8 Instagram Photo Editing Apps to Improve Your Feed

Apps to edit Instagram photos

Instagram is a 500-million users’ strong platform today. About 25 million brands have set up their business profiles on Instagram. A photo and video sharing platform, Instagram be a very lucrative channel to grow your business. On Instagram, you not only get to publicize and create awareness about your brand but also engage with people and turn them into customers.

But using visual content to entice users into engaging or buying your products is no cakewalk. You are competing against a large number of brands for the acquisition of the same set of consumers. Your social media plan should be foolproof for you to be able to stand out and draw the attention of your target audience on Instagram.

Why are photos an integral part of Instagram in 2018?

You must have heard of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? We couldn’t agree more with it. Even as videos and live streams are fast taking over the world of social media, photos continue to be a priority in your social media strategy. Photos work as the most convenient way of delivering a message or idea. Watching a video or reading through long pieces of written content tend to take more time than just looking at a photo.

Photos can be helpful in grabbing the attention of your audience and sometimes are a powerful way to support written content. If you understand the importance of prioritizing the picture content of your content plan, half the game is won.

Whether you are aiming at getting more followers or drawing traffic to your website through your Instagram profile, without good content, you will not reach anywhere. Instagram, at the time of its inception, was only a photo-sharing platform. Even after the launch of stories and videos on Instagram, photos can make for one of the most engaging forms of content.

Well polished, good quality photos are a key to getting more attention and driving people to like and engage with your content on Instagram. Instagram does have its own in-built Instagram photo editor that allows you to add filters and effects to your photos. However, if you want to raise the bar and stand out with your content, you have to produce top-notch quality photos.

For this purpose, you can use various external Instagram photo editing apps. From adding effects to creating collage layouts, Instagram photo editing apps are important for you to enhance photos and share the best kind of content that will help you fulfil your ultimate goal.

Here is a list of 7 tools you can use to enhance your Instagram photos, along with photo editing hacks that will help you gain traction:

1. Snapseed

Instagram photo editing apps

A Google-owned app, this Instagram photo editing app is one of those tools that many bloggers like the one from the ‘fracture blog’ can vouch for. A user-friendly, professional photo editing tool, Snapseed comes with a vast 29 number of filters. With Snapseed you can fix RAW files as well as JPG files. Snapseed can help you finetune your photos to professional photography levels.

You can crop photos and adjust the white balance to enhance photo quality. The vignette feature allows you to get the DSLR- quality image with its wide aperture and with Curves, you can customize the brightness levels. It also has features specific to different types of photos such as lens blur for bokeh images and glamour glow for fashion or portraits. Snapseed also comes with the control point technology, allowing you 8 different points for enhancement of your image.

Snapseed is best for fine-tuning your images to produce best-quality images. The app comes with highly adjustable and customizable settings, letting you create top-notch photos for your Instagram feed.

2. Canva

Instagram photos editing app

You can make your Instagram feed as dynamic as you want. Whether it is a new campaign that you want to launch or an announcement for a giveaway, you can add enhancements to your content that makes it more appealing and eye-catching.

Canva lets you do just that. Apart from the photo editor tool that it offers, Canva comes with many templates that can be used effectively to create appealing, catchy content for your Instagram feed. You can also add photo frames, speech bubbles, design grids, icons, textures, design grids and much more to your photos for producing impressive, appealing content.

Canva can be used to create photo content for introducing new campaigns, announcing events as well as giveaways, and for creating inspirational content for your feed. You can also use the template for infographics to create interesting content that people will like. By doing so you will prompt users to follow you and followers to stay engaged with your content.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom for editing photos

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe never fails to live up to its name. Adobe Lightroom app is available on mobile as well as desktop and web. This is a super easy-to-use app which can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Adobe Lightroom works well as an Instagram photo editing app and offers 1 TB of cloud storage. The Lightroom interface allows you to create just the kind of photos you want to create. You can add filters, make adjustments to the brightness levels, shadows and highlights. You can also adjust mid tones and control and straighten skewed lines to get the perfect image.

