Unbox Social VS Agorapulse: Which Tool Should You Opt For?

The market is full of social media tools that cater to different social media platforms and tasks. Every social media tool aims to solve one or the other issue but knowing which tool to choose is very crucial. Brands subscribe to as many tools as possible but fail to recognise their exact needs and requirements. This often leads to information overload and makes the implementation of data into strategies difficult. 

With the help of tools, it becomes easier to sort the data and check the performance of your brand’s strategy. In this blog, we will compare two social media analytics tools – Unbox Social and Agorapulse. 

Let’s begin.

Unbox Social VS Agorapulse

 1. Overview of the tools

Unbox Social tool is more than just a social media analytics tool. The platform offers multiple solutions that help brands and businesses frame and analyse their social media presence. Apart from social media data, brands can also monitor their industry competitors with the help of the tool. 

Agorapulse is a dedicated tool for social media management and monitoring. The tool solely gives social media data and helps you with publishing and managing your inbox. 

 2. Features of the tool

Unbox Social has two major solutions- social media analytics and competition tracking. Both these features are necessary for brands and businesses that have a presence on social media. The features not only help you detect the performance of your strategies but also tell you where you stand in comparison to your competitors. 

Agorapulse is a platform for social media analytics, publishing, monitoring, and inbox management. The tool is totally dedicated to social media analytics and has no other features apart from the stated. 

 3. Platforms the tools cater to

Unbox Social caters to four major social media platforms namely- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The tool is designed to give you social media analytics and competition tracking features for these platforms. 

Agorapulse supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for its social media analysis and reporting solutions. 

 4. Ideal For

The Unbox Social tool provides all the necessary features to help brands and businesses of all scales. Social media analytics and competition tracking features are necessary for every brand and Unbox Social provides both crucial solutions under one umbrella. The two features help you improve the strategies and also give you a blueprint of how your brand is faring in comparison to the industry rivals.  

Agorapulse is ideal for brands and businesses that only want social media analytics as a feature. The focus of Agorapulse is to provide businesses with social media reports, analytics, and monitoring functionality. Moreover, the tool also helps you with managing your social media inbox. 

 5. Dashboard and Usability

Unbox Social dashboard

The Unbox Social dashboard is extremely easy to use and understand. With all the technical terms defined, navigating and using the features on the Unbox Social dashboard is effortless for new users too. The dashboard is divided into different solutions and is further categorised into different social media platforms. 


The Agorapulse dashboard is self-explanatory and the dashboard quickly leads up to the account management section. Similar to Unbox Social, Agorapulse also clearly defines each feature of the tool and let’s you use the tool smoothly. 

Though both the social media tools offer useful features, Unbox Social gives an added advantage with its competition tracking feature. This feature not only helps brands understand their stand in the market but also tells them where they are lacking in their strategies and plans. Along with this, the Unbox Social tool also gives data on Share of Voice and audience demographics which further helps in streamlining the strategy planning process. 

Hope this brief comparison helps you choose the right tool for your brand.

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