Top 7 User Generated Content Campaigns Of All Time

admin 17 Jun 2019

The best way to market your brand is to bring your customers to become brand advocates. Tapping into the power of peer recommendations is the best way to market your brand to your target audience. After all, customer reviews are more impactful than marketing content by brands.

Getting your users to feature your brand and/or products in their content comes with its own set of benefits. Firstly, user-generated content campaigns can help you establish the trust of your target audience through brand features in user content. Brand features also help in increasing your brand exposure. The more exposure for your brand, the better brand awareness and reach on the platform. User-generated content also adds to the diversity of content on your feed.

Various brands have been tapping into the potential of user-generated content to push for better traction on social media. Some brands are using hashtag-based user-generated content. Some other brands are posting users’ content that they were tagged in. In fact, some brands only populate their feed with users’ content only.

Content is king, and if you want to create good user-generated content, you need to have a good idea about what your audience likes. You can use a social media tool that helps you uncover analytics about your social media activity. Based on insights derived using the social media tool, you can understand what is working for your brand and what isn’t.

If you too want to start a user-generated content campaign for your brand, you can take inspiration from one or more of these user-generated content campaigns-


AirBnB has had one of the most popular and trend-setting user-generated content campaigns. The entire Instagram feed of AirBnB is full of user-generated content. AirBnB asks it users to share their content by simply tagging them. AirBnB then posts the tagged pictures on Instagram. Sharing users’ posts directly, from their Instagram account adds a good level of authenticity.

Instead of sharing glossy marketing content, the brand focuses on sharing content of users who have actually been there and experienced the stay. Every UGC post that AirBnB shares on Instagram is of top-notch quality, which not only attracts the audience to further explore their feed, but also pushes them to actually go for an AirBnB stay.

AirBnB makes sure to reward every user by giving them credit for their pictures on Instagram. This further encourages other users to share their content on the platform.


This fashion e-commerce website tries to power its Instagram feed by employing its hashtag-based user-generated content campaign. Posting pictures of users donning clothes from the online multi-brand stores, ASOS attempts to attract users to their brand.

ASOS created a hashtag campaign, #AsSeenOnMe and asked users to post content featuring their brand along with this hashtag. Instead of sharing pictures of groomed models, ASOS shares content straight from users’ feed. The audience relates more to their peers and so, by sharing user-generated content, the brand creates a campaign with better potential to reach audiences.

Visit Singapore

User-generated content campaigns are not only for brands. Singapore’s Tourism Board is promoting the country’s tourism on their official Instagram handle through a UGC campaign. The brand shares content posted by other users on the platform, while also giving them the credit for their pictures.

As their Instagram bio reads, Visit Singapore asks their audience to either tag them or add the hashtags ‘#PassionMadeImpossible or #VisitSingapore’ to allow users to repost content.

Using UGC, Visit Singapore attracts followers to their content on the platform.


Another brand acing User-generated content is Adobe. This brand constantly runs user-generated content campaigns based on branded hashtags to create content on the platform. Most recently, on the occasion of pride month, Adobe has created a UGC campaign based on the branded hashtag ‘#Adobe_PridePortrait’.

Previously, Adobe has run UGC campaigns around the hashtags – ‘#Adobe_Aerial’, ‘#Adobe_Wild’ and so on. Not only does it help them create an attractive feed, but also helps them create a connection with the audience by helping them share their content.


GoPro is another brand that has plunged into user-generated content for their Instagram feed. The brand posts high-quality photos shared by users on the platform. Running the hashtag-based UGC campaign, #GoPro, the brand demonstrates the use of the product through the pictures. In the process, the brand persuades the audience to invest in their products.

Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics is also posting user-generated content to power up their brand. The brand asks its users to tag it in content that features their products. Then they post the user-generated content they are tagged in.

Look at the Instagram feed of Nyx Cosmetics and you will see a whole range of appealing and creative posts by different users. Each of these posts features the brand’s products.


User-generated content is a great format to experiment with. Users’ content featuring your brand and/or products helps you establish trust for your brand. It also helps you increase brand exposure. With the help of a good social media analytics tool, you can measure your growth on the platforms.

Here is a quick round up of some of the top UGC campaigns of all time-

  • AirBnB’s Instagram feed populated completely with user-generated content featuring great homestays and vacation homes
  • ASOS’s hashtag campaign that aims to bring more customers on-board through posts featuring users donning clothes from the online apparel store
  • Visit Singapore’s smart hashtag and @tag based user-generated campaign to promote the country’s tourism
  • Adobe’s constantly changing hashtags-based user-generated content campaigns
  • GoPro’s hashtag-focused user-generated content aims to attract customers through content created using the brand’s product (s)
  • Nyx Cosmetics posting creative content by their users to create a colorful, attractive feed



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