doing this, you let your audience know what’s happening. Your audience will continue to hold interest and remain tuned in to your videos. This will also push them to ask questions without hesitation or comment on your videos.

All this will encourage more interactions and boost your engagement.

Respond To All The Comments And Queries Of Viewers

This tip is a no-brainer. The simple logic here, is that you need to be as responsive as possible to encourage more responsiveness in your audience. The more responsive you will be, the more conversations you will initiate.

As you will answer queries, respond to comments and/or compliments, your audience will be driven to engage more and more often with your brand.

It is an undeniable fact that customers expect quick answers to their queries. In this context, when you are very responsive to the audience, it helps build a good impression on them.

Make an effort to be as responsive as you can and you will win half the battle. This will initiate more conversations and engagement on the part of your audience.

Cross Post On Partner Pages

You can hold live broadcasts across other pages as well. With the cross posting feature for your Facebook page, you can post live as well as normal videos on other pages. All you have to do is, find pages with which you can partner to broadcast your live videos. Next, you will have to add the link to the page (s) with which you would like to cross post.

You will have to coordinate with the administrators of the other page (s) to hold live broadcasts automatically, for every time that you hold one.

Through cross posting, you can reach a larger number and have a stronger chance at boosting engagement on social media.

Collaborate With Influencers And Experts

Another Facebook live tip to follow is collaborations with Influencers and experts. It will have an effect similar to the one generated by cross posting. Just like cross posting allows you to broadcast on 2 different pages simultaneously, collaborations with Influencers also allow you to reach out to a larger audience.

You can bring subject matter experts on board to answer the audience queries or to conduct and informative session. You can also collaborate with Influencers from your niche to feature in your Facebook live videos.

Firstly, Influencers and subject matter experts have their own sets of followers, that you can reach out to, through Facebook live. Secondly, they will also drive more conversations given their expertise and/or specialization in a particular niche.

Featuring Influencers and experts in your live video streams will help boost your engagement to a good level.

Post-broadcast Engagement Optimization

You can boost your engagement on Facebook live videos even after the broadcasts have ended. You can do this by following up on all the conversations that happened on the live video posts. Your live video, is also more likely to appear on audience’s news-feed if it keeps generating conversations and interactions.

The idea of being as responsive as possible continues to hold true in the post-broadcast context as well. You should make sure to respond to all the comments on your live video posts. There may be suggestions about new topics, compliments on your broadcast or queries or other things on your live videos. There may also be requests for more information on your live videos. Respond to all the comments with relevant details.

You can add CTAs, leading them to other videos (live or regular) or pages or your website. You should be very responsive, as this will help your brand build more engagement.


The new Facebook algorithm has made it more challenging for you to drive your reach organically. At the same time, Facebook has also provided you with a tool that can make up for the lost opportunity at engagement. Facebook live can draw organic reach, with vast potential to engage vast audience segments.

Here is a snapshot of all the tips you may follow to push your engagement through Facebook live:


  • Pick a type of content and get your script ready
  • Build a buzz around the live broadcast through your page and other social media channels
  • Make all the necessary preparations and ensure that there will be no distractions during the broadcast
  • Target at longer duration videos for more participation
  • Find out the best time to post
  • Begin the broadcast on a welcoming note
  • Keep providing context during the video so that your audience does not lose track of what’s happening
  • Be as responsive as possible throughout the broadcast
  • Be as responsive as possible even after the broadcast, respond to all the comments; This increases the chances of your video appearing in the newsfeed of your audience
  • Use cross posting to broadcast on other page(s)
  • Collaborate with experts and influencers to reach out to a bigger audience


How do you plan to your Facebook live streaming game?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!