All in all, Adobe Lightroom is a powerful Instagram photo editing app which helps enhance photos to the best of their quality. You can use this tool to turn dark, poor quality photos into top-grade images.

4. Superimpose

Instagram editing tools

Superimpose app, as the name suggests, is an app that helps you create photos where one image is superimposed on top of another like a pro. If you want to create some high-quality effects for your photo content, superimpose is your go-to app.

It is available on iOS as well as Android devices. You can use the masking feature to add multiple layers to your photos. The toolset of masking tools lets you blend the multiple layers of photos with ease. You can also use the layering feature to superimpose close to 8 different layers in 1 picture.

Apart from these features, the Superimpose app also comes with photo editing features like the paintbrush, colour correction as well as typical colour and brightness level adjustments.

Superimpose can be a game changer as an Instagram photo editing app. You can use this app to create poster-like photo content through which you can market your products or launch ad campaigns.

5. Tangent

Tangent for Instagram

Another Instagram photo editing app to watch out for is Tangent. This app allows you to directly share edited content across various social media platforms, including Instagram.

If you want to add textures and geometrical pattern overlays to your image, Tangent is a good option for you. This tool comes with 44 different frames you can add to your photos or frame your photos with. Another 66 other patterns are also available with this tool. You can create interesting and appealing photo content, mixing and merging different frames and patterns for your photos.

Apart from that, it also comes with a palette to mix different hues and colours, and a layering feature which lets you layer different elements into one single image.

With Tangent app, you can leverage the different textures and frames to create captivating content that catches the eyes of your audience.

6. Aviary

Instagram tools for editing

Another product from Adobe, this Instagram photo editing app comes with a whole range of tools and features that make it a creativity tool that you just cannot miss out on.

With Aviary, you can add dozens of filters and effects to create eye-catching aesthetics. You can also fit stickers, overlays and frames created by artists from around the world. Aviary also allows you to caption your photos or add doodles for the special effect.

Apart from that, Aviary also comes with the typical photo editing tools for softening or sharpening images to fine tune your photos.

Through this tool, you can create special occasion posts, contest posts, new product launches or opening invitations etc.

7. Cross Process

Cross process is your go-to Instagram photo editing app for quirking up your photo content. It offers about 70 filters to make your content stand out from the usual, run-of-the-mill stuff.

It comes in red, green and blue features apart from certain other features to make your images look like real film stock. With photos edited using Cross Process filters of different types, you can drive followers as well as other users to your profile, making them want to look at more of your content.

This app can be helpful in adding more people to your base of followers. People who will see your photos edited using Cross process will be driven to your profile and hit the follow button.


VSCO is also one of the best tools Instagram photo editing apps to watch out for. It comes with a set of features that optimize your images and make them stand out.

The app comes with a variety of preset filters all of which help enhance your photos without giving these an overdone look. You can use the X-skew and Y-skew features for proper alignment of images.

With this tool, you can create content that will stand out and draw the attention of your audience. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, colour and tone using the tools on this app. Sharpen and add clarity to your images with a touch of a button and manage the exposure with the shadow slave tool in this app.

Other tools like vignette, fade, grain and more, found in this tool, make the job easier for you. VSCO is another Instagram photo editing app you can rely on, for great photo quality.


There are a lot of competing brands on Instagram today and each brand wants to stand out. In order to achieve this goal of getting more and more people engaged, there is a need to enhance and optimize your content, particularly photo content. The list given above shares some of the photo editing and enhancing tools you can use.

To make it simpler for you, here’s a snapshot of the tools you can use to enhance your Instagram photos:

  • Snapseed to fine-tune your images to DSLR quality.
  • Canva to make it more interactive with speech bubbles and design grids and frames.
  • Adobe Lightroom to enhance and adjust images to get top-notch photo content.
  • Superimpose App to add different elements and layers into one single picture.
  • Tangent to insert geometrical patterns and layers into your photos.
  • Aviary to add frames, doodles, text and filters apart from typical adjustment features.
  • Cross process to add different filters that make your images look like real film stock.
  • VSCO as a tool to fix and optimize the colour, angle and overall quality of your photos.
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