Unbox Social VS Buffer: Which One To Choose?

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Having a viral social media presence is the aim of every business these days. From creating posts to scheduling them and proceeding with the analysis, brands use a variety of tools to ease the process. Having the right social media tools can simplify the overall process of staying active on social media channels. Managing multiple profiles on different social media platforms can be a challenging task and choosing the right set of tools can help you save a lot of time. In this blog, we will compare two tools namely Unbox Social and Buffer. 

The need to compare the tools is now more than ever because the needs of every business are changing

Factors to consider when selecting social media tools are-

 1. Reliability

 2. Features

 3. Pricing

 4. Relevance 

 5. Customer service

Let’s compare Unbox Social and Buffer to see which of these social media tools you must opt for.


  • Overview of the tools

Unbox Social hosts an umbrella of solutions to ease your social media management and analysis woes. The tool has been designed to help you with influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition analysis. The Unbox Social tool is good for brands and businesses that want to streamline their strategy planning processes.

The Buffer tool is a social media management tool that helps with analytics, scheduling, and engagement solutions. The tool is all about helping brands in their planning stage. The tools offered by Buffer can help you plan and publish your content on social media channels systematically which can indirectly impact your social media presence. Unbox Social, on the other hand, is all about analysing your content once it has been published. 

  • Features of the tools

The three main features of the Unbox Social tool are influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking. From helping you plan your influencer campaigns, analysing the performance of your content strategy on different social media platforms to giving you a blueprint on your industry competitors, the tool helps you do it all. 

The Buffer tool deals with social media management and has three main features namely publishing, analytics, and engagement. These features are helpful when you want to schedule your posts, analyse them, and check their performance. In short, the tool basically gives you social media analytics and publishing features to enhance your social media presence.

  • Platforms the tools cater to

The Unbox Social tool caters to four major social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Buffer deals with Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Depending on the social media presence of your brand you must choose the appropriate tool. 

  • Suitable for 

The Unbox Social tool is apt for businesses that want a bucket of tools under one dashboard. With this tool, you can also plan your influencer marketing campaigns smoothly because the solution lets you find influencers, evaluate influencers, and lots more. Additionally, the tool’s social media analytics solution helps you with all the analysis you need to improve your content strategies. Lastly, every business that has a presence on social media must look into the competition tracking feature because it gives you a detailed report on how your industry competitors are performing. This not only helps you understand where your brand is lacking but also shows you whether your strategies are getting you the desired results.

With Buffer, you can be sure of maintaining consistency on social media platforms. The scheduling feature of the tool helps you schedule posts with its easy to use dashboard wherein you can queue the posts as per your needs and set reminders. The tool enables you to measure your social media performance with its analytics dashboard.  Buffer has a dedicated solution for measuring brand engagement which can help you come up with meaningful social media campaigns.

  • Conclusion

Both Buffer and Unbox Social are quite different in terms of the platforms they cater to and the features they offer. The add-on with Buffer is that they offer solutions for LinkedIn and Pinterest too. Having said that, one cannot ignore the fact that the competition tracking and influencer marketing solutions bring up Unbox Social on the comparison scale. Nevertheless, make sure you choose the tool that is in sync with your brand requirements. 

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