Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Twitter Analytics Tool

For every brand, having a Twitter presence is a prerequisite. Twitter marketing still comes third on the list after Facebook and Instagram marketing. Nonetheless, this micro-blogging platform is crucial for brand marketing. Twitter has become an integral part of brand marketing because it gives brands and businesses access to a large audience. Users from all over the globe rely on Twitter because the platform is primarily used for news and entertainment. 

However, this platform is no longer just restricted to information. It is extremely tempting to use Twitter for marketing but this platform is tricky to crack. 

Twitter marketing includes more than just putting up tweets with images and videos. The audience behaviour on the platform has changed drastically and this has forced brands to think strategically when it comes to Twitter. This also increases the significance of Twitter analysis and Twitter analysis tools. Along with the stated, it is also crucial to choose the right Twitter analytics tool. 

We have covered the list of best Twitter analytics tools for 2021 but in this blog, we will guide you in choosing the right Twitter analytics tool and the mistakes to avoid. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Twitter Analytics Tool

  • Not checking the features offered by the tool 

Twitter analytics means analysing your brand marketing activities on Twitter and gauging its effectiveness and outcome. To analyse thoroughly, it is important to look beyond tweet favourites and shares. The native dashboard for Twitter data can give you basic insights on how your tweets are performing but for deep insights, it is necessary to rely on a Twitter analytics tool. Make sure to check the features of the tools you choose thoroughly. See to it that the features align with your requirements. 

  • Relying only on scheduling tools

Most brand marketers rely on tweet scheduling tools because they want to be consistent with their posts. Nevertheless, there is more that impacts your brand’s performance. It is foolish to think that simply posting tweets can get you the required engagement on the platform. Note that Twitter is a highly competitive platform and Twitter insights need to be analysed to implement the right strategy. 

  • Comparing Twitter analytics tools only on the basis of pricing

Most brand marketers simply compare different Twitter analytics tools on the basis of their pricing. This can be misleading and you may end up with a tool that does nothing for you. Before you compare the price and make a decision check the tool’s usability, efficiency, features, report structure, and customer service. Subscribing to a Twitter analytics tool that fits your budget but does not help you with Twitter insights is of no use. 

  • Ignoring the audience analysis and hashtag analysis

The Twitter analytics tool you select must give you Twitter hashtag analytics and Twitter audience insights. These are two main components of Twitter analysis because both hashtags and audience will impact your tweet performance. Creating a strategy for Twitter without taking the audience demographics into account can lead to low reach and impressions. Likewise, not knowing the trending hashtags of your niche can also hamper the tweet performance. This is why it is necessary to choose a Twitter analytics tool that gives you this data. 

  • Not taking into account features that give you data on Twitter competitors

Sure, not all Twitter analytics tools will offer all the features you need. However, it is quite advantageous to have a Twitter analytics tool that also gives you insights into your competitors. Like we mentioned before, Twitter is a very competitive platform and in order to make a mark with your strategy, it is important to know what your competitors are doing on the platform. Opt for a Twitter competitor analysis tool that will help you analyse what works for your niche and what kind of audience your industry rivals are catering to. 

Make sure you keep these above-mentioned five points in mind when choosing a Twitter analytics tool. Let’s take a look at Unbox Social’s Twitter analytics solution in brief. 

Features Of Unbox Social’s Twitter Analytics Tool

 1. Capture Twitter insights and conduct an in-depth analysis

Unbox Social twitter

Simply collecting Twitter data is just half the battle won. Unbox Social’s social media analytics solution lets you analyse your Twitter data thoroughly with the help of a well-structured dashboard. The analytics feature of the tool gives you an overview of your Twitter performance, post insights, audience insights and lots more. 

 2. Learn the top hashtags of your brand

Unbox Social twitter

The tool gives you a detailed account of the hashtags that performed the best for your brand. This will give you an idea of what your audience prefers and what kind of hashtags should you include in your tweets. 

 3. Get detailed audience insights

Twitter audience

The tool gives you in-depth audience insights that will help you choose a relevant target audience for your marketing campaigns on Twitter. Check the audience interest, audience demographics, tweet source, list of recent followers, and a lot more with the tool.

 4. Get post insights

Twitter post metrics

The most crucial element of creating a Twitter marketing strategy is to know how your tweets have performed. The tool gives you post insights with all the important Twitter metrics. 

 5. Compare your Twitter performance with your competitors

Unbox Social Twitter

The Unbox Social has a dedicated feature for competition tracking. Simply add your competitors to the bucket and get comparative analysis wrt content, audience, and post. 

This brief guide will help you choose the right Twitter analytics tool. Check out a few more blogs to learn about Twitter marketing. 

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