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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO Rankings Using Influencers

social media influencers to boost seo rankings

If you really think about it, “SEO” or search engine optimization is a game of spreading the word about your website, authentically, organically, and honestly. 

The mainstream approach of doing SEO is to build links on high-authority websites so when people click on them, they land on yours! And this way, a lot of traffic is directed towards your website, building your credibility online. 

So, if you can build credibility, you can win the search engine game. And if you have the support of influencers, you’ll start getting some solid runs on the SEO board! 

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use social media influencers solely for the purpose of boosting your search engine ranking. If you’re enthused by the topic, let the fun begin! 

1. Connect with High Authority Influencers 

The first step towards boosting your search engine ranking is to by connecting with the right influencers with social authority. For this reason, putting in some research into which influencers have the best, most relevant and sizable audience your business could want. 

Look into the influencers audience dynamics, demographics, size, location, number of tweets, type of content they’re creating, types of brands they’re supporting, their values, their goals and what’s of interest to them. This information will be invaluable in connecting with them appropriately. 

You’ll need to use an influencer marketing platform that has a network of high-quality influencers like Unbox Social. The platform lets you discover influencers across categories and with ease.

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The other way is by connecting with high authority influencers via email. Getting their email is a skill though and may take a lot of effort and time. There are plenty of tools available for getting the right email address, like Email Extractor, Voila Norbert, and Email Hunter.

2. Build a Relationship with the Influencer 

The most important aspect of influencer marketing is influencer relationships. And these take time. You can’t build them overnight. 

Connecting with influencers and getting a response is only half the battle won. The quality of your relationship with influencers will determine the scope of SEO work you can do with them. 

So make the effort of giving them what you can, whether it’s incentives, gifts or praise. This will ensure you have a good working relationship with your influencers, setting the foundation for SEO magic. 

3. Seek Influencer Support to Share Your Website Link

Now that you have a good relationship with your influencers, you need to seek their support to post your website link on their blog or website.
influencers to boost SEO rankings

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Given that most social media influencers will have a website, blog and social media presence, you should try to get them to build your link into all of their online assets. When they share your link or build your link into their online asset, you build your website’s social authority, which weaves magic into your search rankings. 

The great thing about working with social influencers is that they boost your search ranking by increasing your social popularity. People watch and follow influencers they like and trust, so if an influencer is ‘talking’ about your brand or website, you’ll come in the limelight.

Just by virtue of having influencers talk about you, your search engine ranking will see a noticeable improvement in a very short span of time. 

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4. Leverage Your Influencer’s Network 

If you have the cooperation of your influencers, you can also seek the cooperation of their network. Influencers know other influencers! 

This is where the quality of your relationship with the influencer plays a vital role. Your influencer will only help you leverage their network if they trust you and if your values are aligned with theirs. An influencer is like an artist, you need to understand their creative streak to get them to help you, and reveal their network to you. 

More links on influencer websites your current influencer(s) knows will win you a higher search ranking, more social impressions, and lots of website traffic! 

5. Co-Create Content with Your Influencers

Influencers have the ability to create content that lots of people view. Therefore, if you have a good relationship with your influencers, you can co-create content with them.
bloggers to boost SEO rankings

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Co-creation means that your content incorporates both, your creativity, and your influencer’s ideas. This further solidifies your relationship with them, and also helps you create timelessly valuable amazing content that will continue to drive traffic to your site for a long time. 

If you have the skills in house, get your writers, designers, graphic artists, animators to collaborate with your influencers to help them do what they’re best at, i.e. creating content that gets views! Your influencers will love you for the support you provide them, and your audience will love you for the quality of content you’re creating and putting out there. 

Wrapping it up

Use the steps above to build your social authority and search ranking parallelly. You’ll not just boost your ranking, you’ll be at the front of people’s minds and win their trust by working with high-quality influencers. It’s all worth the time and effort when you know that $1 of investment in influencer marketing, usually produces a $6.50 return on investment


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Working with influencers?

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Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!


Working with influencers?

Use our brand scan to find who competition works with!