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10 Twitter Marketing Mistakes To Avoid To Market Better In 2021


Twitter is an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. But simply putting out tweets of your products and services does not really mean you have a strategy. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Twitter marketing is difficult to crack because of the audience on the platform. 

Marketing on Twitter is crucial because it impacts brand visibility and helps in audience growth. Twitter marketing in 2020 was a learning lesson for many brands because the pandemic changed audience behaviour on the platform and the content strategies also had to be redesigned because of the same. 

Even though brands try their level best to keep the audience engaged, creating strong content on Twitter that generates a positive response from the users is a grinding task for most marketers. 

Establishing an identity on Twitter comes with several challenges because it also involves a lot of competition. Going wrong with Twitter marketing strategies can do more harm to your brand than good. 

What most brands forget about Twitter is that though it is different from other platforms, it is still the most effective platform to start a conversation about your brand. Moreover, it has features that help you connect with your audience readily.

Marketing with Twitter involves a lot of research. Brand owners should be confident that their strategy is formulated based on some strong research. Right from identifying the audience, conducting thorough hashtag research to deciding the type of tweets, everything must be planned and implemented mindfully. 

With so many Twitter marketing tips and Twitter insights, there are still a large number of businesses that fail to connect with their Twitter customer base. In this blog, we will tell you all about the 10 Twitter marketing mistakes brands must avoid for the upcoming year! 

In the year 2021, brands must brace themselves for the post-COVID phase and this means social media marketing as a whole is going to take a drastic turn. The heavy usage of social media has now given brands a larger opportunity to connect with their customers. Brands using Twitter for marketing can now also use the newly launched feature Twitter Fleets. 

Initially, brand owners also failed to analyse the Twitter metrics like Twitter engagement rate and Twitter impressions. This also created hurdles in the success of their marketing strategies. Promoting your brand endlessly on Twitter is one mistake that brands still make. But the year 2020 has brought some more grave mistakes to the forefront. 

Twitter Marketing Mistakes Brands Must Avoid In 2021


1. Not keeping a check on what’s trending

Even if you are a retail brand you must keep a watch on the trends. The trending topics on Twitter tell you what people are talking about and this can help you manage your content strategies. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends will be beneficial for framing your brand’s future Twitter marketing strategy too. 

Moreover, brands often bank on the trending topics and end up creating viral content that helps them gain followers. 

Creating content on trending topics will also give you an edge over your competitors. 

2. Not considering Twitter sentiment analysis

The whole of social media works because of its users. Social media users use social media with their unique thought process. They follow personalities and brands they like, post content that they feel like sharing with the world and all of this involves sentiments. Twitter sentiment analysis is crucial for brand managers because it tells you more about your audience than just favorites and engagement rate. 

With the help of sentiment analysis, you will be able to detect whether the audience sentiment on the platform is positive, negative, or neutral. This can also help you detect what kind of content works for your brand and what drives the audience away. 

3. Using hashtags mindlessly without proper research


When it comes to Twitter analytics, brands focus a lot on hashtags. However, even though they make sure to use hashtags, they do so without conducting proper research. This is where the real problem is. Simply putting hashtags on your tweets will not do much. The competition on Twitter is extremely high and that’s why hashtags also have to be researched properly. Make sure you use only relevant hashtags in your tweets because that will attract the intended audience. Platforms offering Twitter marketing services can help you with hashtags. 

4. Only retweeting the tweets that mention your brand

Yes, it’s good to acknowledge the tweets that mention you but as a brand retweeting each and every time might look forceful. Sometimes it is also okay to share a tweet that is important as per public interest. Brands are often applauded for sharing content that is not about their products and services and this often creates a positive sentiment. However, make sure you share content that in no way offends your followers or audience at large. 

5. Failing to interact with your followers and simply tweeting content


Brands put in a lot of effort in creating content for Twitter but that’s all they do which makes them passive on the platform. To create brand visibility, brands must do more than tweet. They must interact with their followers and tweet content that encourages user participation. Be it polls or questions that entice a response, it is necessary to interact with the followers regularly. 

6. Checking the Twitter metrics only for the tweets that work well

It is good to see which tweets performed better but it is also important to see which tweets did not do well. Brand managers must also check why certain tweets are not working with their audience. Right from the relevancy and tonality of the tweets to the grammar and spellings, everything impacts the tweet performance. And most importantly, see to it that your tweets are perfectly timed. 

7. Lack of consistency in tonality


Brands on Twitter need to be consistent in their posting schedule. Once you gain a good number of followers, it is essential to maintain a proper posting schedule. This also means you need to be consistent with your tweet tonality. The tonality matters a lot because it says a lot about your brand. While some brands keep a conversational tone, some prefer to keep their tweets straightforward. Twitter analytics tools can also give you insights on the same.

8. Posting about the same thing all day in all tweets

Twitter audience insights will tell you what your audience is interested in. However, brands often keep on tweeting about the same thing which puts the user off. Suppose you are hosting an online contest and tweeting about it, make sure you don’t post it in the same manner all day. Get some uniqueness in your tweets to keep the audience engaged. Brands can host a countdown for it, convey contest prizes in one of the tweets, and so on. This will keep the audience interested in your content and will also attract more followers. 

9. Not using the new features


It is not a compulsion to use all the features of a platform but it is good to! Like every other social media platform, Twitter also launched a new feature called Twitter Fleets. Using the new features will also bring a change in your content style which can be beneficial for your brand. Fleets are like Instagram stories wherein you can share pictures and videos with your followers for a day. This is an amazing way to stay connected with your audience without tweeting repeatedly. 

Fleets are now being used by brands of all niches but using this feature efficiently is equally important.  

10. Not following others 

Some brand managers think following others will harm their brand name on the platform. That’s not true. It is completely okay to engage with other accounts on Twitter. It, in fact, helps you broaden your audience base. When you follow other accounts you also come to know what kind of content is working on the platform and that can be advantageous for framing future content strategies. 

Hope you are ready with solutions to rectify the stated 10 mistakes!

Brands that are unable to figure out how to use Twitter effectively should rely on professional Twitter marketing services. Platforms like Unbox Social offer solutions for competition tracking, social media analytics, and influencer marketing for Twitter. Insights from these solutions can help you detect where your Twitter marketing strategy lacks. 

This year saw a lot of social movements as a part of Twitter conversations and trends. The pandemic made Twitter a crucial source of information wherein personalities and users from all walks of life shared their bit. Brands also took the same route and focused more on awareness and information in their tweets. Likewise, most businesses also highlighted how their staff is coping with the new normal with precautions at work. 

The tone is all set to change in the upcoming year. 

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!