How to Use Twitter Analytics: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Twitter Analytics

For marketers to measure and make the most of their content strategies, social media platforms have launched their respective insights and analytics tools, Twitter is no new to this.

Launched in 2014, Twitter analytics has been a game changer for its users. The dashboard, metrics and usage of Twitter analytics has evolved ever since.

In this guide, you will understand why to use Twitter Analytics, how to use Twitter Analytics, important Twitter metrics to consider and which Twitter analytics tools you can use to get in-depth insights. With this, you and your team can manage and use Twitter analytics to its full potential.

In this post, you’ll learn:

a. What is Twitter Analytics?
b. How to access Twitter Analytics?
c. How to use Twitter Analytics?
d. Twitter Business Insights (Twitter Ads)
e. How to get Advanced Twitter Metrics (& Best Tools)
f. Twitter Analytics Using Unbox Social

A) What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics will give you an understanding of how the content you post on Twitter is helping to grow your business.

When users follow your brand (followers), it is important to track how they are interacting with your content. With Twitter, this includes retweets, replies, likes, shares, link clicks and many other Twitter metrics.

By tracking and analyzing the behaviour of followers, Twitter analytics provides you with data that helps to refine your social media strategy.

  Who Should Use Twitter Analytics?

Well, if you want to evolve as a marketing personal, always track your content performance on social media, let alone using Twitter Analytics.  You can be an executive, brand manager, social media manager, account manager or any person working for a brand or an agency. Getting your hands on Twitter analytics can teach you a lot about consumer behaviour.

Personal branding – if you are an influencer, a celebrity or someone who just started the journey to fame, know who your followers are and how are they interacting.

Compared to other platforms, many brands have used Twitter to provide customer support regularly. E-commerce websites, Saas tools, travel sites, delivery services, news and media channels are major sectors using Twitter. For businesses like these, frequent monitoring of Twitter analytics is necessary to further improve their services and business strategies.

B) How to Access Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is free to everyone. There is no requirement for an account to be a business or some professional page. Whether you are a brand, organization or an individual, if you have a Twitter account and are tweeting, you will get access to Twitter analytics.

  1. Simply login to your Twitter account
  2. Scroll to the left menu bar, click More at the bottom
  3. Another menu bar will pop up, click Analytics
    (Alternatively, you can simply go to and get access)

Twitter analytics access

C) How to Use Twitter Analytics

So now you know how to access Twitter Analytics. You must have played around the dashboard and navigated to different sections.

Don’t stress if you are not getting what the numbers are telling you.

The following section will explain you the Twitter metrics that are available in your dashboard and what exactly they mean. Know these metrics and understand how users are interacting with your content. By identifying the context behind each metric, you will be able to craft successful social media campaigns on Twitter.

Let us remind you that this data is at your fingertips and you should use it to its full potential.

You Can Track the Following Twitter metrics

Twitter analytics - Overview

  • Tweets – The total number of posts you have published (tweeted) on Twitter
  • Tweet Impressions – The number of times users saw your tweet on Twitter
  • Profile Visits – The total number of users visiting your Twitter profile. Twitter Analytics won’t count your own visits to your own profile. It does not include multiple visits from the same user.
  • Mentions – Total number of times your @brand handle was tagged in a tweet
  • Followers – Total number of Twitter users following your @brand handle

Twitter analytics - Tweet Highlights

  • Top Tweet – The tweet that received the highest number of impressions over time
  • Top Mention – Any tweet that mentioned your @brand handle and received the highest number of impressions (This does not have to be someone who follows your handle)
  • New Followers – Number of new twitter users (followers) you gain over time

Twitter Analytics - Tweet Activity

Twitter Analytics - Engagements

  • Retweets – Total number of times a tweet was re-posted (retweeted)
  • Likes – Total number of likes your tweets received
  • Replies – Total number comments you received on your tweets
  • Link Clicks – Total number of times a link was clicked in a tweet
  • Promoted – Tweets you used as an ad to reach a wider group of followers
  • Engagements – This is the total number of times a user has interacted with a Tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere on the Tweet (hashtags, avatar, links, username, Tweet expansion), retweets, clicks, follows and likes.
  • Engagement Rate – The number of Engagements (clicks, retweets, replies, follows and likes) divided by the total number of Impressions

Learn more:

1) 7 Tips to Write an Awesome Twitter Bio for Your Brand

2) How to Get More Followers on Twitter

D) Twitter Business Insights (Twitter Ads)

Twitter introduced business insights to their platform so that brands can run promotions to communicate better, attract new followers and grow their business accordingly.

