Twitter Marketing: 8 Best Brands To Learn From

Multi-channel marketing is the need of the hour and Twitter is an unavoidable part of this marketing technique. Twitter marketing is an effective way to connect with the audience and increase brand engagement. Unlike other platforms, Twitter still banks on quick information and crisp content which makes it one of the most used social media platforms. Brands using Twitter need to frame a unique strategy because the audience behaviour on Twitter is different from other platforms. 

A Twitter marketing campaign needs to have value-oriented content because the audience on Twitter is looking for more than just entertainment. Brands that market on Twitter need to know that Twitter content needs to be to the point. Relevance is of great importance when posting on Twitter. The platform is crowded with updates and news content majorly which makes it highly competitive. 

A Twitter marketing strategy needs to compete with information overload on the platform! 

In this blog, we will tell you about the 8 best Twitter marketing campaigns that deserve your attention. 

Let’s begin. 

8 Brands With Best Twitter Marketing Campaigns

 1. Cold Stone Creamery

Twitter campaign

Cold Stone Creamery knows how to keep the audience hooked with its lip-smacking posts. The brand keeps a tab on trends and posts both images and videos on its feed. The brand enjoys a good engagement rate on Twitter. Be it launching new products or offering users discounts and giveaways, Cold Stone Creamery follows a casual approach in its content. The brand subtly includes CTA in its posts and that is where it clicks with the audience.

 2. Hershey’s 

Twitter post

The brand dedicated to chocolates enjoys a good follower count on Twitter. Unlike other social media platforms, it is very difficult to get engagement on Twitter. The ratio of followers and Twitter metrics has a large gap and that is one challenge every brand suffers on the platform. Hershey’s came up with a Twitter marketing campaign wherein it encouraged followers to come up with their own version of Hershey’s chocolate bar. This was done to celebrate International Women’s Day and the campaign was titled #CelebrateSHE.

 3. L’Oreal Professional

Twitter marketing

While most brands stress a lot on posting videos and images, L’Oreal follows a balanced Twitter marketing strategy wherein it also relies on simple tweets. The brand follows important social occasions like Hairstylist Appreciation Day! The brand also promotes its live sessions on Twitter to spread the word. Even with a minuscule amount of engagement, the brand is consistent with its Twitter presence and makes sure to keep the followers updated. 

 4. OnePlus India

Twitter marketing campaign

OnePlus has used effective marketing strategies to engage varied audiences. The brand is one of the most popular ones on social media. With constant updates on its products and live events, OnePlus keeps the audience hooked.OnePlus knows how to build curiosity amongst the followers and makes sure to keep the followers engaged by posting about their upcoming events and product launches. 

 5. Amazon Prime

Twitter post

OTT platforms have to compete on all social media channels to let the audience know what’s new on their platform. Amazon Prime is known for its viral social media presence and the brand comes up with engaging posts to keep the audience entertained and informed. Amazon Prime enjoys a great audience engagement because it posts relatable and quirky content. 

 6. H&M

Twitter marketing

Brands related to fashion and lifestyle focus more on Instagram but multinational brands are active on all major social media platforms. H&M’s Twitter marketing plan is all about showcasing the brand’s new collections and offers. The brand attracts a good engagement rate because it is consistent in its posting schedule. The clothing giant implemented a massive campaign for the Pride month and labelled it as #BeyondTheRainbow.

 7. PlayStation


With 22 million followers, PlayStation is unbeatable on Twitter. The brand is highly active on Twitter and thanks to its popularity it gathers high engagement. With retweets and favourites for every single tweet, PlayStation banks on the curiosity of the game enthusiasts to keep its account going. The gaming brand makes sure to keep its feed dedicated to its offerings. 

 8. McDonald’s 

Twitter marketing

The Twitter marketing of McDonald’s is witty to the core. The brand in all its posts tries to strike a conversation with its followers and that has fetched them an amazing engagement rate on Twitter. The brand uses all kinds of content formats like text, images, and videos. The interactive tweets also give them a lot of information on audience preferences which helps them frame effective strategies. 

Using Twitter for marketing is a cakewalk with the help of a Twitter analytics tool like Unbox Social. The tool provides you with various solutions like Twitter competitor analysis, Twitter metrics, Twitter audience insights, and lots more. The data obtained from this analytics tool helps you rank your Twitter marketing campaigns. Moreover, it also tells you where your Twitter strategy needs a push.  

Twitter marketing tools like Unbox Social can also help you find influencers for your campaigns! 

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