Quick Read: 5 YouTube Marketing Trends for 2021

Video marketing is incomplete without YouTube. The most popular video platform YouTube has undergone several changes in the past year with new regulations and updates. Additionally, brands and businesses are coming up with advanced strategies to use YouTube for marketing. Marketing on YouTube now requires a mix of creativity and smartness. The audience wants information but also needs entertainment and content that delivers both in the right amounts succeeds. A lot also depends on the audience you are targeting and the niche you are catering to. 

YouTube marketing if done right can do a lot for your business because videos are the most preferred type of content. Additionally, videos can help you project the brand messages effectively. YouTube is one of the most popular and competitive platforms for marketing and brands often fail to click with the audience on the same. While there is no single way to succeed on the platform there are several YouTube marketing strategies that can help you. Like other social media platforms, even YouTube trends have changed this year. Right from the audience preferences to the video formats, a lot has changed in 2021.

Every social media platform is banking on video content and that makes YouTube all the more significant in marketing plans. The pandemic has further increased the need for videos with live streaming of events and seminars. The loss of offline connect has given videos the first position in the content pyramid. 

In this blog, we will tell you about the 5 YouTube marketing trends for 2021. 

5 YouTube Marketing Trends for 2021

YouTube videos

1. Live streaming is the best way to hold the audience’s attention

Like we mentioned before, there is a major set of audience that is attracted to live streaming because of the lockdown. Brands and businesses have had to cancel their events because of the social distancing norms but that does not mean new products and services are not launched. In fact, brands are more active with YouTube video marketing than before because that is the only way to connect with the users. Live streaming has proved to be the most effective method of keeping the audience hooked because it is known to increase the engagement rate too. 

2. Short videos are the most effective

The attention span of the audience is decreasing day by day and videos bear the brunt of this behaviour. Even though YouTube allows fairly lengthy videos, brands must keep their videos brief. This year the audience is hungry for more content but gets bored easily because they are bombarded with content from all sides. In this scenario, it is best to come up with multiple but short videos. Additionally, short videos can be reused for other social media platforms too. 

3. Always focus on CTA

The YouTube marketing plan you create must have some CTA. The idea here is to put forth the CTA in a subtle manner so that your brand goals and objectives are met. This is extremely important in the current times because there is no other way to convey what you want your potential customers to do. The videos you curate must encourage the audience to take some action like visit your website, buy your products and services, or at least subscribe to your YouTube channel. Call to Action in content is the best way to measure the success of your marketing plan. 

4. Keep it real 

Videos on YouTube used to be picture perfect until now but as the world gave more weightage to realistic content, videos that were less edited and looked raw garnered more attention. UGC is one of the simplest ways to keep the audience hooked to your content. This also applies to video marketing. Brands are collaborating with influencers and video bloggers to keep it real and authentic on YouTube. This not only increases the content reach but also helps in tapping different audiences. Additionally, videos that are super-polished are lately not generating much engagement as compared to unedited ones! 

5. Videos must have some value for the viewers

Content on social media needs to be a blend of information and entertainment. Nowadays users look for videos that provide some value to their daily life. Brands talking about their products in the video must refrain from simply promoting their offerings. Try and show the audience why they need to invest in your brand and let them understand why a particular product can make their lives easier. This will not only increase the value of your video marketing plan but will also help in reaching the desired audience. 

Apart from these video trends, it is also important to keep an eye on how your videos are performing on YouTube. YouTube analytics plays a crucial role in both framing and implementing marketing strategies. YouTube marketing tools are helpful in measuring YouTube metrics but there is more to it than just likes, comments, and shares. 

Tools like Unbox Social can come in handy when implementing YouTube video trends for  2021. 

Unbox Social- YouTube social media analytics

  • Performance insights


Unbox SocialThe Unbox Social tool is pretty simple to use. Once you enter the social media analytics solution for YouTube, the tool gives you an overall insight into your brand’s performance. Get data for retention rate, the number of subscribers, basic metrics, audience interaction, engagement rate, video views, video shares, optimal video length, subscribers gained and lost, and the most engaging posts. 

  • Audience insights


Unbox Social toolAudience plays a very important role when it comes to social media marketing and YouTube is no different. The tool gives you a complete account of how the audience is responding to your video content on YouTube. The analysis will give you data for audience demographics, audience interest, and top location as to where you get most views from. 

  • Post insights


Unbox Social toolBrand managers need to measure how their content is performing on the platform. The post insights will tell you where your video content lacks. The tool helps you with data on average views, interactions, average engagement rate, and the number of posts. It also gives you performance data for each video posted on the platform wrt ER, views, likes, comments, dislikes, average views, and interactions. 

Hope this will help you frame an effective Youtube marketing plan. Check out a few more blogs for video marketing-

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