How to Use Twitter Analytics: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Twitter Analytics

Every social media platform has its native analytics dashboard and the same goes for Twitter. Twitter analytics is the best place to know about how your brand/business is performing on the platform. Twitter analytics is no longer just about the number of favourites you get on your tweets, it is also about the content performance and audience engagement. 

In this guide, we will give you a complete account of how to use Twitter analytics and why must you use Twitter insights to frame brand strategies for the platform. 

Before we start with the process of analysing tweets, let’s brush up on the basics!

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics gives you data on how your content is performing on Twitter. The analytics measure different metrics and give you an account of how your Twitter activity is faring. The metrics help you understand where your content needs to improve. 

The analytics give you data on your tweet performance, audience demographics, and lots more. 

How to use and access Twitter analytics?

Twitter analytics is free to everyone. There is no requirement for an account to be a business or some professional page. Whether you are a brand, organization or an individual, if you have a Twitter account and are tweeting, you will get access to Twitter analytics.

Twitter insights on the native Twitter analytics dashboard are extremely simple to gain access to.

Step 1- Log in to your Twitter account

Twitter login

Step 2- Scroll to the left menu bar, click More at the bottom

Twitter login profile

Step 3- Another menu bar will pop up, click Analytics

Twitter profile

Once you enter the dashboard you will see the Twitter metrics for your content and account. Well, it is important to understand each metric thoroughly to make sense of the dashboard.

  • Tweets – The total number of posts you have published (tweeted) on Twitter
  • Tweet Impressions – The number of times users saw your tweet on Twitter
  • Profile Visits – The total number of users visiting your Twitter profile. Twitter Analytics won’t count your own visits to your own profile. It does not include multiple visits from the same user.
  • Mentions – Total number of times your @brand handle was tagged in a tweet
  • Followers – Total number of Twitter users following your @brand handle
  • Top Tweet – The tweet that received the highest number of impressions over time
  • Top Mention – Any tweet that mentioned your @brand handle and received the highest number of impressions (This does not have to be someone who follows your handle)
  • New Followers – Number of new Twitter users (followers) you gain over time
  • Retweets – Total number of times a tweet was re-posted (retweeted)
  • Likes – Total number of likes your tweets received
  • Replies – Total number of comments you received on your tweets
  • Link Clicks – Total number of times a link was clicked in a tweet
  • Promoted – Tweets you used as an ad to reach a wider group of followers
  • Engagements – This is the total number of times a user has interacted with a Tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere on the Tweet (hashtags, avatar, links, username, Tweet expansion), retweets, clicks, follows and likes.
  • Engagement Rate – The number of Engagements (clicks, retweets, replies, follows and likes) divided by the total number of Impressions

Importance of Using Twitter Analytics

Brands and businesses use Twitter for paid promotions too. Twitter allows ads and this is why it becomes crucial to keep a check on Twitter analytics. Twitter has a lot to offer for promotions and this makes it one of the most used platforms for brand promotions. 

Let’s take a look at what Twitter promotions have to offer.

  • Promoted Accounts

With Promoted Accounts, you can promote your Twitter handle to users who are not currently following you. Popularly known as the Followers campaign, this type of promotion helps your brand to reach a wider audience.

  • Promoted Trends

When on Twitter, users can see what topics are trending. With Promoted Trends, you can promote your brand, topic or hashtag for 24 hours alongside the Trends list.

  • Promoted Tweets

With Promoted Tweets, brands can push their ordinary Tweets as an ad to reach a wider audience or get more engagement from their followers.

  • Promoted-only Tweets

Promoted-only Tweets are ad campaigns specifically targeted to a custom set of audiences.

  • Promoted Video

Brands can push a Video Tweet as Promoted Videos for their ad campaigns.

All ads or promoted content on Twitter is clearly marked as “Promoted”. They can appear on your timeline, trends list, search results and elsewhere on the platform.

Sure, the Twitter analytics dashboard gives you all the crucial information on your Twitter presence but in order to get in-depth insights, it is necessary to rely on Twitter analytics tools like Unbox Social.

Here’s how you can use Unbox Social for Twitter analytics. 

Conducting Twitter Analytics With Unbox Social

Unbox Social is an AI-powered analytics tool that will provide actionable insights for your Twitter account. Sign up on the tool, add your Twitter account and start tracking your content performance now. Getting started with Unbox Social is pretty simple, just follow the steps below-

Step 1- Login with your credentials on Unbox Social

Unbox Social login

Step 2- Select the ‘Social Media Analytics solution

Unbox Social dashboard

Step 3- Add your account to the platform and choose the social media platform you want insights for

Unbox Social account settings

Step 4- Once you setup your account on the Unbox Social tool and connect it with your concerned social media pages, the tool will then give you in-depth data for the same

The Unbox Social tool is extremely useful and easy to use. The tool also has a competition tracking solution that enables you to compare your brand/business with other market competitors. 

Coming back to social media analytics, here are the features of the Unbox Social tool that sets it apart from the other Twitter analytics tools. 

Features of Unbox Social’s Social Media Analytics Solution For Twitter Analytics

  • In-depth profile insightsUnbox Social Twitter analytics

Apart from the usual metrics, the Unbox Social tool gives you deep Twitter insights into your profile. The insights include Twitter data such as the number of retweets, total number of favourites over a period of time, ER by followers, mode of interaction used by users to interact with your profile, the total number of mentions, top hashtags, top mentions, link mentions, most engaging tweets, and more. 

  •  Twitter audience insights

Unbox Social Twitter analytics

The native Twitter analytics dashboard gives you basic data on audience demographics but the Unbox Social tool gives you insights that can help you craft effective strategies. The tool gives you information on audience interest, location, language, audience’s follower account, list of recent followers, and lots more. 

  • Detailed post insights

Unbox Social post insights

The post insights by the Unbox Social tool are highly detailed and help you detect where your content strategy needs improvement. Track how your posts are performing on Twitter and create effective strategies. 

  • Get detailed reports for Twitter analytics

Avoid the tedious task of manually gathering industry-wide competitive data, creating messy excel sheets and making scattered PowerPoint presentations. 

Unbox Social’s Twitter Tracking reports will help you save valuable time with just a few clicks. Export data-driven competitive tracking reports and get a bird’s-eye view on your rival brands.

The best way to get the most out of your social media campaigns is to analyse the metrics regularly. The performance metrics will tell you a lot about the audience psyche too. Moreover, knowing what works for your brand means spending less time and effort on trial and error. Furthermore, audience analysis helps you check whether you are directing your campaigns to the right audience. All of this data can help you crack the competitive social media platforms. 

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