Many brands have tried Twitter ads to boost their presence, but only a few have resulted in getting their money’s worth. Please go through the eligibility criteria before you can start running ads on Twitter. Following is what Twitter ads offer:

  • Promoted Accounts
    With Promoted accounts, you can promote your Twitter handle to users who are not currently following you. Popularly know as Followers campaign, this type of promotion helps your brand to reach a wider audience. Learn more about Promoted accounts here.
  • Promoted Trends
    When on Twitter, users can see what topics are trending. With Promoted Trends, you can promote your brand, topic or a hashtag for 24 hours alongside the Trends list. Learn more.
  • Promoted Tweets
    With Promoted Tweets, brands can push their ordinary Tweets as an ad to reach a wider audience or get more engagement from their followers. To know more about Promoted Tweets, learn more here.
  • Promoted-only Tweets
    Promoted-only Tweets are ad campaigns specifically targeted to a custom set of audience. Learn more.
  • Promoted Video
    Brands can push a Video Tweet as Promoted Videos for their ad campaigns.Know more about Promoted Video here.

All ads or promoted content on Twitter is clearly marked as “Promoted”. They can appear on your timeline, trends list, search results and elsewhere on the platform.

E) How to Get Advanced Twitter Metrics

We now know that, with native Twitter analytics, you are able to get instant insights by monitoring useful Twitter metrics. But this data is not enough to maximize your potential on Twitter.

You need an advanced Twitter analytics tool so you can take a deeper dive into the metrics you need more information on.

We have created an entire blog post to help you choose from the best Twitter analytics tools

1) Unbox Social
2) Union Metrics
3) Twitter Analytics
4) Tweepsmap
5) Bluenod
6) Followerwonk
7) Mentionmapp

F) How to Get Advance Twitter Analytics Using Unbox Social

Global brands like Disney+ Hotstar and Red Bull are leveraging Unbox Social’s Twitter Analytics tool, reaping benefits to amplify their brand’s growth on Twitter. Unbox Social is an AI powered analytics tool that will provide actionable insights for your Twitter account. Sign up on the tool, add your Twitter account and start tracking your content performance now.

Grow your brand on Twitter with data-driven decisions.
Get powerful insights into your account with Unbox Social’s Twitter analytics tool. Easy to Use, Save Time, Create Reports, Free Demo.

What do you get with Unbox Social?
Following are some features from our Twitter analytics dashboard to give you a better understanding of our tool.

  • Twitter Analytics for advanced metrics

Unbox Social Twitter Analytics Overview

View how your Tweets have performed over time and what content has worked well. Accordingly, create more content that can resonate with your audience by getting data-driven insights from our tool.
Check why your Tweets got maximum interactions on specific dates and analyze the reasons behind it.Unbox Social Twitter Analytics - Total Tweets

View what content format works for your brand on Twitter. Whether it’s a text, link, image, GIF or video? Analyze your tweets and retweets over time and create content formats that can drive maximum engagement for your brand.

  • Twitter Analytics for Tracking Competition

By now you must have realised, native Twitter analytics and some third party tools provide data only for your own handle. But what about your competitors? How are they performing on Twitter? This is where Unbox Social’s Twitter Analytics tool gives you an added advantage.

With our tool, you can conduct Twitter competitor analysis. Compare your brand with those who are in similar domain. Check what they are tweeting, content formats, frequency of tweets, how many users they are able to reach organically and their top performing posts.

Unbox Social Twitter Reports

Unbox Social Twitter Analytics - Total Interactions by type

You can quickly glance at the number of interactions your brand has received compared to your competitors in a specific timeline.
Know why users are engaging more with your competitor’s tweets.

Unbox Social Twitter Analytics - Brand Score

With Brand score, you can see how your brand is positioned against your competitors on Twitter. Brand score is determined by considering important metrics which includes engagement rate, share of voice, interactions etc. You can also see a key performing indicator of a particular competitor with this feature.

There’s a lot more you can do with Unbox Social. Twitter competitor analysis is crucial to check content strategies of your rival brands especially during certain events, holidays and related trending topics.

  • Generate Custom Twitter Analytics Reports

Avoid the tedious task of manually gathering industry-wide competitive data, creating messy excel sheets and making scattered power point presentations. 

Unbox Social’s Twitter Tracking reports will help you save valuable time with just a few clicks. Export data-driven competitive tracking reports and get a bird’s-eye view on your rival brands. 

Scan through all your historical data, compare content performances, and know important metrics to drive your brand’s social media strategy.
Our tracking reports are available in multiple formats which includes PDF, PPT and XLS( Excel). With our Twitter analytics  reports, you can quickly benchmark results and find opportunities that can accelerate your brand’s growth on Twitter.

Explore Twitter Analytics and Start Using Its Benefits

Well, your first step to become an expert in Twitter marketing is to leverage the data what Twitter Analytics is already providing. It’s free! So use it. Get access to your Twitter dashboard now and start using this data to optimize your content strategy.

One of the most important guideline every marketer must remember is knowing your audience. If you don’t know who is listening, you won’t be able to craft targeted messages.

To make smarter business decisions, you must analyze your content performance on social media regularly. Your business will keep evolving and so should your social media strategy. Don’t do the mistake of trapping yourself by relying on the usual metrics to develop new content.

To unlock your true potential as a professional marketer, keep learning and understanding new metrics. With practice, you will know the right metrics that will boost your brand’s business. Thus it becomes important to use an advanced Twitter analytics tool so you can look beyond the numbers.

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